Edge Computing, Embedded Systems

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virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing March 3, 2021

Expanding edge control

Edge control can take many forms to access stranded data, with modern programmable logic controllers (PLCs) often the preferred alternative.

By Don Pham
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Embedded Systems, Edge Computing February 18, 2021

Evolving control systems are key to improved performance

Flexible computing, contextual data and modular architectures will change the face of control systems and improve overall plant performance, helping to lower risk from retirements.

By Sean Sims
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Industrial PCs February 8, 2021

PC-based control boosts sterile sampling bag production

Labplas redesigns custom production machines with EtherCAT, robotics and AI for quality control, ensuring ROI of less than one year on all upgrades, for 15 to 35% machine productivity increases.

By James Figy
Edge is an extension of the cloud and is limited by the physical capacity of the device, according to a system architecture diagram from the Jan. 19, 2021, webcast. Courtesy: Wood PLC
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 January 28, 2021

More questions answered on IIoT cloud to edge

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can include cloud to edge architectures. What mix of cloud and edge technologies should a particular application have?

By Jeffrey Shannon
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AI and Machine Learning December 10, 2020

Artificial intelligence at the edge improves manufacturing productivity

AI at the plant floor’s edge empowers machine builders to increase production quality and efficiency

By Jim Wilmot
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Embedded Systems, Edge Computing December 3, 2020

AMP upgrades to edge controllers

Largest U.S. rotary heat-treating facility modernizes controls and automation with tight database integration.

By Josh Eastburn
Stone Shi is executive editor-in-chief, Control Engineering China. Courtesy: Control Engineering China
Embedded Systems, Edge Computing October 4, 2020

Edge computing, artificial intelligence power automation innovation

Edge computing allows engineers to use lower costs to develop newer applications such as shop-floor data analysis and quality prediction. Artificial intelligence (AI) improves the efficiency and accuracy of plant operations.

By Stone Shi
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I/O Systems, I/O Modules September 7, 2020

Edge I/O brings more connectivity to field devices and sensors

Latest remote I/O combines IIoT communication with even more processing power than traditional intelligent I/O

By Josh Eastburn
Courtesy: ARC Advisory Group
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 August 31, 2020

Automation at the Industrial IoT edge

Leverage edge technologies in good times and bad by using remote visualization, monitoring, access and management as well as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and analytical applications.

By Chantal Polsonetti
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Embedded Systems, Edge Computing August 25, 2020

Patching embedded systems aids cybersecurity efforts

Improving the process of patching code in vulnerable embedded systems is a major cybersecurity concern because much of the code currently running is vulnerable to hackers.

By Kelsey Schnieders Lefever