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Analytics March 7, 2024

Exploring today’s industrial analytics tools and optimizing processes

Standing between many businesses and this promise of process optimization are questions surrounding the right tools to harness this data effectively

By Control Engineering
Analytics January 25, 2024

Overcome three obstacles to process data analytics, see example

By implementing advanced analytics software, industrial organizations can easily corral data from numerous sources, automate its preparation for analysis and modeling and provide process experts with more time to study the insights and optimize operations for maximum uptime.

By Katie Pintar
Analytics December 16, 2023

Foundation analytics skills training: Session 1

Better understand the basics of being able to quantify, model and predict analytics through effective monitoring.

By Control Engineering
Analytics December 6, 2023

The role of data in navigating change

Key process data includes for design, production and supply-chain management

By Michael De Boer
Analytics November 27, 2023

Enabling continuous process improvement, enhancing product consistency

Statistical quality control is one of the biggest levers manufacturers have for detecting and preventing quality incidents, which is examined in a November 30 webcast.

By Control Engineering
Analytics September 11, 2023

2023 Engineering leader under 40: David King, 29

David King, 29, Lead Analytics Developer, Interstates Inc., Sioux Center, Iowa

By Plant Engineering
Analytics June 3, 2023

Four analytics areas for manufacturers to emphasize

Operational improvement can be met by digging into each step of the equipment's timing, accuracy and causes of process step disruption by analyzing the raw data.

By Brian Fenn
Analytics March 10, 2023

Improving sustainability with advanced analytics applications

Three case studies demonstrate the ways process manufacturers are leveraging their advanced analytics applications to promote sustainable operations and business practices.

By Morgan Bowling
Analytics September 26, 2022

Top 5 Control Engineering content: September 19-25, 2022

The most-viewed content from the past week covered 2022 engineering leaders under 40, advanced analytics applications, sustainability, automation safety and more.

By Morgan Green
Analytics September 2, 2022

Using advanced analytics applications to improve sustainability

Case studies show how process manufacturers leverage data insights to proactively monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

By Mariana Sandin
Analytics August 22, 2022

Managing manufacturing information with data cleansing

Implementing data science and analytics techniques by using data cleansing can help companies in areas such as quality, efficiency and cost reduction.

By Matt Coleman
Analytics August 18, 2022

The electric steel dilemma and its impact on motor vendors

Because of the increased demand for electric steel, it is difficult for vendors to acquire the necessary goods to complete their productions.

By Blake Griffin
Analytics August 8, 2022

Data warehousing provides more than analytics benefits

Data warehousing systems are specifically designed to perform well under significant strain and demand while giving users access to the information they need.

By Bayard Leach
Analytics July 19, 2022

Building on analytics foundations to improve operations

Advanced data acquisition methods enable the newest generation of operational analytics.

By John Dunlap
Analytics June 15, 2022

Manufacturing technology orders pass $500 billion for second straight month

April 2022 orders of manufacturing technology totaled $513.4 million, the second month in a row surpassing half a billion dollars.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Analytics June 3, 2022

Advanced analytics improve process optimization

Success stories show how advanced analytics software is used to create insights and improve process efficiency. See three use case examples.

By Allison Buenemann
Analytics April 7, 2022

Electronic system design industry reports double-digit revenue growth

A SEMI technology community announces an increased revenue of 14.4% to $3.4 billion in Q4 2021 in the electronic system design industry.

Analytics March 21, 2022

Manufacturing technology orders up more than 30% YOY

Strong consumer demand drove continued investments in manufacturing technology in all stages of the supply chain, leading to more than $400 million in manufacturing orders.

By Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT)
Analytics March 7, 2022

Improving maintenance operations with data analytics

Increase reliability by planning and integrating analytics using Big Data that’s already being collected during maintenance operations. See five steps to implementing data analytics in maintenance operations.

By Aaron Merkin
Analytics February 25, 2022

Benefits of developing a security awareness program

Creating a strong metrics framework for a security awareness program can help companies identify what matters and how to protect themselves.

By Lance Spitzner
Analytics January 31, 2022

Creating value from advanced analytics to improve operations

Advanced analytics applications are a key component as power generation, transmission, and distribution companies advance on their digital transformation journeys.

