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Discrete Manufacturing May 25, 2023

U.S. manufacturing stimulus expected to generate steady growth

The Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPs and Science Act have generated a lot of investment in manufacturing, but what is the long-term outlook for the United States?

By Adrian Lloyd
Discrete Manufacturing April 12, 2023

Modest global manufacturing growth expected

Global manufacturing growth will be constricted in 2024, but will rebound by 2027 according to an Interact Analysis report.

By Interact Analysis
Discrete Manufacturing March 30, 2023

Benefits of using automation in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing

High-mix, low-volume (HMLV) manufacturers can leverage technology to manage their supply chain effectively, save on costs and deliver products to customers on time.

By Adnan Khan
Discrete Manufacturing March 29, 2023

Hannover Messe emphasizing climate-neutral, networked industry technologies

The focus of Hannover Messe 2023 will be on technologies to promote climate-neutral and networked industry and manufacturing services.

By Fraunhofer IPA
Discrete Manufacturing February 7, 2023

Superconductivity switches on and off in magic-angle graphene

MIT physicists have found a new way to switch superconductivity on and off with magic-angle graphene by using a short electric pulse.

By Jennifer Chu
Discrete Manufacturing January 19, 2023

Automation provides opportunities for many industries

A roundtable discussion at A3 Industry Forum highlighted how robots and automation are being applied to augment human workers.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing January 18, 2023

Automation is driving manufacturing growth and potential

Manufacturing’s growth depends on automation, but there are some potential challenges companies face in implementing automation.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing January 6, 2023

Nanoelectrics platform based on graphene developed

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a nanoelectronics platform based on graphene - a single sheet of carbon atoms.

By Catherine Barzler
Discrete Manufacturing December 18, 2022

Asphaltene turned into graphene for composites

Rice University scientists are working on converting asphaltene, a carbon-rich resource, into useful graphene.

By Mike Williams
Discrete Manufacturing November 26, 2022

Custom algorithm used to solve challenges with robotic layer forming and de-tray system

AMT and Gojo Industries, Inc. worked together to create two robotic cells to function in part with their conveyor system, a de-tray operation and a layer forming system.

By Michael Horth
Discrete Manufacturing October 28, 2022

High-voltage power technologies driving semiconductor processes

The semiconductors being developed to address future demand will be more powerful and integrate more functionality than ever before. High-voltage power technologies will play a key role.

Discrete Manufacturing October 18, 2022

Graphene boosts flexible and wearable electronics

Studies from Caltech demonstrate that graphene can greatly improve electrical circuits required for wearable and flexible electronics.

By Whitney Clavin
Discrete Manufacturing September 14, 2022

Protecting the digital manufacturing supply chain while promoting innovation

Organizations must be constantly vigilant with not only their own cybersecurity practices, but also with those of their suppliers.

By Gary Cohen
Discrete Manufacturing August 16, 2022

Manufacturer marks 50 years with manufacturing, R&D expansions

Festo marks its 50th anniversary with expansions to its Mason, Ohio, campus, which will be the site of a global production center and expanded technology engineering center.

By Festo Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing August 12, 2022

Three-sided pyramids form 2D structures

Rice University researchers have found 2D superlattices the tetrahedra create could lead to advances in metamaterials that manipular light and sound.

By Jade Boyd
Discrete Manufacturing July 31, 2022

Thin film growth technique is the result of microscopic holes

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have used epitaxy, an emerging method for synthesizing a thin film and membrane.

By Jason Daley
Discrete Manufacturing June 17, 2022

Technique developed for fabricating the next generation of transistors

Materials engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a new method for making graphene nanoribbons.

By Jason Daley
Discrete Manufacturing April 5, 2022

Understanding the key components of a labeler machine

Tutorial: Labeling machines are commonly used as part of the packaging process and must be precise. The labeling process and various components are explained.

By Sixto Moralez and Matt Hardenbergh
Discrete Manufacturing March 31, 2022

Flexible manufacturing systems improve throughput quality

Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) can improve overall operations and throughput quality by adapting to real-time changes and situations.

By FlexQube
Discrete Manufacturing March 28, 2022

2D material electron correlation found in graphene

Researchers have found direct evidence of electron correlations in a two-dimensional material called ABC trilayer graphene.

By Jennifer Chu
Discrete Manufacturing March 21, 2022

Carbon fiber development used for lightweight structural materials

MIT researchers have found a way to make carbon fiber could turn refinery byproducts into high-value, ultralight structural materials for cars, aircraft and spacecraft.

By David L. Chandler
Discrete Manufacturing March 9, 2022

3D-printable material designed to be tough, flexible

North Carolina State University researchers have created ionogel materials that are stretchable, tough and can be 3D-printed.

By Matt Shipman
Discrete Manufacturing February 13, 2022

Nanoscale 3D structure to control light using metamaterials

Penn State and Sandia National Laboratories researchers leveraged three dimensions of design space to create and test a metamaterial with robust optical properties. 

By Gabrielle Stewart
Discrete Manufacturing January 18, 2022

Control Engineering January 2022 online table of contents

Control Engineering is producing 10 print/digital editions this year and we want to ensure you have easy access to as much content as ever with two Control Engineering Inside editions in 2022, January and November.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing December 21, 2021

Chinese manufacturing struggling to retain momentum

Chinese manufacturing is struggling to keep pace after a very strong 2020 due to heavy levels of demand, but the overall picture remains positive.

By Adrian Lloyd
Discrete Manufacturing November 21, 2021

Synthesis process paves way for more efficient lasers, LEDs

North Carolina State University have developed a process that makes use of existing industry standard techniques for making III-nitride semiconductor materials, but results in layered materials that will make LEDs and lasers more efficient.

By Matt Shipman
Discrete Manufacturing October 30, 2021

Advances in additive manufacturing research and development

The University of Toledo Institute of Applied Engineering Research (IAER) is working on advanced manufacturing with a focus on additive manufacturing.

By Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN)
Discrete Manufacturing October 18, 2021

Top 5 Control Engineering articles October 11-17, 2021

Articles about Engineers' Choice finalists, machine control migrations, IIoT improves operations, SCADA benefits and improved sustainability were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from October 11-17, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing September 10, 2021

Shape-shifting architecture materials created

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed materials that can transform into multiple different architectures, which could benefit applications ranging from construction to robotics. See video.

By Matt Shipman
Discrete Manufacturing August 21, 2021

Printed hybrid electronics: 4 new things you need to know

Advancing material technologies for printed hybrid electronics are highlighted for engineers.

By Yuepeng Zhang
Discrete Manufacturing July 27, 2021

Structural alloys strengthened with precipitates

Researchers have found a way to simultaneously increase the strength and ductility of an alloy by introducing tiny precipitates into its matrix, which can open avenues for advancing structural materials for manufacturing.

By Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Discrete Manufacturing July 12, 2021

Ultralight material withstands supersonic microparticle impacts

Engineers at MIT, Caltech, and ETH Zürich find “nanoarchitected” materials designed from precisely patterned nanoscale structures could be a basis for lighter, tougher alternatives to Kevlar and steel.

By Jennifer Chu
Discrete Manufacturing June 20, 2021

Smart manufacturing model production lifecycle benefits

MESA International is developing a smart manufacturing model that will provide specific recommendations on how people can be smart in their manufacturing endeavors.

By John Clemons
Discrete Manufacturing June 15, 2021

Introducing digital technology in the workplace

Experimenting with digital technology, and then working to implement the best practices through coordinated governance, can help organizations better integrate technology in the workplace.

By Peter Dizikes
Discrete Manufacturing June 11, 2021

Visualizing cement hydration on a molecular level

Imaging technique could enable new pathways for reducing concrete’s hefty carbon footprint, as well as 3D printing concrete.

By Becky Ham
Discrete Manufacturing May 14, 2021

Technique induces magnetism in nanoscale materials

Engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have produced a free-standing membrane of the Heusler compound gadolinium-platinum-antimony and can induce magnetism in the thin membrane by straining it.

By Jason Daley
Discrete Manufacturing May 8, 2021

Laser-induced graphene process creates micron-scale patterns

Rice University researchers adapted its laser-induced graphene technique to make high-resolution, micron-scale patterns, which could benefit on-chip microsupercapacitors, functional nanocomposites and microfluidic arrays.

By Mike Williams
Discrete Manufacturing September 30, 2020

Atomic-scale 3D sculpting could enable improved quantum nanodevices

Researchers have developed a process for the ability to etch away and deposit high-resolution nanoscale patterns on two-dimensional layers of graphene oxide.

By John Toon
Discrete Manufacturing July 31, 2020

Ultraviolet lasers used to examine tiny nanomaterials

CU Boulder researchers have used ultra-fast extreme ultraviolet lasers to measure the properties of materials just 5 nm thick, which they hope can help scientists design tinier and more efficient computer circuits, semiconductors and other technologies. 

By Daniel Strain
Discrete Manufacturing July 31, 2020

Cost-effective position control boosts stepper motor performance

Kit-based absolute encoders (position sensors) can make stepper motors a lower-cost option to servo motors for many industrial machinery motion control applications.

By Jim Stevens
Discrete Manufacturing July 28, 2020

Laser inversion enables multi-materials 3D printing

Columbia university researchers develop technique that could transform additive manufacturing processes, enabling the printing of circuit boards, electromechanical components and robots.

By Holly Evarts
Discrete Manufacturing July 20, 2020

Top 5 Control Engineering articles July 13-19, 2020

Articles about returning to the office after COVID-19, silicone rubber face masks, cloud efficiency, benefits of learning ladder logic for industrial programming, and more were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from July 13-July 19, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Discrete Manufacturing July 10, 2020

Benefits of learning ladder logic for industrial programming

Ladder logic is challenging for industrial programming, but it is a valuable skill for engineers looking to enhance their skill set.

By David Breen
Discrete Manufacturing June 19, 2020

Researchers mimic nature for fast, colorful 3D printing

University of Illinois researchers developed synthetic structure-based color materials for polymer inks used in 3D printing.

By Lois Yoksoulian
Discrete Manufacturing May 26, 2020

Top 5 Control Engineering articles May 18-24, 2020

Articles about COVID-19 effects on engineering jobs and job market, the 2020 career and salary survey, data flow, and more were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from May 18-24, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Discrete Manufacturing May 26, 2020

Invest in people and technology to close the skills gap

Organizations that invest in people and technology for the future will be better prepared for the next wave of manufacturing, which continues to evolve due to COVID-19.

By Graeme Wright
Discrete Manufacturing May 15, 2020

Colleges and universities doing their part during the COVID-19 pandemic

Colleges and universities have been helping out during the COVID-19 pandemic with research, assisting local hospitals and more. See video.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing May 6, 2020

Automation controllers, edge computing

Which devices to use? A multi-tasking controller combines functions of a PC-based software controller with visualization, PC applications, and input/output connections. Combining a scalable human-machine interface (HMI) system, supervisory control and data acquisition, and other functions can add edge functionality.

By Jim Wilmot, Bernd Raithel, Siemens Industry Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing May 5, 2020

Control Engineering hot topics, April 2020

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in April 2020 included stories about COVID-19 survey results and impacts on engineers, an overview of industrial IoT, cybersecurity, and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Discrete Manufacturing May 4, 2020

Top 5 Control Engineering articles April 27 to May 3, 2020

Articles about research developments for lab testing, COVID-19 engineering impacts, and more were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from April 27 to May 3, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
Discrete Manufacturing May 1, 2020

Manufacturing index slides into contraction for first time in 11 years

The purchasing manufacturers' index (PMI) slid in April down to 41.5%, marking a contraction for the first time since 2009 as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause turmoil in the markets and supply chain.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing April 29, 2020

What manufacturing facilities will look like after COVID-19 pandemic ends

Manufacturing will look very different in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era, but the future is positive, according to a Purdue University supply chain expert.

By Joseph Paul
Discrete Manufacturing April 26, 2020

Compact, multi-tasking controllers yield big digitalization benefits

A multi-tasking controller combines functions of a PC-based software controller with visualization, PC applications (Microsoft Windows or Linux), and central input/output connections in one compact device advancing digitalization efforts and standard, open connectivity.

By Jim Wilmot
Discrete Manufacturing April 24, 2020

How Northrop Grumman engineers helped Apollo 13 astronauts safely return home

Look at how engineers helped the Apollo 13 astronauts got home safely 50 years ago.

By Northrop Grumman
Discrete Manufacturing April 3, 2020

3D-printed diffuser designed to help hospitals treat COVID-19 patients

Texas A&M University has delivered 200 3D-printed diffusers for metered dose inhalers (MDI) to a Houston hospital to help with the demand for medical supplies brought on by the increasing number of confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases.

By Steve Kuhlmann
Discrete Manufacturing March 30, 2020

Manufacturing, supply chain face uncertain future due to coronavirus

An MIT supply chain expert warns the effects of coronavirus, particularly in the U.S. and Europe, could have long-lasting ripple effects as the pandemic causes major disruptions to the supply chain.

By Peter Dizikes
Discrete Manufacturing March 26, 2020

Hannover Messe 2020 cancelled

The annual manufacturing event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. Organizers plan to launch digital events leading up to the next annual show in April 2021.

By Hannover Messe
Discrete Manufacturing March 25, 2020

Supply chain issues impacting the country’s recovery from the coronavirus

The effects of coronavirus are having an effect on the supply chain, particularly when it comes to critical items like ventilators, which are in high demand right now.

By Robert Handfield, Ph.D.
Discrete Manufacturing March 22, 2020

Graphene sheets twist at different temperatures

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign discovered more properties of graphene sheets that can benefit manufacturers.

By University of Illinois
Discrete Manufacturing March 17, 2020

Coronavirus reveals weaknesses, potential opportunities in supply chain

Even in the wake of COVID-19 (coronavirus), manufacturers still need human workers to manage the supply chain. The need for more automation and information is an opportunity for manufacturers.

By ABI Research
Discrete Manufacturing March 16, 2020

Coronavirus’ impact on Chinese manufacturing

Coronavirus is having a major effect on Chinese manufacturing in the short-term, but the long-term effects remain uncertain as the virus continues to have a global impact.

By Jan Zhang
Discrete Manufacturing March 4, 2020

Hannover Messe 2020 delayed to July due to coronavirus concerns

Manufacturing event delayed due to health concerns and major logistics issues due to the growing outbreak, which has largely impacted Europe and Asia.

By Hannover Messe
Discrete Manufacturing February 14, 2020

Hot topics in Control Engineering for 2019

Think Again: Engineering salaries and career tips, object-oriented programming, rate-predictive control, Internet of Things (IoT) and career advice were among top articles posted on the Control Engineering website during 2019.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing January 31, 2020

Hybrid technique could produce stronger nickel for manufacturing applications

Purdue University researchers have created a hybrid technique to fabricate a stronger form of nickel that could be used for automotive, medical and manufacturing applications.

By Chris Adam
Discrete Manufacturing January 24, 2020

Carbon nanotube film produces aerospace-grade composites

MIT engineers have developed a method to produce aerospace-grade composites without the enormous ovens and pressure vessels, which can speed up the manufacturing of airplanes and other large composite structures such as wind turbine blades.

By Jennifer Chu
Discrete Manufacturing January 19, 2020

Nanofabrication platform developed for directing components into 3D arrays

Scientists establish new nanofabrication platform for directing nanomaterial components of different natures into 3D arrays with prescribed organizations; demonstrate new enhanced optical and catalytic functionalities

By Holly Evarts
Discrete Manufacturing January 10, 2020

Additive manufacturing: Prototyping reimagined

Advancing innovation: One key player in the aerospace sector has brought reduced inventory cost by 95% with the use of additive manufacturing.

By Amit Chadha
Discrete Manufacturing January 10, 2020

Cooperative research and development agreement for additive manufacturing reached

AddUp Group, a global machine and solutions provider for metal additive manufacturing (AM), and the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have reached an agreement to advance laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) technology.

By AddUp Group
Discrete Manufacturing January 6, 2020

Manufacturing index contracts to close out 2019

Manufacturing index reaches lowest point in 10 years as new orders, production and employment contracts amid economic concerns.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing November 14, 2019

Particles emitted by 3-D printers can have negative environmental effect

Researchers at Georgia Tech and UL Chemical Safety have found the particles emitted from 3-D printers can have a negative impact on indoor air quality (IAQ) in facilities.

By Josh Brown
Discrete Manufacturing November 12, 2019

Method developed to make nanoscale manufacturing possible

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a method that could make reproducible manufacturing at the nanoscale possible, enabling new potential applications.

By James Urton
Discrete Manufacturing November 2, 2019

3-D printing technique accelerates nanoscale fabrication

Researchers from Georgia Tech have developed a nanoscale 3-D printing technique designed to fabricate tiny structures a thousand times faster than conventional two-photon lithography (TPL) techniques without sacrificing resolution.

By John Toon
Discrete Manufacturing November 1, 2019

Control Engineering hot topics, October 2019

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in October 2019 included stories about the Engineers' Choice finalists, PLC naming conventions, digital engineering practices, RPC and model-based control, and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing October 22, 2019

Composite metal foam beneficial for aerospace manufacturing

North Carolina State University researchers have found that a combination of steel composite metal foam (CMF) and epoxy resin has more benefits than the aluminum currently in widespread use for aircraft wings.

By Matt Shipman
Discrete Manufacturing October 20, 2019

3-D printed metasurface design can control optical fields

A team led by scientists at the University of Washington has designed and tested a 3D-printed metamaterial that can manipulate light with nanoscale precision, which could have a major effect on autonomous transportation as well as optical elements for displays and sensors in VR or AR headsets.

By James Urton
Discrete Manufacturing October 15, 2019

Process developed to strengthen materials from 3-D printers

University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists have found that fused deposition modeling (FDM) could strengthen the bonds of 3-D printed materials by as much as 200%.

By University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Discrete Manufacturing October 2, 2019

Method discovered to improve metal bending without fractures

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a mechanism for bending, which might allow engineers to strengthen a material without running the risk of fractures.

By Sam Million-Weaver
Discrete Manufacturing September 18, 2019

Engineers develop multimaterial fiber ink for 3-D-printed devices

A method developed by MIT researchers uses standard 3-D printers to produce functioning devices with the electronics already embedded inside and can sense their surroundings, store energy or perform other actions.

By David L. Chandler
Discrete Manufacturing September 17, 2019

Hybrid controlled atmosphere system delivered to technical university

Navajo Technical University (NTU) received a hybrid controlled atmosphere system from Optomec for education, research and workforce development in advanced metal additive manufacturing.

