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Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 19, 2022

HS10 heat stress wet bulb globe temperature meter

Triplett Test Equipment's HS10 Heat Stress Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Meter is ideal for monitoring heat index levels at outdoor athletic training and events, construction, iron and steel foundries, brick firing plants, glass facilities, boiler rooms, and mining sites.The HS10 simultaneously displays air temperature, humidity, and wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) or heat index, with a display that updates every 20 seconds. Featuring a programmable audible and visual WBGT and heat index alarms, the HS10 offers an adjustable audible alarm volume and four indicators to display heat stress alert levels (caution, extreme caution, danger, extreme danger). An in/out function switch measures WBGT with or without the effects of direct sunlight.

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