Machine Safety March 16, 2022

Tire Tread Depth Monitor

Tire tread wear monitoring (TDM) , provides vehicle OEMs, drivers and fleets with timely alerts when tires have worn to unsafe levels and need servicing.  The software-based TDM system can be integrated into existing Electronic Control Units (ECU), allowing vehicle manufacturers to quickly implement the solution across platforms without the need for custom software development.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 April 19, 2022

IQ IIoT Platform

The new Sensata IQ IIoT Platform is a cost effective, easy-to-install solution that enables factory managers and maintenance engineers to intuitively monitor all their assets from anywhere, including on a smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Vision and Discrete Sensors May 18, 2022

6VW Multimodal Sensor

The new wireless 6VW series IoT sensor delivers insights via the Sensata IQ platform and can simultaneously monitor each asset using six sensing modalities - vibration, temperature, acoustic emission, speed, humidity, and magnetic flux. The sensors are designed for easy retrofit into a wide range of existing rotary assets - such as motors, pumps, blowers, fans, or compressors - regardless of brand or manufacturer with no changes needed to the company’s hardware or control platforms. The 6VW sensor series is an easy-to-use, self-install solution with a mobile app for device configuration, making setup and installation possible in less than five minutes.

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