By Optomec
Discrete Manufacturing August 12, 2019

Global manufacturer names new CEO

ABB's board has appointed Björn Rosengren as chief executive officer (CEO) effective March 1, 2020.

Discrete Manufacturing July 19, 2019

Supersonic jet injector accelerates nanoscale additive manufacturing

Georgia Tech researchers are using a supersonic jet injector to accelerate nanoscale additive manufacturing used for applications such as electronic circuitry and superconducting materials.

By John Toon
Discrete Manufacturing November 9, 2018

Machine vision software advances are enhancing innovation

Companies are using software to help realize many machine vision software developments such as ultra-high-dynamic-range imaging and self-analyzing algorithms.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing October 31, 2018

Award-winning pumpkin grown with engineering

Caleb Otto used his engineering background in NorthWind Technical Services’ pumpkin growing contest with an award-winning pumpkin that weighed almost 800 pounds. Research, formulas, calculations, and automation helped.

By McKenzie Burns, CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing August 3, 2018

Four guidelines for successful skid integration of batching operations

Successful skid integration for batch manufacturing operations can be challenging. Following best practices such as standardized communications and defining status feedback can make the process a much smoother one.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
Discrete Manufacturing July 12, 2018

Comparing ladder logic and object-oriented programming

Cover story: Many young automation professionals are comfortable with object-oriented programming (OOP), but ladder logic remains the standard for industrial automation applications. See advantages and disadvantages of OOP and ladder logic.

By Jerry Reaves, AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing June 22, 2018

Machine vision sales set record to start 2018

North American sales of machine vision components and systems increased 19% year over year to $709 million in the first quarter of 2018, setting a record for quarterly sales, according to the AIA.

Discrete Manufacturing May 24, 2018

Medical device regulation’s potential impact on additive manufacturing

The European Union’s (EU’s) Medical Device Regulation (MDR) could drastically impact the way medical devices are made in the EU, particularly those produced using additive manufacturing (AM).

By Bryan Austin, Renishaw
Discrete Manufacturing May 11, 2018

Machine vision systems are increasingly using cloud technology

Machine vision has always been responsible for acquiring and processing an enormous number of gigabytes of image data, especially for industrial applications, and the cloud can help store it.

Discrete Manufacturing May 7, 2018

Top 5 Control Engineering articles Apr. 30 to May 6

Articles about data analytics, building a small controls project, motor service factor, April hot topics, and building a process model were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from April 30 to May 6, 2018. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing April 9, 2018

Top 5 Control Engineering articles Apr. 2-8

Articles about DCS implementation, IIoT's capabilities, remote monitoring for irrigation systems Big Data analytics, and ISA 88 evaluation were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from April 2-8, 2018. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing March 29, 2018

Sharks inspiring researchers to build more aerodynamic machines

Understanding the nuances of a shark could help improve the aerodynamic performance of planes, wind turbines, drones and cars, according to a team of evolutionary biologists and engineers at Harvard University, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of South Carolina.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Discrete Manufacturing March 12, 2018

Top 5 Control Engineering articles Mar. 5-11

Articles about ladder logic, optimizing manufacturing processes, the Engineers' Choice winners, alarm management, and safety standards for integrated manufacturing systems were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from March 5-11, 2018. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing February 2, 2018

Machine vision comes of age

As machine vision crests a new wave of visibility across mainstream engineering communities, the exceptional growth of 2017 may one day be seen as a threshold moment—the year when everything changed and the only recalibration necessary might be what the industry expects is possible tomorrow.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing January 19, 2018

Track and trace offers opportunities for machine vision vendors

Track and trace allows machine vision users to prevent counterfeit products by helping them determine the current and past locations of items and to determine which companies or customers have come into contact with them along the supply chain.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing January 14, 2018

Three ways quality drives productivity

Quality drives productivity through process optimization, cost reductions, and intuitive quality controls.

By Valérie Goulévitch
Discrete Manufacturing January 10, 2018

Giving grid sensors a boost

Electrical physicists from Czech Technical University are offering recommendations for improving sensor accuracy as the electrical grid becomes more complex.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Discrete Manufacturing December 3, 2017

Control Engineering hot topics, November 2017

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in November 2017 included stories about the Engineers' Choice finalists, micro-controllers versus PLCs, the father of the PLC, robot standards, process analytics, the IoT and ERP, and process valve safety. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing November 27, 2017

Top 5 Control Engineering articles November 20-26: Process valve safety, Engineers’ Choice finalists, wireless control, more

Articles about process valve safety, the Engineers' Choice finalists, wireless control, sensors and IIoT device implementation, and process control building blocks were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from November 20-26. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing November 23, 2017

Embedded vision systems in healthcare, clinical settings

Embedded vision technology has the potential to help healthcare professionals identify disease more quickly and provide them with more accurate information about their patients.

Discrete Manufacturing November 16, 2017

Your questions answered: Motors and drives—working together efficiently

The Nov. 9, 2017, “Motors and drives—working together efficiently” webcast presenters addressed questions not covered during the live event.

By Mike Howell, Piyush Desai
Discrete Manufacturing November 7, 2017

Picking the right machine vision software for an application

Machine vision software capabilities have expanded, and companies looking to expand their capabilities need to consider integration, ease of use, and costs when making a decision for their company.

Discrete Manufacturing November 6, 2017

Top 5 Control Engineering articles October 30 to November 5: Micro-controllers versus PLCs, father of the PLC, Engineers’ Choice finalists, more

Articles about micro-controllers versus PLCs, the father of the PLC, Engineers' Choice finalists, machine vision systems, and three modern HMI elements were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from October 30 to November 5. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing November 5, 2017

Magnetostrictive sensors’ benefits for wind turbines

Magnetostrictive linear position sensors are designed for advanced motion control implementations and, when used with a CANopen interface, are useful in wind turbine applications.

By Moira Lise, MTS Sensors
Discrete Manufacturing November 3, 2017

Sensors and IIoT device implementation

Sensors and networks are important to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) implementations, according to experts at the Sensors Midwest conference. See how to turn sensor data into actions in four steps.

By Emily Guenther
Discrete Manufacturing October 31, 2017

Machine vision systems pushing automotive industry towards full autonomy

Automotive companies are turning to machine vision companies to help them master deep learning algorithms that help autonomous cars safely navigate public roadways while handling the heavy processing demands from the data being generated.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing October 27, 2017

Advantages of structured light lasers for 3-D imaging

Structured light lasers can be useful for 3-D imaging in applications where the environment is unchanged and they have a strong measurement coverage area.

Discrete Manufacturing October 20, 2017

Dick Morley remembered as ‘Father of the PLC’

Electrical engineer best known for his work on the programmable logic controller (PLC) dies at 84.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing October 20, 2017

Three tips for ensuring global quality for products

Quality is a constant challenge for manufacturing companies, but focusing on business relationships, standards, and technology can help mitigate some of the challenges on the supply chain.

By Valérie Goulévitch
Discrete Manufacturing October 18, 2017

Nondestructive testing relies on X-ray, IR imaging for product integrity

Machine vision companies are turning to two nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques: industrial radiography and thermography—to reflect the realities of the modern manufacturing floor.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing October 15, 2017

How a digital twin facilitates predictive maintenance

Digital twin technology is a virtual representation of a physical asset in a manufacturing facility and this asset, which can be anything from a single control valve to a machine, a production line, or even an entire plant, helps makes predictive maintenance possible.

By Aucotec
Discrete Manufacturing October 14, 2017

Research delivers a dozen drives tips

Respondents of the motors and drives survey from Control Engineering give 12 tips related to motor drives. Online see more advice.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing October 9, 2017

Top 5 Control Engineering articles October 2-8: Modern HMI elements, VFD improvements, process engineers and analytics, more

Articles about three modern HMI elements, six VFD improvements, process engineers and analytics, Control Engineering hot topics, and IoT and maintenance were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from October 2-8. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing October 8, 2017

LED advances providing increased benefits for machine vision users

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting technology has steadily progressed, allowing machine vision customers to take advantage of improved uniformity, better thermal dissipation, increased wavelength availability, and lower costs.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing October 3, 2017

Six ways VFDs can improve motion control applications

Inverter and variable motor control technologies are being used to solve application challenges and improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in unexpected ways.

By Craig Dahlquist, Lenze Americas Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing September 30, 2017

Machine vision in food and beverage industry seeing growth, challenges

Machine vision has been helping the food and beverage industry improve accuracy and safety for several years, though there are a few segments that show hesitance toward the technology due to efficiency and cost concerns.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing September 28, 2017

Three machine vision maintenance tips for system integrators

System integrators that perform machine vision maintenance for their customers can create better relationships by being proactive, thorough, and helpful when they are needed.

Discrete Manufacturing September 27, 2017

Industrial automation supplier strengths global position with recent acquisition

ABB, a supplier of robotics, process automation, and electrification components, recently announced its intent to acquire GE Industrial Solutions for $2.6 billion, and IHS Markit projects that this will expand the company's standing in the switchgear market.

By Susanne Cumberland, IHS Markit
Discrete Manufacturing September 25, 2017

Top 5 Control Engineering articles September 18-24: Differential pressure flowmeters, choosing sensors, IoT evolution, more

Articles about differential pressure flowmeters, choosing sensors, planning for IoT's evolution, digital manufacturing, and a safe autonomous robot were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from September 18-24. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing September 18, 2017

Four tips to improve machine vision inspection efficiency

Machine vision efficiency is at the core of production efficiency and it can be improved by considering lighting techniques, light wavelength and frequency, and more.

