Standard Profits: Make2Pack and ISA88

David Chappell David Chappell is chair of the Make2Pack/ISA88 Part 5 standards development effort, with Complete Manufacturing Automation Associates - LLC, and retired Proctor & Gamble section manager for batch technologies. Help ISA88 committee members increase dialog about, completion of, interest in, and use of Make2Pack. Join in with your comments or questions to help the standard along, on your way to gaining competitive advantage, reducing overall costs by half. David A. Chappell, Make2Pack chair, and other ISA88 Part 5 committee members provide intelligence and specific links for this effort, spanning OMAC, WBF, and ISA standards efforts.

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Make2Pack member Adam B. Macki

Adam B. Macki is among Make2Pack members.

April 12, 2011

Adam Macki at a Make2Pack meeting in Ireland.I would like to share some information about Adam B. Macki, who is one of our Make2Pack members.

     Adam is dealing with some serious health issues, and I think that any support we can show Adam would be greatly appreciated.

     Here is a link to a site that you can visit to get information on Adam and what is happening. Through it you can send a message to Adam if you like.

If you cannot the comments box below, click here.

     David A. Chappell - CTO, Complete Manufacturing Automation Associates, LLC

     Editor's note and apology: Dave Chappell submitted this for posting Feb. 18; due to an oversight, it didn't get posted until April 12. All the best to Adam, his family, and other friends.

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