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Digital Twins February 7, 2023

Liaison announced to accelerate digital twin development

The Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) and OPC Foundation announced a liaison agreement to accelerate digital twin-enabling technology adoption.

By OPC Foundation
Digital Twins December 9, 2022

Digital twin benefits for process manufacturers

There are many different elements of digital twin technology that can benefit the process manufacturing sector.

By Naveen Kumar and Junichi Watanabe
Digital Twins November 8, 2022

How digital twins can enable optimization

Digital twins are being used to achieve process design and operational performance improvements for manufacturers.

By Yanling Wu
Digital Twins October 12, 2022

How digital twins speed up the manufacturing process

Digital twins, buoyed by enhancements in CAD and CNC, is making them realistic and vital in many manufacturing applications.

By Anna Liza Montenegro
Digital Twins July 4, 2022

Avoiding new silos with digital threads, digital twins

Digital thread and digital twin technology can help optimize operations and fuel improvements in product design and manufacturing processes, but only if companies avoid new data silos and choose interoperability.

By Rod Walters
Digital Twins July 2, 2022

Digital tools help with sustainable, greener designs

Digital twins can provides actionable data that can capture the effects of micro- and macro-scale changes on a real environment, allowing users to make more informed decisions on creating greener built spaces.

By Carl Coken
Digital Twins June 4, 2022

How digital twins, IIoT technologies benefit operations

Examine how digital twins and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies work together. Digital twins benefit industrial operations and systems. Digital twin updates can be automated.

By Sam Hoff
Digital Twins March 30, 2022

Digital twin improves plant design and operational performance

While the converging worlds of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) have different interests and requirements, it does open the door to innovative Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions – like digital twins.

By FDT Group
Digital Twins December 19, 2021

Accelerating digital twin technology adoption

Digital twin technology is evolving manufacturing plants and many companies are taking advantage of its benefits.

By Suzanne Gill
Digital Twins October 9, 2021

Digital twins for live petroleum production optimization

To obtain optimal production in the oil and gas industry, the asset must be operated at appropriate setpoints and associated with the equipment’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network to provide transferrable data.

By Venkat Putcha, Nhan LeData and Jeffrey Hsiung
Digital Twins September 22, 2021

Digital twins for safety instrumented systems

Digitally-twinning safety instrumented systems, which are responsible for the operating safety in the process industry, can streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.

By Prasad Goteti and Steve Lindsay
Digital Twins September 11, 2021

Using a 3D digital twin and augmented reality

3D digital twins and augmented reality (AR) can help manufacturers better understand places that are often dangerous for a human to access.

By Ralph Rio
Digital Twins July 28, 2021

Optimizing manufacturing processing and quality management with digital twins, IIoT

An examination of the concepts and practices on the design, implementation and some preliminary outcomes based on a real-world use case in a production process control and quality management application in the steel industry, guided by Lean management and Six Sigma concepts and best practices.

By Industry IoT Consortium (IIC)
Digital Twins July 3, 2021

Essence of digital enterprise: Three types of digital twins

Use of factory digitalization is expected to result in nearly double the production capacity, 20% less product launch time, 20% increase in personnel utilization and 40% increase in space utilization.

By Stone Shi
Digital Twins June 24, 2021

Accelerate machine designs, speed to market via digital twin collaboration

A survey of industrial machinery companies explores the biggest issues with digital twin adoption. Machine builders are using digital twins to increase efficiency of machine design processes to get machines completed and running in less time at lower cost.

By Mark T. Hoske
Digital Twins June 18, 2021

Creating digital twins at scale

Model developed by MIT researchers could help predictive virtual models become standard practice in engineering, which integrates data and decision making.

By Becky Ham
Digital Twins April 24, 2021

Deploying digital twins on a city scale

Helping cities in developing and deploying digital twins at city scale can have many positive effects for critical infrastructure now and in the future. See video.

By Sharada Prahladrao

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