Discrete Manufacturing September 14, 2017

2017 Engineering Leaders Under 40

Control Engineering and Plant Engineering are honored to have discovered and to serve the 35 engineering professionals named as this year’s Engineering Leaders Under 40.

By Sierra Grayson and Amanda Pelliccione, CFE Media LLC
Discrete Manufacturing September 8, 2017

Automation group elects new chairman

Rockwell Automation has elected president and CEO Blake D. Moret as the company's chairman by the board of directors effective Jan. 1, 2018.

By Rockwell Automation
Discrete Manufacturing September 7, 2017

Wireless as a means to overall equipment efficiency

Accurate machine run-time data helps determine why production goals aren’t met.

By Fritz Cleveland
Discrete Manufacturing September 5, 2017

Ladder Logic: Auto cycles and safety routines

The auto cycle command in ladder logic allows the auto cycle to start in auto mode if no faults are present and for the cycle to stop only when the auto sequence has not been started.

By Frank Lamb, Automation Primer
Discrete Manufacturing September 4, 2017

Six machine vision lighting design considerations

Machine vision lighting is an aspect that is sometimes overlooked, but having an understanding of how it will look and what the visual settings and limitations are will be crucial to making the automated imaging system a success.

Discrete Manufacturing September 3, 2017

Drones relay RFID signals for inventory control

MIT researchers have developed a system that enables aerial drones to read radio frequency ID (RFID) tags from tens of meters away while identifying the tags’ locations with a small error window. The system is designed for use used in large warehouses for both continuous monitoring to prevent inventory mismatches and the ability to locate individual items.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Discrete Manufacturing August 31, 2017

Machinery production market projected to improve over next several years

IHS Markit predicts that global machinery production revenues will grow 2.2% in Q2 2017 as a result of broad-based improvements for most industries and that this trend will continue over the next several years.

By Teik Chuan Goh
Discrete Manufacturing August 30, 2017

Machine vision software development steered by speed, simplicity

Image processing software manufacturers are updating their products to meet increased demand and expectations from machine vision customers as the market expands.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing August 29, 2017

Choosing sensors for the application: Answers to audience questions

The Control Engineering RCEP webcast, “Choosing sensors for the application,” resulted in more questions than speakers had time to answer in the allotted time. Here each speaker provides more answers.

By Frank Lamb and Chris Thompson
Discrete Manufacturing August 26, 2017

Turning safety into profitability

Companies need to view safety as more than a cost and see it as an opportunity to improve overall performance and effectiveness. Doing that requires a culture change and being able to focus on safety risks in real time.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Discrete Manufacturing August 23, 2017

Protecting machine vision systems in rugged, harsh environments

Machine vision enclosures are built to protect the vision system, but every application poses different environmental hazards, which makes it extremely important to find the right solution.

Discrete Manufacturing August 16, 2017

Technical center for CNCs, machine learning expanded

Siemens announced the expansion of its Technical Application Center (TAC), which is designed to offer classroom training, online instructor-led training, and online self-paced training for machine tool dealers and computer numerical control (CNC) end users.

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing August 15, 2017

Automatic image retouching for phone, vision applications

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and Google have developed a system can apply a range of styles in real-time, so that the viewfinder displays the enhanced image, which could be beneficial for machine vision applications.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Discrete Manufacturing August 15, 2017

Open- vs. closed-loop control in fluid power applications

Fluid power applications are complex. It can be a challenge to choose between an open- or closed-loop design; both have advantages and disadvantages. See table.

By Bill Savela
Discrete Manufacturing August 11, 2017

CNCs’ role in the digital factory

Computer numerical controls (CNCs) are playing a larger role in the digital factory and are able to make programming easier, reduce downtime, and provide users with more options and flexibility.

By Chris Pollack
Discrete Manufacturing August 8, 2017

Potential applications and limitations for thermal imaging

Thermal imaging has opened the door to entirely new applications that previously may not have seemed possible for industries such as farming, mechanical inspection, and construction.

Discrete Manufacturing August 6, 2017

Indiana educators receive certification to teach manufacturing to high school students

The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) and Conexus Indiana have partnered to train teachers to deliver the first statewide national certification program through their Hire Tech curriculum.

By Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), Conexus Indiana
Discrete Manufacturing July 27, 2017

Manufacturing campus to be built in Wisconsin

Foxconn plans to build a $10 billion facility in Wisconsin to manufacture liquid crystal display (LCD) screens that are designed for use in applications such as self-driving cars to aircraft systems.

By Foxconn
Discrete Manufacturing July 27, 2017

Modular rack PLC with IIoT

The EZAutomation EZLogix programmable logic controller is a low-cost, rugged, modular rack-styled PLC ready for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Ladder logic, advanced function blocks, and a built-in simulator are just a few features that come with the free programming software.

By EZAutomation
Discrete Manufacturing July 27, 2017

Robotic device designed to detect tiny leaks in pipes

Researchers at MIT have developed a fast, inexpensive robotic device that can find even tiny leaks in pipes with pinpoint precision, no matter what the pipes are made of.

By David L. Chandler, MIT News Office
Discrete Manufacturing July 17, 2017

PLC programming tips, benefits for engineers

Get help for programmable logic controller (PLC) programming from Control Engineering editorial advisory board member Frank Lamb, covering ladder logic and scanning, binary-coded decimals, and reusable codes.

By Frank Lamb
Discrete Manufacturing July 13, 2017

Rotational speed sensor

Rheintacho rotational speed sensor with PWM-Signal complements the FE Series.

Discrete Manufacturing July 12, 2017

How the connected customer is changing manufacturing

The secret to success for these manufacturers is to effectively redefine the goal of manufacturing in terms of customer success, not just product sales.

By Vinelake
Discrete Manufacturing July 10, 2017

Transponder coils for automotive applications

TDK Corporation's B82453C*A* series of 3D transponder coils have a high sensitivity level for passive entry passive start (PEPS).

By TDK Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing July 5, 2017

Embedded vision systems: The radical future ahead

Machine learning will change embedded vision systems as we know them, leading to products with entirely new, futuristic capabilities.

By Vision online marketing team
Discrete Manufacturing July 5, 2017

Top 5 Control Engineering articles June 26 to July 2: NEC changes, 2017 Salary and Career Survey, IIoT and signal processing, more

Articles about NEC changes, the 2017 Salary and Career Survey, IIoT and signal processing, and VFD installation and fundamentals were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from June 26 to July 2. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing July 2, 2017

Four ways agricultural drones are helping farmers’ productivity

Farmers' techniques for boosting productivity and annual yields are improving with the use of agricultural drones mainly for analysis, crop monitoring, irrigation, and crop health assessment.

Discrete Manufacturing June 28, 2017

Rotary tables with roller-gear drive for high-speed applications

Destaco's GTB series servo positioning rotary tables are engineered to deliver high torque with high speed.

By Destaco
Discrete Manufacturing June 27, 2017

Creating compliant function block libraries

Part of a modern software development methodology is creating re-usable components, called function blocks, which contain part of the application software functionality, and the two most common types are edge triggered and level-controlled.

By PLCopen
Discrete Manufacturing June 26, 2017

Specifying enclosures for machine vision systems

Machine vision enclosure manufacturers aim to better understand and meet their customers’ specific needs for safe, fully-integrated solutions, including solutions for use in harsh and dangerous conditions.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing June 26, 2017

Joint manufacturer announces expansion, relocation

Belden Universal, a manufacturer of custom universal joints and mechanical power transmission products, announced its plans to move into a 40,000-sq-ft factory in Hillside, Ill., by the end of 2017.

By Belden Universal
Discrete Manufacturing June 23, 2017

Extensometer for industrial and equipment safety applications

Vishay Precision Group's Model 182 extensometer is a strain gage-based force sensor that is designed for industrial, EN15000 and EN280 compliant off-highway vehicle and equipment safety applications.

By Vishay Precision Group
Discrete Manufacturing June 22, 2017

Compact linear displacement sensor

Lord Corporation's LS-LVDT series compact linear displacement sensor is designed for use with signal conditioners.

By Lord corporation
Discrete Manufacturing June 22, 2017

Digitization trends to leave large footprint on automotive industry

A rise in average vehicle life, shift in repair opportunities and sales outlets, and emerging online sales have all created an opportunity for major growth in the automotive aftermarket industry that will likely continue to grow in the future.

By Ojaswita Kutepatil
Discrete Manufacturing June 20, 2017

Motor design module for magnetic performance simulations

Motor Design Ltd.'s motor-CAD EMag module is a comprehensive set of software solutions for designing electric motors with an FEA solver optimized to provide fast results.

By Motor Design Ltd.
Discrete Manufacturing June 19, 2017

Motor series for positioning and velocity control

Celera Motion's Agility series of slotless motors are suited for scanning, pointing, measuring, and cutting applications that demand velocity control and accurate positioning.

By Celera Motion
Discrete Manufacturing June 18, 2017

Video use in data collection rising, according to survey

A recent survey conducted by HBM, shows that video use is accelerating in data collection with almost half of the respondents already using video in data recording today.

By Control Engineering Europe
Discrete Manufacturing June 18, 2017

Permanent magnet motor with integrated speed control electronics

CI Takiron's family of 12 mm OD micro slotless brushless permanent magnet (PM) motors have integrated speed control electronics and can be used in a wide range of applications such as battery-operated handheld power tools, miniature compressors, micropumps, and small robots.

