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Full contributor guidelines

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Marketing and press releases

News items with an industry impact or nationwide or international reach that would benefit all of our readers are best. News may be about trends that affect the industry, association information, analysis of such information, large achievements within a company, or other broad items. In the magazines, we typically do not run announcements on new hires or promotions, Web site launches, or other company-specific news, though we may run it online.

Please send news releases to the following:

New products:

To submit a new product or system, register your company and upload products free to the New Products for Engineers database. This can be done in two steps:

  1. Register your name, company, user ID, and password.
  2. Log in after initial registration to submit products.


Letters/reader feedback

This is where industry opinions are sought. We welcome letters to the editor, comments on stories you’ve seen in the magazines or on general industry issues, and other comments you’d like to share.
Send comments to:


Feature articles

This is the place where our industry experts and engineering leaders can best showcase their knowledge. Articles may range from 1,200 to 3,000 words and should include all appropriate graphics, tables, or art (anchor to image guidelines). Our editors will work with you on the development of your article and the details of submission. Feature articles are generally planned one year in advance in what is called an editorial calendar. When pitching an article, it is advised that the topic be tied to one that is on the editorial calendar at least three months in advance of the month the topic is listed.
Send feature story ideas to:


Bylined Departments/Thought Leadership

These are the one- to two-page sections of the magazine that have contributors writing about topics germane to a given department. For example, the Consulting-Specifying Engineer monthly department, Codes and Standards, will have a 2400-word article on new specifications within a given code, standard, or guideline, or cover an interpretation issue. Some departments are planned in advance on the editorial calendar.
Send bylined department ideas to the following:


Product case studies

We welcome stories (600 to 1,500 words) of how a product or solution technique (not a specific product) helped improve one of your client’s efficiency, productivity, or operational effectiveness. What we’re looking for are unique solutions to a client’s problem. These articles can be suggested by a product manufacturer or the engineering team, but the focus of the article should be on how the product solved a difficult problem for the client. We will evaluate submissions to ensure they focus on the solution, not the product.
Please submit case studies to: