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Process Instrumentation and Sensors June 7, 2023

SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor

Schneider Electrics' SpaceLogic Insight-Sensor is an advanced six-in-one room sensor designed to reduce energy waste and create sustainable, smart buildings that increase occupant comfort and productivity. The Insight-Sensor uses anonymous, real-time people-counting technology to monitor light, sound, ceiling temperature, humidity and occupancy. The Insight-Sensor goes beyond traditional demand control ventilation sensors by monitoring a range of conditions to capture valuable data, significantly reduce energy costs and guarantee occupant security by capturing and processing thermal images on-board without leaving the device.

Schneider Electric
Power Systems March 15, 2022

Automation controls safety module

Easy UPS 24-V DC DIN Rail Industrial enables machine builders and system integrators to efficiently manage automation controls equipment in case of a power event. It reduces machine maintenance by allowing for safe equipment shutdown during a power event and eliminating the need to reset automation machines. It provides better control over industrial infrastructure with remote monitoring and management via relay contacts, external battery pack support and LED indicators.

Schneider Electric
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 June 1, 2022

Energy Hub

Designed for the mid-market Commercial and Industrial buildings, EcoStruxure Energy Hub is a scalable, “self-service” IoT software as a service (SaaS) solution which simplifies the management of digitalized electrical and energy systems.

Schneider Electric
Power Systems April 4, 2022


SureSeT is the new generation of Metalclad MV switchgear. It’s smarter - with digital control and monitoring, smaller – reduced in size by 25%, and stronger – tested 3x operational standard and up to 5x longer maintenance cycle.

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