By Giro Iuliano
Analytics December 27, 2021

Top 5 Control Engineering articles December 20-26, 2021

Articles about advanced analytics allowing engineers and data scientists to work together, and accelerating digital twin technology adoption were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from December 20-26, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Analytics December 18, 2021

Getting the most value from a facility’s data

Companies are turning to their information technology (IT) departments to leverage and gain insights on the large amounts of data being generated.

By Brian Fenn
Analytics December 1, 2021

Advanced analytics allows engineers and data scientists to work together

Empowering engineers to interact directly with data, often using algorithms developed by data scientists, accelerates time to insight.

By Krista Novstrup
Analytics September 24, 2021

How to expand analytics capabilities

Increasing adoption of analytics bridges the gap between process experts and data scientists, encouraging manufacturing collaboration

By Nick Van Damme
Analytics September 22, 2021

Exploit IIoT to improve operations

Off-the-shelf IIoT solutions use intelligent routers and associated cloud services

By Bill Dehner
Analytics July 26, 2021

Five steps to select predictive analytics software

Industrial organizations benefit from predictive analytics; engineers can use this advice to select the best predictive analytics solution for their operations.

By Alicia Bowers Millinger
Analytics July 26, 2021

Fueling Advanced Analytics with Industrial Data Management

This webcast will discuss how a solid industrial data management strategy is the foundation of any analysis and analytics project.

By CFE Media
Analytics July 21, 2021

Your questions answered: Current issues in industrial analytics

Mike Malone, principal process engineer at Toray Plastics America, answered additional webcast questions about data engineering and machine learning as they relate to analytics.

By Mike Malone
Analytics June 16, 2021

Digital Blind Spots: Access real-time data for agile, resilient operations

Hear how OT and information technology (IT) leaders are thinking about access to factory data more strategically, the benefits of real time data access across your organization, and how removing digital blind spots enable agile, resilient business operations.

By CFE Media
Analytics June 3, 2021

Industrial analytics from the edge up

Industrial manufacturers are using edge controllers and industrial PCs (IPCs) to implement practical analytics initiatives from the edge up, instead of from the enterprise down.

By Silvia Gonzalez
Analytics May 19, 2021

Securing smart manufacturing and workforce confidence

The importance of real-time IT/OT data access when it comes to improving efficiency and productivity.

By Glenn Schulz
Analytics February 4, 2021

3 data analysis tips: Adapt data, leverage employee skills, innovate

Industry 4.0 requires an appropriate use of data structures, people skills and analytic tools.

By Michael Risse
Analytics October 29, 2020

How raw data is made ready for applying analytics

Subject matter experts best positioned to judiciously transform process data for analysis

By Michael Risse
Analytics February 13, 2020

Most-viewed university articles in 2019

The most-viewed articles from university sources included stories on drag-and-drop analytics, robotic actuators, nanocrystals, and prolonging power plant life with AI. Links to each article below.

By Chris Vavra
Analytics October 30, 2019

Interoperability and how to sustain it

Vocabulary and concepts for the age of analytics

By Sam Chance
Analytics September 4, 2019

Evolution of modern manufacturing: more data

Automation future: The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are widely known concepts, have not been widely adopted. On the way, physical device data connectivity can increase information flow to add efficiency, eliminate errors and increase uptime

By John Bernet
Analytics May 30, 2019

Optimizing asset performance in refineries

Advanced analytics use machine learning to simplify user experience, generate process data insights.

By Michael Risse
Analytics January 29, 2019

Basic steps to take when applying analytics processing

Upstream oil & gas operations improved using data analytics.

By Michael Risse
Analytics December 20, 2018

Global low-voltage motor market bounces back

Oil & gas revenue increases lead 4% sector growth according to a report from IHS Markit.

By Bob Vavra
Analytics December 3, 2018

PMI jumps 1.6 percentage points in November

New orders climb and business expands even as tariffs, worker issues remain.

By Bob Vavra
Analytics November 7, 2018

Advanced algorithms for analytics on the edge

Substantial computing power in modern industrial PCs and cloud bandwidth considerations make the case to analyze machine performance directly on controllers, before the cloud.

By Daymon Thompson
Analytics August 14, 2018

Implementing a cybersecurity strategy for cloud-based SCADA

It’s critical to have the proper framework and cybersecurity measures in place to help prevent cyber attacks for cloud-based deployments of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

By Rusty Gavin, Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security

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