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We understand the long hours you spend on the factory floor, including the pressure to get and keep a line running and the product flowing. That's how Real Time Automation came to be. You want easy-to-use solutions where the hardest part is opening the box. You need customer support second to none. If you get all that and a fun customer experience, all the better. It has been over 30 years now, but our mission remains the same: to get your data where you need it, when you need it, and how you need it.


Data Acquisition, DAQ May 13, 2022

USB – Dual Port Industrial Protocol Gateway

We have made enhancements to the 435 & 460 USB gateways you already love. We didn't change 'It’s simple in function and easy to use by design', we just made it better.  USB enhancements:- Improved support of HID compatible RFID devices- 2 Functional ports- Composite Interface devices are now supported (Honeywell 1950G)- 2.0 data throughput is supported- Support next generation of high performance barcode scannersThese gateways allow you to write data from USB devices directly into your PLC. No need for a PC to convert your USB data.

Real Time Automation
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