Machinery and Equipment May 1, 2023

Skilmatic SI

Rotork introduces a compact and robust quarter-turn design to its Skilmatic SI range of self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators. The new actuator uses a rack and pinion drive for a torque output of up to 1,000 Nm (737 lbf.ft). The SI range of actuators combine the simplicity of electrical operation with the precision of hydraulic control and the reliability of mechanical spring-return fail-safe action. Typical applications for Skilmatic SI actuators include functional safety-related Emergency Shutdown (ESD) inputs and Remotely Operated Shutoff Valve (ROSoV) duties. Robustly constructed for challenging environments, SI actuators deliver a highly reliable means of safety valve positioning and intelligent management.

Process Instrumentation and Sensors June 12, 2022


Rotork extends the versatile CK range of actuators by launching a part-turn optionThe innovative Rotork CK range of modular electric valve actuators has been extended to include a new part-turn variant, known as the CKQ. The entire range has a modular design that provides flexibility and high degrees of configurability, enabling a fast order turnaround and quick delivery. CK actuators provide flow control in non-hazardous locations and are especially suited for diverse applications in harsh and demanding environments.