By CI Takiron
Discrete Manufacturing June 17, 2017

How to avoid stainless steel leaks and failures

Stainless steel is useful, but it requires a lot of attention and there are many aspects that engineers need to watch out for.

By Peter Kentish
Discrete Manufacturing June 17, 2017

Demand, product growth fueling 3-D printing industry

3-D printing, or additive manufacturing, has grown in the last several years and many industries are using strong materials such as metals and nylon to make better materials at a faster rate.

By Saipriya Iyer
Discrete Manufacturing June 16, 2017

Ten execution concepts for machine vision design and configuration

In order for a successful machine vision design, reliability and repeatability must be achieved through careful analysis and design tactics from start to finish of the process.

Discrete Manufacturing June 16, 2017

Torque density motor for OEM motion products

ThinGap's LSI 105 torque density motor is designed for applications such as peak high torque servo and propulsion systems.

By ThinGap
Discrete Manufacturing June 15, 2017

Of safety, protection, and crisis management

The June 2017 issue of AppliedAutomation focuses on safety from a several viewpoints and what ties them all together.

By Jack Smith
Discrete Manufacturing June 15, 2017

Integrated hybrid servomotor

QuickSilver Controls' Inc. SilverMax X34 NEMA 34 integrated hybrid servo includes an internal and external clamp, a 20A RMS, 40A peak driver, and is designed for medical and industrial applications.

By QuickSilver Controls, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing June 13, 2017

Seven ways to integrate worker health and safety

Because of the great effect they have on each other, worker health and safety should be integrated rather than regulated separately for the benefit of the company and its employees.

By Mark Ward
Discrete Manufacturing June 11, 2017

Algorithms for wearable devices help users, robots avoid obstacles

Scientists at MIT have developed algorithms that help power a prototype system for helping visually impaired users avoid obstacles and identify objects and can also be used as sensors for robots.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Discrete Manufacturing June 10, 2017

Wide area sensors for motion detection

AutomationDirect's wide area sensors are designed for object detection of any object by sensing the light beam intensity returning from the receiver.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing June 9, 2017

Minimize running costs for pumps in gas turbine power generation

Changes in operating conditions after the initial installation can result in a pump not operating near its best efficiency point (BEP), which makes the overall process less efficient.

By Alex Myers
Discrete Manufacturing June 8, 2017

Installing VFDs: environmental and safety considerations

Inside Machines: Understanding ac variable frequency drive (VFD) installation options can save costs, reduce downtime, and enhance safety.

By Jeff Raefield
Discrete Manufacturing June 8, 2017

Miniaturized MEMS accelerometer

TDK Corporation's Tronics AXO215 microelectromechanical system (MEMS) is designed to provide acceleration sensing performance for demanding applications such as precision instrumentation, unmanned vehicles and avionics.

By TDK Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing June 7, 2017

Controls for additive manufacturing, 3-D printing

Cover Story: The software tools for 3-D printing, also used for additive manufacturing, are getting more sophisticated and integrated to increase speed, quality, limit material waste, and accommodate material diversity. How are automation and controls helping to advance additive manufacturing?

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing June 7, 2017

HMI for monitoring, controlling machine components

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's GT2107 wide series human-machine interface (HMI) is designed to monitor and control machine components such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), variable frequency drives (VFDs), and servos.

By Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing June 6, 2017

Technology drives performance of presence sensor range and accuracy

As sensors evolve, engineers can take advantage of new technology to improve sensor performance.

By Tony Udelhoven
Discrete Manufacturing June 5, 2017

Vibration monitoring for machines

Inside Machines: Vibration sensors are designed to ensure that machines and systems operate within safe operational parameters and to help users find imbalances caused by internal and external forces.

By Achim Albertini
Discrete Manufacturing June 3, 2017

Embedded vision emphasizes design flexibility, ease of use

Companies focused on embedded vision are responding to customers' demands that are smaller, cheaper, and faster for industrial applications.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing June 2, 2017

Motion control shipments off to strong start in 2017

Motion control shipments are off to a good start in 2017 with sensors and feedback systems and actuators and mechanical systems showing the strongest growth.

By Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA)
Discrete Manufacturing May 27, 2017

Advanced strain sensors for multi-axis, load measurements

The Micro-Measurements brand of Vishay Precision Group's S5060 series is a line of Transducer Class multi-grid advanced strain sensors are designed for robotics, factory automation, machinery, and materials testing applications.

By Vishay Precision Group
Discrete Manufacturing May 23, 2017

3-D Lidar for mobile machinery

Autonomous mobile work machines need the capability of sensing and mapping the surrounding area. Finnish researchers developed 3-D Lidar, based on a 2-D laser scanner and electric motor drive that rotates the scanner.

By Tampere University of Technology (TUT)
Discrete Manufacturing May 19, 2017

Rotary position sensor series for harsh, critical applications

TT Electronics' PHS family of rotary position sensors are designed to provide precision sensing in harsh environments and in critical applications.

By TT Electronics
Discrete Manufacturing May 15, 2017

Polycarbonate enclosure for harsh operating conditions

Fibox's ARCA IEC is a polycarbonate enclosure designed as an enclosing alternative to steel, impact resistant polycarbonate and can be used in harsh operating conditions.

By Fibox
Discrete Manufacturing May 11, 2017

Piezo stages for 3-D positioning accuracy

Aerotech’s QNP3 series of XYZ piezo positioning stages combine sub-nanometer resolution, high dynamics, and geometric performance in a compact three-degree-of-freedom (DoF) package.

By Aerotech
Discrete Manufacturing May 9, 2017

Photoelectric sensor series for packaging, material handling applications

Carlo Gavazzi's PD30CN series of photoelectric sensors with PointSpot Beam are designed for packaging, material handling, plastics, and machine tool applications.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing May 8, 2017

Gear motors for high torque automation applications

Yaskawa America's line of gear motors are based on its Sigma-7 servo motors. The line brings is designed for automation applications that require high torque at low output speeds.

By Yaskawa America, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing May 8, 2017

Improve CMMS implementation in 10 ways

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) implementation doesn’t have to be complex if you follow these 10 steps. Standard procedures, new technologies, and performance metrics can ease the path to condition-based maintenance.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing May 4, 2017

Sensors 102: Signal conditioning

Users that have to convert a signal from a sensor on their own have plenty of tools available, but there are aspects that need to be consider such as cost and field conditions.

By Frank Lamb, Automation Primer
Discrete Manufacturing May 3, 2017

Six tips for testing motor insulation systems

Insulation resistance (IR) tests are useful for motor insulation systems and users should take steps such as recording conditions and watching for factors that may have an impact on the test to ensure maximum accuracy.

By Mike Howell, EASA
Discrete Manufacturing May 2, 2017

Linear actuator series for motion control applications

Thomson Industries' WhisperTrak actuator line is designed for a variety of motion system applications and can operate in harsh conditions.

By Thomson Industries
Discrete Manufacturing April 26, 2017

Frank Lamb, Automation Consulting, LLC, joins Control Engineering editorial advisory board

Frank Lamb, founder and owner of Automation Consulting, LLC, of Lebanon, Tenn., joined the Control Engineering editorial advisory board in April.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing April 24, 2017

Machine vision technologies boost warehouse efficiency, transparency

The machine vision industry is providing warehouses with technology to leverage the data generated by cameras, sensors and imagers across the entire enterprise in order to maximize efficiency and productivity.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing April 21, 2017

Estimate how safety pays a company

OSHA's "$afety Pays" program is designed to help employers assess the impact of injuries and illnesses and profitability and find ways to mitigate those potential costs.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Discrete Manufacturing April 19, 2017

Reverse engineering reduced repair time, costs for steel manufacturer

A steel manufacturer that needed two impellers repaired found a solution through reverse engineering that was faster and more cost-effective.

By Rafael Ribeiro
Discrete Manufacturing April 16, 2017

Touchless rotary angle sensor series

Novotechnik's RFC4800 series of touchless rotary angle sensors that provide absolute, rotary position and make measurements through air and non-magnetic materials.

By Novotechnik
Discrete Manufacturing April 15, 2017

Differential measurement system for space-limited applications

Kaman Precision Products' KD-5100 differential measurement system is designed to provide resolution to a nanometer of positional change.

By Kaman Precision Products
Discrete Manufacturing April 9, 2017

Motion controller for air bearing positioning stages

Physik Instrumente's (PI) A-81x motion controller is designed to handle 1, 2, or 4-axis of PIglide air bearing positioning stages.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing April 8, 2017

Laser profiler for verifying part dimensions

Cognex Corporation's In-Sight Laser Profiler, an easy-to-use measurement system is designed for industries such as automotive, electronics, consumer products, and food and beverage.

By Cognex
Discrete Manufacturing April 7, 2017

Matrix drives reduce energy consumption for transporter system

Inside Machines: Industrial matrix drives were used for a transporter system retrofit to reduce energy consumption and costs by creating a more maintenance-free mechanically integral distribution system. New system regeneration capabilities for two motors saves an estimated $1,500 per year.

By Mike Grant
Discrete Manufacturing April 4, 2017

Motion controllers can adapt themselves

Adaptive motion controllers can be modified to a controlled process behavior, among other controlled process benefits.

By Vance VanDoren, PhD, PE
Discrete Manufacturing April 3, 2017

Modular access system

Wildeck's LadderLink modular access system that provides an affordable and rugged framework of five core bolt-together components designed to allow users to create a customized access solution.

