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Electrical September 24, 2021

Electronic circuit breaker system for power distribution

Customizable system for easy distribution of 12 to 24V power and consists of various power modules, circuit breakers, current rails, and potential distribution modules.

By Phoenix Contact
Courtesy: Phoenix Contact 
Process Instrumentation and Sensors August 26, 2021

Power converters with conformal coating

Converters featuring conformal coating for protection in harsh environments.

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Energy Efficiency April 1, 2020

EMpro by Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact’s EMpro is designed to give plant operators and facility managers now have real-time, remote access to their machines’ energy consumption data.

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Industrial Networking January 1, 2020

M23 PRO by Phoenix Contract

The M23 PRO circular connectors from Phoenix Contact offer uniform solutions for signal and power transmission.

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Power November 1, 2019

M12 Power by Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact’s M12 Power cables and connectors are designed to make it easy to power drive motors, fans, lighting and other distributed control boxes.

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Power Quality July 1, 2019

12 V DC quint power by Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact’s Quint Power family includes two ac/dc power supplies with a 12 V dc output voltage. The devices are available in 2.5 and 7.5 A options. Both options are UL Listed and Class I, Division 2 approved.

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Power May 1, 2019

Quint 20+ by Phoenix Contact 

Phoenix Contact’s Quint 20+ power supply line includes a single-device solution that meets functional safety applications up to safety integrity level (SIL) 3.

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