PLCs, PACs January 1, 1998

Fisher-Rosemount, Avenor Unveil Foundation Fieldbus Installation

Fisher-Rosemount recently contracted with Avenor Inc. (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), an international pulp and paper company, to install a Fieldbus Starter Kit in the kraft paper area at Avenor's 1,200 tpd mill in Gatineau, Quebec. The facility uses kraft pulp in newsprint production to achieve specific quality characteristics.

By Staff
PLCs, PACs October 9, 1997

ISA TECH/97 Highlights From Anaheim, Calif., Day Three

OPC on the ISA TECH/97 Floor OLE for Process Control (OPC) was demonstrated on the floor at ISA TECH/97. Based on Microsoft's component object model technology, OPC allows components in a networked system to share process data. The Microsoft and OPC booths demonstrated the interoperability of products from 16 foundation members. The booth demonstrations show real-time data flowing between hardware such as programmable logic controllers and distributed I/O from various manufacturers to human-machine interface and supervisory control and data acquisition software systems over Ethernet using TCP/IP.

By Control Engineering Staff
PLCs, PACs May 1, 1997

Bode plots solve frequency domain problems

Every child who has ever held a spring upright knows that tugging on the top end causes the bottom end to start bouncing and that repeated tugging keeps those oscillations going. Some may notice that even though both ends always oscillate at the same frequency, the bottom end bounces higher at some frequencies than at others. Truly gifted children might even notice that the bottom end oscillates out of sync with the top end and lagsfurther and further behind as the frequency increases. Engineers know that many mechanical, electrical, and chemical processes with energy-storing components behave the same way.

By Vance J. VanDoren, consulting editor
PLCs, PACs February 1, 1997

PCs, Flowcharts, and SDS Speed Production at Silicon Graphics

Smart Distributed System

By Control Engineering Staff