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Control Systems November 28, 2022

Motion Control V7.0 for V18

With TIA Portal V18 and the firmware version V3.0 the new Motion Control function library is released in version V7.0 The following motion control functions are available with TIA Portal V18 and the SIMATIC S7-1500(F) / S7-1500T(TF) CPUs: *Enhancements for SIMATIC controllers *Axis functions: Extensions for homing of axes, Extensions for hardware and software limit switches, Extension for superimposed movements... *Synchronous Functions *Kinematic functions: supporint up to 6 interpolating axes *Long-term trace: used to record variables in different runtime levels, and the recording duration is only limited by the hard disk memory of the engineering computer.

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Industrial PCs November 8, 2022

Flexible process control system

Digitalization, sustainability, shortage of skilled workers: the process industry is facing major challenges. To prepare plants for the future, operators must rely on a highly flexible process control system, which is why we launched a new software version with SIMATIC PCS neo V4.0. PCS neo V4.0 is ready for plant capacities and large-scale projects of up to 64,000 process objects and 56 controllers, making it suitable for industrial plants of all sizes.

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Asset Management April 22, 2022

SIMATIC Industrial Edge Devices (IPC’s, virtual device)

Industrial Edge Devices (IEDs) are placed in the field level where the data generation and acquisition from automation systems take place. Edge Devices can store automation data locally and retrieve it as needed. In addition, Edge Devices can load this data to the cloud infrastructure (e.g.

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Motors and Drives November 11, 2021

PTI 24VDC 2-channel module for stepper drives

Interface to drives with a PTI interface (Pulse Train Input). It is 24 VDC asymmetric up to a pulse frequency of 200 kHz is supported as a signal interface.  It is particularly suitable for control with an axis technology object of the SIMATIC S7-1500. The module is especially suited for control by technology objects for axes.

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