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Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing October 17, 2022

PLCnext Edge Gateway

Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext Edge Gateway software can collect data in the most demanding IIoT and edge computing environments. The downloadable app has an advanced industrial design and no code/low code programming to collect data from any device or sensor and send it directly to the cloud service of your choice. It is scalable for nearly any control system, from a single small machine to an entire manufacturing floor.

Phoenix Contact
I/O Systems, I/O Modules December 13, 2021

Axioline P I/O system

Axioline P combines two major needs for the process industry. First is the need for modular connectivity to various networks and protocols, and the second is the ability to add more standard and/or intrinsically safe I/O to the same modular station. Combining these functions minimizes rail usage and reduces Ethernet nodes communicating back to the distributed control system (DCS).

Phoenix Contact
I/O Systems, I/O Modules August 9, 2022

XTV terminal block

The XTV terminal blocks can accommodate the direct insertion of all conductor types: ferruled, solid, or stranded wires. The XTV series is the first product family to feature Push-X connection technology from Phoenix Contact. Push-X operates similarly to Phoenix Contact’s popular push-in technology (PT), but uses a preloaded mousetrap design that keeps the leg spring depressed.

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