By Wildeck
Discrete Manufacturing March 30, 2017

Predictive analytics enable open connectivity, collaboration

For software developer System Insights, open connectivity and collaboration with Rexroth helped create a solution for a manufacturing facility.

By Karl Rapp, Bosch Rexroth Corp.
Discrete Manufacturing March 28, 2017

Doug Bell, InterConnecting Automation Inc., joins Control Engineering editorial advisory board

Doug Bell, president of InterConnecting Automation Inc., of Milwaukee, Wisc., joined the Control Engineering editorial advisory board in March.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing March 20, 2017

Angle ring encoder for safety-related applications

Heidenhain's ECA 4410 angle ring encoder series is designed for use in safety-related applications and can be used in dangerous automation conditions.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing March 18, 2017

Safety laser scanner for industrial applications

Idec Corporation's SE2L safety laser scanner is certified for use in safety applications including AGVs, forklifts, robots, and other items of moving equipment found in industrial facilities.

By IDEC Corporation 
Discrete Manufacturing March 17, 2017

Sensors 101: Control system inputs

Thinking of sensors as a physical input to a control system can help an engineer realize there are a lot more possibilities than they realize in a field that is narrowly focused in its thinking.

By Frank Lamb, Automation Primer
Discrete Manufacturing March 16, 2017

Renewable cellulose alternative designed as source of 3-D printing feedstock

Researchers at MIT are working on making it an abundant material to print with and potentially providing a renewable, biodegradable alternative to the polymers currently used in 3-D printing materials.

By David L. Chandler, MIT News Office
Discrete Manufacturing March 15, 2017

European Machinery Directive helps with safe machinery speeds

Control Engineering International: European Union Machinery Directive includes standards that can help with permissible safe limits of operation, according to Control Engineering Europe.

By Martin Kidman
Discrete Manufacturing February 23, 2017

Applications in automation and motion control

The terms accuracy, repeatability, and resolution can be found on the spec sheets of many engineered products and when they are incorrectly specified, this can be problematic when it comes to automation and motion control applications.

By RJ Ruberti, Cross Company
Discrete Manufacturing February 20, 2017

Linear drives with fine stroke option

Amacoil's Model RG linear drives feature a fine stroke option for fine adjustment of maximum travel distance and is designed for linear motion applications where accuracy in setting the reversal points enhances process accuracy and integrity.

By Amacoil
Discrete Manufacturing February 18, 2017

Digital pressure sensors for gas, liquid applications

AutomationDirect's EPS ProSense line of digital pressure sensors are designed for industrial pressure measurement and indication in both gas and liquid applications.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing February 17, 2017

Motor and power generation companies acquired

Nidec Corporation has completed the acquisition of Leroy-Somer and Control Techniques, Emerson Electric's motors, drives, and electric power generation businesses.

By Nidec Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing February 14, 2017

Linear displacement measuring instrument

Kaman's OEM-2306 non-contact linear displacement measuring instrument uses eddy current technology in a small bare PC board format and is designed for integration into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment.

By Kaman Precision Products Measurement Division
Discrete Manufacturing February 12, 2017

Hyperspectral imaging is coming of age

Control Engineering Europe: Software developments have made hyperspectral imaging a less expensive process that can be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries for applications such as package inspection and quality control.

By Rob Webb
Discrete Manufacturing February 11, 2017

Industrial-grade application becomes the new growth point of 3-D printing

3-D printing continues to expand the number of industrial applications, especially for automobile, mold development, and medical device industries, according to Control Engineering China. Innovation, standards, investments, and interest are building for industrial 3-D printing.

By Aileen Jin
Discrete Manufacturing February 10, 2017

Embedded technologies assist machine vision power, flexibility

Control Engineering China: Using embedded technologies in machine vision systems makes the configuration of software and hardware more flexible, the development environment and programming more universal, and greatly improves production flexibility. Standards are helping.

By Stone Shi
Discrete Manufacturing February 7, 2017

Agricultural startup researching, developing beehive sensors

Indiana University alumni have launched an agriculture technology startup called The Bee Corp. and are preparing to build and test sensors to better understand bee needs and behaviors as well as enhance beehive health around the world.

By Steve Martin, Indiana University
Discrete Manufacturing February 6, 2017

Software helps size, select motors

Software can help engineers select the right motor regardless of application and be useful for new and seasoned engineers alike. But understanding how the facility’s environment will affect motion system requirements remains crucial in selecting the right motor.

By Matt Prellwitz
Discrete Manufacturing February 6, 2017

Three-phase rolled steel motor series

AutomationDirect’s IronHorse line of three-phase motors includes the MTRP-series 56HC-frame premium efficiency motor, which are available from 1 to 3 hp.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing February 5, 2017

Taking steps in a new direction

AppliedAutomation's new focus will emphasize application stories and case stories and the February issue focuses on how system integrators apply automation, instrumentation, and control theories and techniques.

By Jack Smith
Discrete Manufacturing January 27, 2017

Motor protection relays with Bluetooth technology

Littelfuse's MP8000/MP8100 series Bluetooth-enabled motor protection relay is designed to enhance worker safety in applications such as conveyor systems, HVAC equipment, saws and grinders, fan motors, and pumps employed in manufacturing, oil & gas, water/wastewater, and mines.

By Littelfuse
Discrete Manufacturing January 20, 2017

RFID reader generation for flexible applications

Siemens' Simatic RF300 RFID system has added three readers: the RF310R, RF340R and RF350R, and is designed for controlling and optimizing the material flow in industrial production, especially in closely packed assembly lines and workpiece holder systems.

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing January 17, 2017

The fundamentals of matrix variable frequency drive technology

Providing cost, space, and energy efficiency for VFD applications.

By Larry Gardner
Discrete Manufacturing January 16, 2017

Indicator compact series for machinery, automation applications

EAO's Series 14 indicator compact are designed to provide status indication for use in a variety of applications such as machinery, industrial automation, robotics and specialty vehicles.

By EAO Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing January 14, 2017

Hexapods for motion simulation, precision machining applications

Physik Instrumente's (PI) H-850KML, 500kg high-load hexapod and the H-825KLL, compact hexapod with load capacity to 35kg are designed for motion simulation, industrial production, precision machining, automotive assembly, image stabilization, and alignment of opto-mechanical components.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing January 12, 2017

Inductive proximity sensors for space-limited applications

Carlo Gavazzi's ICB12S extra-short inductive proximity sensors have a thread length of 23 mm and overall housing lengths as short as 25 mm and are designed for applications where space is limited.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing January 10, 2017

RFID module company acquired

Jadak LLC has acquired the assets of ThingMagic, which provides ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID reader modules and finished RFID solutions to OEMs for a wide range of applications such as medical, retail, logistics, and the airline industry.

By Jadak LLC
Discrete Manufacturing January 10, 2017

Rotary encoders for rugged motor drive applications

Leine & Linde's FSI 800 series rotary encoders are designed for rugged motor drive applications and are also suitable for high-disturbance environments and are certified for use in SIL2/PLd applications.

By Leine & Linde
Discrete Manufacturing January 2, 2017

Multi-axis calibrator for measuring linear axes

The Renishaw XM-60 multi-axis calibrator is designed to measure machine errors directly, reducing the inaccuracies that may result from complex mathematics used in some alternative measurement techniques.

By Renishaw
Discrete Manufacturing December 31, 2016

How can system integrators help with IIoT adoption?

Helping manufacturers put IIoT into practice.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing December 30, 2016

IIoT deployment: How quickly is it coming?

How quickly do you see IIoT being adopted in manufacturing? How quickly should it be adopted?

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing December 24, 2016

System integration: What is the state of the industry?

Right now, the system integration business continues to grow in importance to manufacturers looking to upgrade their plant operation. Assess the state of the system integration industry as a whole.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing December 18, 2016

IIoT: What information are customers asking integrators for?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an important strategy for manufacturers. What are your customers asking you about IIoT, and how are you reaching out to them with information?

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing December 16, 2016

As 2017 nears, what’s next for manufacturing?

System integrators offers their views on the coming year.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing December 5, 2016

Linear piezo stages with nanometer resolution

Physik Instrumente's (PI) P-620.1 to P-629.1 linear piezo positioners consist of 60 stages available in a wide variety of travel ranges and are designed for nano-biotechnology, metrology, and photonics applications.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing December 5, 2016

Pneumatic valve and manifold series for tubing installation

AutomationDirect’s Nitra BVS-3 and BVS-4 series of valves and mainfolds feature push-to-connect air connections for tubing installation.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing December 4, 2016

Controller for crane testing

Inside Machines, hydraulic control: Verifying load parameters when testing mobile cranes is important to verify quality, which matters for functionality and safety. New testing systems included installing new proportional servo valves and high-performance, electro-hydraulic motion controllers.

By Richard Meyerhoefer
Discrete Manufacturing December 4, 2016

Motion control shipments increasing in 2016

The MCMA reports that global shipments for motion control products increased by five percent to $2.4 billion in the first nine months of 2016, which makes up for the contraction the industry had in 2015.

By Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA)
Discrete Manufacturing December 3, 2016

Touchless angle sensors for measuring angular positions

Novotechnik's RFC4800 Series of touchless angle sensors are designed to measure angular position and features include programmable zero point offset, measurement averaging and sign of rotational direction, and IO-Link communication protocol.

