Lean Automation: CoDeSys demo

Standards promote lean. Some software can add complexity by limiting interchangeability, make it more challenging to work across controllers, and file storage format differences can create compatibility issues. Can lean thinking be applied to software? Yes. CoDeSys open software for industrial automation is an IEC 61131-3 programming system and a runtime system, which turns any intelligent automation device into an IEC 61131-3 controller programmable with CoDeSys. It easily adapts from one vendor “target” device to another.

Using the CoDeSys software environment, Richard Harwell, Advanced Solutions Manager, Eaton Corp., creates a simple control programming with CoDeSys for automation trainer Doug Bell, Interconnecting Automation. Sponsored by Eaton Corporation; produced by Control Engineering and Plant Engineering, CFE Media publications, to be non-commercial and educational. Runtime is approximately 17:45.

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