Full Contributor Guidelines

Full contributor guidelines

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CFE Media’s content strategy implements the exchange of specialized content to engage and increase interaction among the engineering community. Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Control Engineering, Plant Engineeringand Oil & Gas Engineering titles cover a wide range of topic areas. Please read the following guidelines for contributing content.

For items not described below, or for specific questions, please contact the following:

Consulting-Specifying Engineer: Amara Rozgus, ARozgus@cfemedia.com
Control Engineering: Mark Hoske, MHoske@cfemedia.com
Plant Engineering: Kevin Parker, KParker@cfemedia.com
Oil & Gas Engineering: Kevin Parker, KParker@cfemedia.com

What we cover

Consulting-Specifying Engineer

Consulting-Specifying Engineer covers automation and controls, codes and standards, commissioning (at all levels), electrical, fire and life safety, green buildings and energy efficiency, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, and power systems. Consulting-Specifying Engineer serves management, engineering management and engineering personnel who perform mechanical and/or electrical engineering activities in consulting engineering firms; design/build firms; construction firms; contracting firms; engineering/architectural firms; architectural/engineering firms; and in-house engineering for government agencies, public utility companies, industrial firms, commercial firms, and institutions.

Control Engineering

Control Engineering covers automation, controls, and instrumentation used to help design, apply, use, upgrade, and decommission automated systems to improve efficiencies throughout the product lifecycle. Focus is on the control loop (sense, decide, and actuate) using the sensors, logic devices, and actuators that drive those improvements, along with the networks and software that helps integrate the controls with the enterprise and supply chain, in discrete, batch, process, and combined applications, across some 65 industries. Areas of coverage include:

  • Control Engineering trends: Global manufacturing, sustainability, energy efficiency, business trends and analysis, news, standards and certifications, regulations, laws and compliance, education and training, and safety.
  • System integration of control components, control panels, enclosures, safety, I/O modules, terminal blocks, and industrial network hardware and software including Ethernet and wireless.
  • System integrators and integrator issues, automation project management and good business practices.
  • Information control: automation software, control programming software, automation and control programming languages, human-machine interface (HMI), operator interface (OI), alarms, programmable logic controllers (PLC), programmable automation controllers (PACs), industrial computers, control design software, PC-based control, data management, and artificial intelligence.
  • Manufacturing IT: Manufacturing execution systems (MES), controls and MES integration, and manufacturing integration with ERP and the supply chain.
  • Machine control: motors and drives, motion control, robotics, embedded control, CNC, machine vision, and discrete sensors.
  • Process control: loop tuning, advanced control, PID, adaptive control, process instrumentation, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), fieldbus, process sensors, and transmitters.

Plant Engineering

Plant Engineering covers the world of manufacturing from a plant floor perspective. The major content areas include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automation engineering, and maintenance and management. Plant Engineering serves plant engineers and maintenance professionals within manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries.


Consulting-Specifying Engineer:
Building construction engineering, systems engineering, industrial engineering, consulting engineer, construction engineering, building engineering, building engineer, control systems engineering, green building construction, commercial building systems, building engineer, commercial facility, consulting, specifying, HVAC, electrical, power, Pure Power, fire, life safety systems, industrial control systems, renewable energy, CFE Media

Control Engineering: HMI software, SCADA software, batch software, MES software, embedded control, process and advanced control, process improvement, instrumentation, process sensors, machine control, discrete sensors, servo drives, motion control, fieldbus, industrial networks, terminal blocks, relays, distributed control, single and multi-loop controllers, safety system software, I/O products and systems, manufacturing efficiency, PLC programming software, data acquisition, signal conditioners, pressure sensors, pressure switches, limit switches, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, motion feedback devices, encoders, resolvers, torque sensors, motion feedback devices, vision systems, automation software, control software, control programming languages, PC based control software, process analysis and loop tuning software, data historian software, valve positioners, motor starters, adjustable speed Drives, brushless motors, automation system design, control system design, system integrators, system integration

Plant Engineering: Manufacturing news, maintenance management, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, fluid handling, power transmission, HVAC, automation engineering, plant manufacturing, national manufacturing association, national manufacturing index, plant production, sustainable manufacturing, lean manufacturing, wireless communication, plant services, plant safety, OSHA, manufacturing technology, Applied Automation

CFE Media cannot accept content with requirements:

  1. To include a disclaimer or other legal notice from the company providing the content that must be included in the text; or
  2. To secure separate permission to reuse or repurpose content after its initial use. Content cannot be restricted, and must be submitted with permission that is without such a limitation.

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