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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics March 31, 2022

Connected Components Workbench Software

Simplify standalone machine development and accelerate time to market using Connected Components Workbench software and the built-in Micro800 Simulator. As the integrated design software for Rockwell Automation Micro Control System, Connected Components Workbench software provides controller programming and simulation, device configuration and visualization with Human Machine Interface (HMI) editor while reducing initial machine development time and cost. The software also provides flexibility to switch the programming environment between the default IEC and Logix Themes. Leverage the enhanced capabilities in Connected Components Workbench software version 20.01 for improved performance, better connectivity, and increased security.

Rockwell Automation
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 March 31, 2022

Allen-Bradley Micro850 and Micro870 2080-Lx0E controllers

Design smarter and more efficient machines with the Micro850® and Micro870® 2080-Lx0E controllers.   Packed with capabilities from expanded protocol connectivity to improved security protection, the 2080-Lx0E controllers can help meet challenging application requirements, specifically in the Water/Wastewater industry. Plus, users can boost productivity with the improved controller execution and I/O response performance.   Connected Components Workbench software version 20.01 is the required minimum for Micro850 and Micro870 2080-Lx0E controllers.

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I/O Systems, I/O Modules November 16, 2022

FLEXHA 5000™ I/O Platform

The FLEXHA 5000™ platform (Bulletin 5015) incorporates cutting-edge technology to create an I/O system that is more flexible and efficient. By enhancing communication with 1 Gb EtherNet/IP™ network connectivity and offering higher speed and increased bandwidth, FLEXHA 5000 I/O helps reduce both downtime and engineering time while limiting costs. The FLEXHA 5000 platform contains a universal I/O card option that allows for flexibility in I/O choice.

Rockwell Automation
I/O Systems, I/O Modules December 31, 2001

Allen-Bradley FLEX 5000 Analog Safety I/O Modules

Minimize downtime risks for fail-safe applications with Allen-Bradley FLEX 5000 analog safety I/O modules. The modules offer integrated control and safety for Hybrid and Process applications requiring speed, frequency measurement, temperature sensors, and pressure and flow sensor monitoring. The portfolio of discrete and analog fail-safe I/O modules can help meet demanding safety requirements, with systematic capability up to SC 3 (SIL 2 and SIL 3). Plus, the ability to mix and match FLEX 5000 safety and standard I/O modules on one platform improves flexibility and cost-efficiency.

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HMI, OI March 31, 2022

FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) HMI V13

FactoryTalk® View Site Edition (SE) HMI V13 software delivers new features along with simplified licensing and a lower-cost pricing modelV13 introduces more options for what data is displayed and how it is presented to operators. Collected data can now be displayed in a tabular format with data grid, and plot two sets of production data against one another in a new XY plot.This release also improves system extensibility through .NET object support, server-side scripting, and client-specific tags that allow functionality specific to each client/user session in a distributed system.New tools for application maintenance add value by providing better interaction with devices and servers in a system. The new system status portal provides a web-based overview of all FactoryTalk® application servers and their status.

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