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Diagnostics, Asset Management November 1, 2008

Symbolic computation delivers advances for model creation

Faster computers and modeling/simulation software have revolutionized the design process for control system engineers. By using model based development (MBD) methods and crafting a virtual simulation prototype before committing to metal, plastic, or silicon., innovative engineers are exploring more design options, more successfully predicting performance, and optimizing systems more quickly tha...

By Tom Lee, Maplesoft
Diagnostics, Asset Management May 1, 2007

do u im + txt or r u 1 who dsnt?

There is a huge technology divide in society, but it is not where you might think it is. This divide does not separate those who have computers and those who don’t. It’s instant messaging. Whether the medium is MSN or texting on your cell phone, it’s clear that there are those who “get” instant messaging, and then there’s the rest of us.

By Tom Lee, Maplesoft
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