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System Integration August 20, 2022

Three ways to shut down loads with thermal switches

Thermal switches can help mitigate damage in electronic products and keep a situation from getting worse. Three approaches to controlling heat buildup with thermal switches are highlighted.

By Randall Scasny
Figure 2: The synchronous components order frequency were identified by computing the order tracked signal. Engineers built a real-time vibration analysis dashboard to display the results using NI LabVIEW. Courtesy: Newark
Mechanical June 2, 2022

Detect machine vibrations with order tracking analysis

Building an effective motor vibration condition monitor can help engineers prevent industrial equipment damage.

By Randall Scasny
Energy, Power August 5, 2019

Smart power distribution architecture benefits

To improve power management applications, smart power distribution uses a de-centralized power architecture based on multiple electronic and electrical modules.

By Randall Scasny