By Novotechnik
Discrete Manufacturing December 1, 2016

Shaft sensor for harsh conditions

Piher Sensors & Controls' hollow shaft PST-360 is designed for maintaining accurate pedal or brake position in steer by wire applications for extremely harsh conditions.

By Piher Sensors & Controls
Discrete Manufacturing November 24, 2016

Advances in proximity sensors

Inside machines, proximity sensors: Inductive, magnetic, ultrasonic are among the technologies used for proximity sensing, and small sizes and extended ranges are among features in recently announced proximity sensors.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing November 24, 2016

Kit encoder series for servomotors, machine applications

Posital's compact kit encoders are designed for motor casings or other devices, with the shaft-mounted magnet providing a rotating magnetic field.

By Posital
Discrete Manufacturing November 20, 2016

Customizable angle sensor series for industrial, medical applications

Novotechnik's Vert-X 2800 Series of sensors are designed to measure angular position and are designed for industrial, medical and off-highway vehicle applications and can operate in harsh conditions.

By Novotechnik
Discrete Manufacturing November 18, 2016

Industrial truck and lift market facing competition from AGVs

IHS Markit reports that automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are projected to have stronger growth over the next several years than the industrial truck and lift market as more companies use AGVs because they are more cost-effective.

By TC Goh, IHS Markit
Discrete Manufacturing November 18, 2016

Smart camera systems for fast-moving production lines

Cognex Corporation's In-Sight VC200 series of multi smart camera vision systems is designed to keep pace with fast-moving production lines and solve applications with sequential or asynchronous inspections.

By Cognex Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing November 16, 2016

Ultrasonic sensor series for tight, cramped conditions

Pepperl+Fuchs' F77 series of ultrasonic sensors are designed to fit in tight spaces that are dirty and dusty environments and are adept at handling color variations or transparent targets.

By Pepperl+Fuchs
Discrete Manufacturing November 10, 2016

Non-contact displacement sensing system

Kaman Precision Products' KD-2306 single-channel multi-purpose non-contact displacement sensing system is designed to act as a replacement for linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs), air gauges, dial indicators, and micrometers.

By Kaman Precision Products
Discrete Manufacturing November 7, 2016

Top 5 Control Engineering articles October 31 to November 6: Engineers’ Choice, scary automation on Halloween, operating a three-phase motor, more

Articles about the 2017 Engineers' Choice finalists, using automation on Halloween, operating a three-phase motor, butterfly valve basics, and ROI calculation benefits were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from October 31 to November 6. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing November 2, 2016

How motor and machine-mounted drive integration can improve system and operational efficiencies

Using integrated motor and machine-mounted drive combinations for applications adds energy efficiency through simpler control design, tighter controls, and more effective actuation in the process. See five benefits expected to increase market size.

By Sudhakar Chaudhary
Discrete Manufacturing October 31, 2016

Ultrasonic sensors for harsh conditions

Massa Products Corporation's MassaSonic PulStar TTL ultrasonic sensors are designed to provide advanced user controls with low power and communicate with the customer's control system.

By Massa Products Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing October 30, 2016

Galvo scanner control for accurate tracking

Aerotech's Nmark galvo scanner control is designed to provide strong settling times, long-term thermal stability, and micron-level tracking accuracy.

By Aerotech
Discrete Manufacturing October 25, 2016

Digital piezo controller for nanopositioning applications

Physik Instrumente's (PI) E-727 digital piezo controller is designed for multi-axis nanopositioning applications, such as 3-D imaging in super-resolution microscopy, laser beam steering, and fast alignment applications.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing October 25, 2016

Mini motor platform for high torque delivery

Portescap's Ultra EC mini motor platform is designed specifically to deliver ultra high torque in a compact size and is specifically designed for high continuous torque at low to medium speeds.

By Portescap
Discrete Manufacturing October 23, 2016

Zero backlash brake for indexing, positioning systems

Nexen Group's Model I-300 is a spring engaged, air released, power-off brake designed to provide high torque for backlash-free holding and emergency stopping on indexers and positioning systems.

By Nexen Group, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing October 14, 2016

Machine vision lessons learned from applications

Inside Machines, vision tips: Machine vision isn’t as challenging as it used to be. Setup, testing, and start-up can be easier and faster than prior technologies, as this application advice shows, shared at NIWeek 2016.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing October 12, 2016

Drive solution for hazardous locations

Danfoss' Vacon X5 HazLo is an ac drive designed for hazardous locations and applications such as refineries, utility gas plants, or other areas where ignitable substances are not normally present but may exist in unusual scenarios.

By Danfoss
Discrete Manufacturing October 11, 2016

Brush dc motor series for semiconductor applications

Torque Systems has developed a high performance family of three size 15 permanent magnet dc motors that are designed for applications including semiconductor processing, equipment robots, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and medical devices.

By Torque Systems
Discrete Manufacturing October 10, 2016

Six steps to reliable integrated machine vision systems

Inside Machines, vision tips: Machine vision technology advances have made machine vision implementations easier than before, and track and trace inspection applications can offer high speed and high accuracy. Other technologies can be integrated to extend functionality, according to information from a 2016 System Integrator of the Year, Matrix Technologies.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing October 10, 2016

Encoder series for precision applications

Celera Motion's MicroE Optira Series of encoders are designed to provide a resolution of up to 5nm with the automatic gain control (AGC), interpolation, and signal processing carried out in the sensor head.

By Celera Motion
Discrete Manufacturing October 10, 2016

Direct drive hybrid servo motors

QuickSilver Controls' range of NEMA 23 frame Direct Drive Hybrid Servo Motors comes in four stack sizes and are designed to provide continuous torque, with top speeds ranging from 1000 to 4000 RPM.

By QuickSilver Controls
Discrete Manufacturing October 9, 2016

Parallel-kinematic piezo positioning stages

Aerotech’s QNP2 series of XY, parallel-kinematic, piezo positioning stages are designed for applications such as optical microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, x-ray transmission microscopy, and other applications where two-sided part access is required.

By Aerotech
Discrete Manufacturing October 6, 2016

Piezo scanner for alignment, microscopy applications

Physik Instrumente's (PI) P-616 NanoCube XYZ piezo scanner is based on a parallel-kinematic design and is designed for applications such as photonics alignment, microscopy, 3-D imaging, screening, surface analysis, and wafer inspection.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing October 5, 2016

Laser distance sensor with flush mount

Banner Engineering has added flush mount housings to its Q4X laser distance measurement sensors, which are designed for detection and measurement applications.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing October 4, 2016

Multi-turn angle sensors with stainless steel shaft

Novotechnik's RMB 3600 series of absolute multi-turn angle sensors are non-contact sensors with galvanized steel housing and stainless steel shaft with up to 100 N working shaft load.

By Novotechnik
Discrete Manufacturing October 4, 2016

Rotary stages for machining applications

Electromate's Bell Everman ServoBelt Rotary Stages are designed for medium-duty rotary motion jobs such as driving carousel tables on packaging and assembly machines and providing fourth-axis rotary motion for laser cutting and mini CNC machines.

By Electromate Bell Everman
Discrete Manufacturing October 3, 2016

Drive for packaging machine applications

Danfoss' Vacon 20 ac drive is designed for packaging machine applications and is ideal for cutting cycle times has a built-in RS-485 interface, which is designed to offer a serial control interface for the drive.

By Danfoss
Discrete Manufacturing September 29, 2016

Adjustable long-range read/write head

Pepperl+Fuchs' long-range F192 reader is designed for reading tags at distances of more than 15 ft. and also be used for short-read ranges.

By Pepperl+Fuchs
Discrete Manufacturing September 28, 2016

Drive solution for constant pressure hydraulic systems

Bosch Rexroth's Sytronix FcP (frequency controlled pump drive) is an energy-efficient variable-speed pump drive designed to replace the function of a hydraulic pump.

By Bosch Rexroth
Discrete Manufacturing September 27, 2016

Infrared camera for thermographic applications

Fluke's TiX620 infrared camera has 640 x 480 resolution and provides measurement accuracy and its 5.6-in. high-resolution LCD screen enables thermographers to identify issues and edit images directly on camera while still in the field.

By Fluke
Discrete Manufacturing September 24, 2016

Camera series with high-speed color imaging

Teledyne Dalsa has added multi-line color CMOS time delay and integration (TDI) cameras to their Piranha XL family and the 8k and 16k models are designed to deliver sensitivity for color imaging using 4 rows per RGB channel for 12 rows in total.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing September 23, 2016

Evaluation electronic system for high-precision measuring machines

Heidenhain's Quadra-Chek 3000 evaluation electronics system is designed as a complement for high-precision measuring machines and is operated via its capacitive touch screen that is suitable for multi-touch and gesturing.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing September 22, 2016

Torque motor designed for direct drive applications

ETEL's TMB+ is a torque motor that has been redefined to increase its overall torque, size selection, and winding options and is designed for direct drive applications.

Discrete Manufacturing September 22, 2016

Torque positioning hinges for small doors and panels

Southco's ST constant torque positioning hinges have added an embedded hinge that is designed to provide precise positioning of smaller doors and panels that require increased torque.

By Southco, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing September 21, 2016

Control solution for CNC milling machines

NUMmill is designed for CNC milling machine manufacturers and control retrofitters and offers a suite of canned cycles, ranging from simple center drilling, boring and threading to pocket cycles and complex profile milling cycles.

