Process Safety August 29, 2016

Safety gate system for protecting personnel, processes

Pilz's Psenmlock safety gate system is designed to protect personnel and processes and is suitable for machines with a hazardous overrun that makes guard locking essential for applications such as rotating knives, flywheels or robots.

By Pilz
Energy Efficiency May 11, 2016

Light grids for manual, material handling applications

Pilz's PSENoptII is a type 3 light grid designed for manual workplaces and its infeed/discharge of material is useful for material handling in robot applications and the light grids work with continuous single beams that eliminate dead zones.

By Pilz
HMI, OI May 9, 2016

Operator and monitor terminals with soft PLC

Pilz's Machine Interface (PMI) 6 Control is an operator terminal equipped with a soft PLC in accordance with IEC 61131-3 as standard.

By Pilz
Asset Management April 23, 2016

Safety diagnostics solution for collecting sensor data

Pilz's Safety Device Diagnostics solution is comprised of a fieldbus module, junction and safe sensor technology and is designed to enable a wide range of sensor data to be called up including over distance.

By Pilz
Process Safety January 27, 2016

Automation system software upgrade for safety-related applications

Pilz's Release 13 for the PSS 4000 automation system features a non-persistent online change function that allows individual changes to be transferred to the control systems for safety-related applications.

By Pilz
Discrete Manufacturing February 6, 2015

Web-based visualization software for operating and monitoring

Pilz's PASvisu is a web-based visualization software is a software package for operating and monitoring and can use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Access to all the data in an automation project, including all process variables and OPC namespaces, means there is no need to enter and assign variables manually.

By Pilz