Renee Meiller


Workforce Development June 10, 2021

Engineering talent critical to state, national economic progress

Engineering fields are facing a major skills gap that isn’t going away. Engineers do more than make things; they provide the backbone for a state and country’s economy. Learn how a university is changing the message.

By Renee Meiller
PPE September 28, 2020

DIY fitter developed to improve mask filtration

The Badger Seal is a mask fitter with a soft, adjustable “frame” with elastic worn either as ear loops or behind the head and can be made in minutes to improve mask filtration and improve PPE quality.

By Renee Meiller
Process Instrumentation and Sensors December 20, 2019

Researchers develop coating that uses thermal trickery for detection

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers have built a coating designed to break the relationship between temperature and thermal radiation, which could have an impact on infrared cameras used for vision applications.

By Renee Meiller