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Edge and Cloud Computing March 26, 2023

Edge computing use cases, success stories

The adoption of edge computing at all levels within a system architecture means that a diverse range of hardware and software solutions are required.

By Suzanne Gill
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Robotics March 19, 2023

How collaborative robots’ flexibility benefits manufacturers

Collaborative robots (cobots) are growing in industrial manufacturing applications because of their flexibility and their ability to work alongside humans whereas traditional robots cannot.

By Suzanne Gill
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Digital Transformation October 17, 2022

Next steps for digital transformation for manufacturers

With many industrial organizations now having taken their first digitalization steps, there are potential disruptions for manufacturers with their digital transformation journeys.

By Suzanne Gill
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IIoT, Industrie 4.0 July 23, 2022

The driving force behind Industry 4.0 success

Smart sensors play a key role in helping manufacturers achieve Industry 4.0 goals.

By Suzanne Gill
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AI and Machine Learning June 5, 2022

AI used to control process manufacturing operations

A project in Japan used artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously control a chemical plant for 35 consecutive days.

By Suzanne Gill
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Digital Transformation May 24, 2022

IT, OT convergence enabling digital manufacturing transformation

Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) convergence is enabling a digital manufacturing transformation.

By Suzanne Gill
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Ethernet May 23, 2022

Single-pair Ethernet benefits for manufacturers

Single-pair ethernet (SPE) has been gaining attention in recent years and has many potential applications and advantages for manufacturers.

By Suzanne Gill
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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics March 18, 2022

Moving toward edge computing adoption

For the control engineer, it's worth asking what the benefits are from moving intelligence to the edge and how they can achieve success in brownfield plants.

By Suzanne Gill
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AI and Machine Learning February 24, 2022

AIoT improves transparency, quality for manufacturers

The speed of adoption and the potential benefits of combined artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in the industrial sector could lead to many positive benefits.

By Suzanne Gill
Courtesy: Russelectric, New Products for Engineers Database
DCS, SCADA, Controllers February 12, 2022

Achieving net zero carbon emissions with SCADA

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software can play a key role in helping industrial organizations on their journey to net zero carbon emissions.

By Suzanne Gill
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Digital Twins December 19, 2021

Accelerating digital twin technology adoption

Digital twin technology is evolving manufacturing plants and many companies are taking advantage of its benefits.

By Suzanne Gill
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Cybersecurity October 15, 2021

IT/OT convergence advice, best practices for manufacturers

Cybersecurity experts offer advice and best practices on information technology/operational technology (IT/OT) convergence and how manufacturers can prepare themselves for challenges.

By Suzanne Gill
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Cybersecurity April 27, 2021

Keeping OT environments cybersecure

What can engineers do to protect their processes and plants from cyberattack? Consider these best practices from cybersecurity and manufacturing experts.

By Suzanne Gill
Digital Transformation January 23, 2021

Digitalization crucial for food manufacturing processes

Smart and proactive digital solutions can help support ongoing operations even through disruptive global events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics December 7, 2020

How collaborative robots’ role is growing on the plant floor

A key factor behind the growth in collaborative robot deployment is the ready availability of simpler and more cost-effective systems comprising standard hardware, tooling and ancillary components

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics June 24, 2020

Building resilience with robotics

Will the COVID-19 pandemic accelerate the speed adoption of robotic and automation across the industrial sector? There are many factors at play.

By Suzanne Gill
AI and Machine Learning February 23, 2020

Getting on board with AI technology

It is becoming a reality that artificial intelligence (AI) are starting to change the traditional role of the control engineer. There are some benefits, but there also potential barriers to its adoption in the industrial environment.

By Suzanne Gill
Oil and Gas November 8, 2019

Putting pressure on productivity for oil and gas applications

Carefully selected measurement instrumentation and a suitable inventory management system help avoid the health and safety risks associated with the necessary chemical injections in the oil and gas industry and can also help reduce costs.

By Suzanne Gill
Cybersecurity September 26, 2019

Manufacturers need to prepare for cyber threats

While industry sectors are starting to automate their processes to help increase productivity and efficiency and this requires greater connectivity, which also can expose systems to attack. 

By Suzanne Gill
Industrial Networking September 22, 2019

Simplifying digital migration

There are many ways industrial communications are supporting and simplifying the digital migration process.

By Suzanne Gill
Industrial Networking September 20, 2019

Addressing digital migration challenges

As industry starts to engage in digital transformation programs, engineers tasked with managing this change are running into several challenges.

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics August 23, 2019

Robots need to understand and think more

Robots, according to a paper from the University of Birmingham, will need to think in the right context as economies embrace automation, connectivity and digitization and as levels of human-robot interaction increase.

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics August 13, 2019

Putting safety first with collaborative robots

While collaborative robots are starting to be accepted within the manufacturing sector, safety is still a concern for many. Learn how several companies are working to address the safety issue and address misconceptions.

By Suzanne Gill
Cybersecurity August 7, 2019

Industrial cybersecurity strategies need a new approach

While Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is enhancing the digital and connectivity capabilities of industrial control systems (ICSs) it has also opened the floodgates to serious cybersecurity risks.

By Suzanne Gill
Automation July 30, 2019

Automation software can improve plant flexibility

The automotive industry, which can be rigid and inflexible, can improve production and meet increased demand for customization with automation software.

By Suzanne Gill
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 July 30, 2019

Making things work as part of the IIoT

Sensors are on the front line of the data gathering process, which is vital for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

By Suzanne Gill
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 June 8, 2019

Retrofitting Industrie 4.0 for digital control systems

Ypsomed, a medical technology company, was able to retrofit Industrie 4.0 digital control systems onto its legacy plastic injection molding machines.

By Suzanne Gill
Ethernet May 4, 2019

Managing industrial Ethernet switches

While traditional industrial networks are using Ethernet switches to prepare for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, there is a place for unmanaged switches, though they come with some risks.

By Suzanne Gill