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Enewsletter feature stories

Each of our enewsletters has one to two feature stories in each, which is both e-mailed to our readers and posted online. Enewsletters stories must meet the same strict requirements as our print magazine features, and should have multiple links to external sites for readers to acquire more information.

Submit Consulting-Specifying Engineer enewsletter feature story ideas via the content submission form

Send Control Engineering enewsletter feature story ideas with enewsletter name in the subject line to controleng@cfemedia.com.

Send Plant Engineering enewsletter feature story ideas to bvavra@cfemedia.com.

How to submit feature story/case study information

There are restrictions on such submissions:

The article or online content must be exclusive to the three magazines that operate under CFE Media (Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Control Engineering, Plant Engineering). Authors will be requested to sign an agreement with CFE Media to have their story published. Photos and other art elements remain the intellectual property of the originator, but anything used in the Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Control Engineering, or Plant Engineering article can be used by Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Control Engineering or Plant Engineering in any spin-offs or re-publications of the article in print or electronic formats.

The article is not product-specific or commercially biased. We encourage authors to include information about the engineering topic, a particular project or challenge, or a general technology issue. This allows us to maintain our editorial independence.

General policies and procedures


CFE Media and the publications it represents assumes the right to publish, perform, display, digitize, transmit, reproduce and, as reasonably required for layout purposes, modify and reformat, in all formats and media now known or hereafter developed throughout the universe in perpetuity for any submitted photography, illustrations, graphics, other images, and related text.

How to submit an article

Articles may range anywhere from 1 to 4 published pages, depending on the topic and the author. Each page is about 600 words. Articles should be in Microsoft Word, and should be submitted via e-mail or a content submission form. Please DO NOT submit articles in PDF format.

Deadlines for editorial material vary according to the type of material. A typical deadline for a feature story is at least two months prior to publication (so April articles are due about February 1). In the case of unsolicited features, we will contact you about when we plan to run a story. Because of production and magazine publishing issues, however, we cannot guarantee any story will run in a given issue.

We receive a high volume of submissions. We won't use every article pitched, but we may decide to share them with our readers on the websites, or in one of the monthly enewsletters.

Complementary copies
: Feature article authors automatically receive three copies of the issue or issues in which their article appears.

How to submit images

All graphics should be provided in separate high-resolution 300 dpi, EPS, JPEG or TIFF files at 4x6 inches in size in either RGB or CMYK format. Typical image file sizes are 1 MB or larger. We may request larger image files be submitted via our cloud server site. Our art department will redraw most graphs, charts, and line drawings, and format tables for publication quality.

Image capture guidelines:

Specifically for Consulting-Specifying Engineer

All technical articles will be anonymously reviewed, likely by a member of the Consulting-Specifying Engineer Advisory Board, or by another expert in the industry.

How to Submit Videos

Videos of interest for viewing on the CFE Media Websites will be considered for posting.

Specifications for video file to post: Video, 5 minutes or less, may include a 5-sec introduction screen featuring your company/project name and information and a 5-sec closing screen with your contact information (e-mail, URL, phone, etc). Use file names for the video that contains descriptive keywords identifying video content for SEO purposes.

How Videos are Displayed


Reprints are available after publication in the three magazines. All reprints are custom made in hardcopy or electronic format, and prices vary. You can request reprints to Marcia Brewer at Wright's Media Reprints at mbrewer@wrightsmedia.com.

Helpful Hints for Search Engine Optimization

Titles and subtitles


Include relevant deep links to content that is hosted on your source as well as content hosted on the publication’s site

File names for images

If using images, use the magazine acronym (CE, CSE, PE), the date and then an identifier description with hyphens or underscores.

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