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AI and Machine Learning January 11, 2023

Engineers to advance nanomedicine manufacturing using AI

A combination of AI and novel manufacturing techniques could revolutionize the production of polymer nanoparticles.

By Syl Kacapyr
System Integration August 6, 2022

Tool advances gallium-oxide semiconductor research

Cornell researchers have added a tool to their suite of laboratory equipment to help in the study of gallium oxide, which could be used as a major component for semiconductors in the future.

By Syl Kacapyr
Courtesy: Cornell University
Vision and Discrete Sensors April 21, 2022

Deep-ultraviolet laser used for water purification, sensing

Cornell engineers have created a deep-ultraviolet laser using semiconductor materials that show great promise for improving the use of ultraviolet light for sterilizing medical tools, purifying water, sensing hazardous gases and more.

By Syl Kacapyr