PID, APC March 1, 1998

Handwriting on Wall for Hard Disks?

Flash memory technology is starting to catch up with industrial computer users, many of whom never liked the idea of using rotating magnetic discs on the factory floor. Flash memory chips—produced mainly by AMD and Intel—have increased storage densities so rapidly over the past months that it is now possible to offer 72 megabytes in a single 32-pin par...

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PID, APC January 1, 1998

Process Variable Transmitters Keep Pace with Customers’ Needs

Traditionally, process variables are considered to be units of flow, level, pressure, or temperature, and the media measured include gases, liquids, slurries, powders, and solids (see table).Transmitters are devices that accept the output of sensors and transducers designed to detect process variables and produce an output which directly or proportionally alters as process variables change.

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PID, APC October 7, 1997

ISA TECH/97 Highlights From Anaheim, Calif., Day One

Keynote Speaker Caspar Weinberger Stresses Security for Global Growth In his keynote address to the ISA TECH/97 crowd, former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger stressed security issues as a key in the growth of the global economy. Using the example of how the recent examples of the devaluation of Mexico's currency and the recession in Japan and it's effects on other countries, he stressed that events in one country 'ripples through the world quickly.' He also emphasized that the US' role in global security is vital to fostering global growth. Mr.

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PID, APC January 1, 1970

Rockwell International adopts Rockwell Automation name

Milwaukee, Wis.— To better reflect its business focus, Rockwell International Corp. announced Feb. 19 that it will assume the name of its primary remaining subsidiary, Rockwell Automation, after it spins off its avionics business, Rockwell Collins (Cedar Rapids, Ia.), as a separate, publicly traded company in June 2001.

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PID, APC January 1, 1970

Merging Mom’s Perceptive Power with Technology Creates Startling Results

KEYWORDS Process and advanced control Neural networks Multivariable sensors Sensing/measurement Analyzers What do the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and your mother have in common? Both use real measurements to reach an inferred outcome; are you telling the truth? Think about it, your mother would do a subtle interrogation all the while observing your body language—pupil dilation,...

PID, APC January 1, 1970

Lantronix’s DSTni chip allows Internet, network embedding

To help developers build devices with embedded networking and Internet connectivity, Lantronix Inc. (Irvine, Calif.) unveiled April 9 what it reports is the first fully integrated semiconductor with the hardware components needed to enable those capabilities. The Device Server Technology Network Interface (DSTni) chip is scheduled to be available in fall 2001.

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