By NUM Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing September 18, 2016

Position/displacement system for stage positioning applications

Kaman Precision Products' SMT 9700 position/displacement system is designed for optics positioning in photolithography equipment, XYZ stage positioning in atomic force microscopy, and spindle position in precision grinding applications.

By Kaman Precision Products
Discrete Manufacturing September 18, 2016

Automated measurement work cell

Hexagon Manufacturing's 360º Flexible Measurement Cell (360º FMC) is designed for automotive and aero structure applications, including powertrain, and closure panel fabrication.

By Hexagon Manufacturing
Discrete Manufacturing September 16, 2016

Ultrasonic sensor for wireless tank monitoring applications

Banner Engineering's Sure Cross U-GAGE K50U ultrasonic sensor is designed for use in wireless tank monitoring applications and can detects distance from target to sensor in ranges between 300 mm and 3 m, and features built-in temperature compensation designed for accurate measurements.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing September 8, 2016

Researchers learn that 3-D printed structures remember their shapes

Engineers from MIT and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) learned that three-dimensional structures return to their original shapes even after being stretched, twisted, and bent at extreme angles.

By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office
Discrete Manufacturing September 7, 2016

Rotary encoder series for motion control applications

Leine and Linde's RXI and RXA 500 series of rotary encoders come in stainless steel versions and are designed for motion control applications in severe environments where regular washdown is needed.

By Leine & Linde
Discrete Manufacturing September 7, 2016

Assembly-type linear scale with electromagnetic induction technology

Mitutoyo's ABS AT1100 is an assembly-type linear scale is designed to provide resistance against contaminants such as cutting fluids, oil, and water.

By Mitutoyo Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing September 5, 2016

Brushless servo drives and motors with permanent magnet

Panasonic's Minas-BL brushless servo drives and motors features a split core structure designed to reduce the size and weight of a geared motor while increasing power.

By Panasonic
Discrete Manufacturing September 4, 2016

Stepper motors use closed-loop technology for servo applications

Closed-loop stepper motors help deliver precision and efficiency to applications that require the performance of a servo motor. Learn about the characteristics and applications for servo motors and stepper motors.

By Inga Balter
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 2016

Fork sensor series for harsh environments

Balluff’s F series of fork sensors includes IP69K rated stainless steel self-contained through-beam sensors designed for the most challenging environments such as the food and beverage, packaging, metalworking, and pharmaceutical industries.

By Balluff
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 2016

Closed-loop electro-hydraulic motion controller

Delta Computer Systems' RMC200 electro-hydraulic motion controller is designed to handle closed-loop control of up to 32 motion axes and is designed to manage the motion of a processing production line or complex testing applications.

By Delta Computer Systems, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing August 31, 2016

Piezoelectric measuring technology benefits

Piezoelectric sensors have many benefits and are among the key technologies that determine business success for industrial manufacturers.

By Stefan Schäfer
Discrete Manufacturing August 30, 2016

Low-voltage motor control for equipment, actuator control applications

American Control Electronics' (ACE) DCH403-10 is a low-voltage motor control with a single phase ac line source and is designed for applications such as solar-powered devices, mobile equipment and actuator control.

By American Control Electronics (ACE)
Discrete Manufacturing August 30, 2016

Position/displacement system for microscopy, precision grinding applications

Kaman Precision Products' SMT 9700 position/displacement system is designed to provide high resolution noncontact position/displacement feedback of electrically conductive targets.

By Kaman Precision Products
Discrete Manufacturing August 25, 2016

Camera series with image sensor for industrial imaging applications

Teledyne Dalsa has added four high-resolution models to its Genie Nano GigE Vision camera series (M4060, M4040, C4060 and C4040) and are developed for industrial imaging applications, including intelligent traffic systems, printed circuit board inspection, and metrology.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing August 23, 2016

Motorized positioning stage for research and industrial applications

Physik Instrumente's (PI) M-122 is a motorized positioning stage designed for research and industrial applications including fiber alignment, metrology, quality assurance testing, photonics packaging, test equipment, and micromachining.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing August 17, 2016

Microprocessor-based variable frequency drive for OEM applications

American Control Electronics' ACF700 series has an onboard microprocessor that allows custom programming for a variety of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications.

By American Control Electronics
Discrete Manufacturing August 12, 2016

Pneumatic semi-rotary vane drive with sealed housing

Festo’s pneumatic semi-rotary vane drive and matched contactless position sensor feature sealed housing.

By Festo
Discrete Manufacturing August 11, 2016

The smart manufacturing revolution

Smart manufacturing is having a global impact on the manufacturing industry as a whole and turning it into an economic powerhouse.

By John Clemons, Maverick Technologies
Discrete Manufacturing August 9, 2016

Inductive angle sensors for harsh environments

Turck's RI360-DSU inductive angle sensors for rotary actuators are designed to operate in harsh environments and are able to monitor quarter turn valves and three-way valves, while also detecting the valve position during cleaning cycles.

By Turck
Discrete Manufacturing August 6, 2016

Controller for miniature inertia drives and actuators

Physik Instrumente's (PI) E-873.3QTU 3-axis controller is a digital servo controller designed for precision alignment and automation, semiconductor technology, photonics, bio-nano-technology, metrology, microscopy, and micro-manipulation applications.

By Physik Instrumente
Discrete Manufacturing August 4, 2016

Lessons and advice to make VFD commissioning easier

With variable frequency drive (VFD) commissioning, aspects such as design, codes and standards, and the nature of a specific project need to be considered.

By Dan Auringer, Maverick Technologies
Discrete Manufacturing August 3, 2016

Adjustable frequency drives for OEM, industrial applications

Eaton's medium-voltage SC9000 adjustable frequency drive (AFD) is designed for original equipment manufacturer (OEM), water and wastewater, utility, industrial, and HVAC applications.

By Eaton Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2016

Magnetic dc proximity sensor series

AutomationDirect's M-series cylindrical magnetic DC proximity sensors are now available in 8, 12, and 18mm sizes and are available with sensing distances of 0 to 70mm.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing July 30, 2016

Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors for harsh conditions

Telemecanique Sensors' OsiSense XS inductive proximity sensors and OsiSense XT capacitive proximity sensors are designed for noncontact sensing of metal objects up to 60 mm.

By Telemecanique Sensors
Discrete Manufacturing July 24, 2016

Hydraulic motors provided for deep space mission

Bosch Rexroth provided A2FM45 hydraulic motors designed to control 70-m diameter antennas on NASA's deep space mission for Juno, which recently entered Jupiter's orbit and has begun the first of 37 scheduled orbits of the planet.

By Bosch Rexroth
Discrete Manufacturing July 24, 2016

Direct drive motors for moving payloads

Electromate's Infinity Series is designed to enable OEMs to move light payloads in smooth and accurate arc-shaped and full 360-deg rotary motion profiles.

By Electromate
Discrete Manufacturing July 23, 2016

Safety light curtains with optoelectric protective device

ABB's Orion safety light curtains are available in three models, each with a different light curtain or light grid configuration.

Discrete Manufacturing July 23, 2016

Servomotors for demanding motion control applications

Siemens' 1FT7 family is a line of high-performance servomotors for machine tool CNC interpolation, production machine web handling and other demanding motion control applications.

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing July 21, 2016

Power lock plugs for industrial manufacturing and hospital environments

Eaton's power lock plugs, connectors, and receptacles are designed for industrial manufacturing and hospital environments.

By Eaton
Discrete Manufacturing July 20, 2016

Universal replacement for touch probe series

Heidenhain's TS 642 is a universal replacement for the touch probes of Heidenhain's TS 6xx series and allows the original transceiver to remain in the machine after the transfer.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing July 15, 2016

Precision laser driver with built-in pulse generator

Highland Technology's D200 compact precision laser driver uses a dc-coupled trigger signal to produces two nanosecond transitions and up to 4 A of regulated drive current supports lasers with forward voltages up to 9 V.

By Highland Technology
Discrete Manufacturing July 14, 2016

Multi-network servo drives for machine integration

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's MR-J4-TM multi-network servo drives come with EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT interfaces and is designed for easy integration into new and existing machine designs.

By Mitsubishi Electric Automation
Discrete Manufacturing July 13, 2016

Laser sensors for measuring time-of-flight technology

Banner Engineering's LTF series of L-Gage laser sensors is designed to measure time-of-flight technology and provide accurate distance measurements out to 12 m.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing July 10, 2016

Direct drive motor series with electromagnetic technology

Electric Torque Machines' (ETM) M-Series direct drive motors is designed to reduce energy costs and uses electromagnetic motor technology for increased efficiency and are designed for conveyors, fans, pumps, packaging equipment, and other related applications.

By Electric Torque Machines
Discrete Manufacturing July 7, 2016

Air preparation line for compact applications

The Asco Numatics 651 Series filter, regulator, and lubricator (FRL) line of air preparation products are designed to fit in compact applications and machines that require less air consumption.

By Asco
Discrete Manufacturing July 6, 2016

Closed-loop piezo motor positioners for research and industrial applications

Physik Instrumente's (PI) PIHera precision closed-loop XY piezo motor positioners are equipped with absolute-measuring direct-metrology capacitance sensors and are designed for long-term research and industrial applications.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing July 4, 2016

Multiturn encoder for compact integration

Kübler's Sendix F5883 Motor-Line multiturn encoder features an optical hollow shaft encoder with a mounting depth of 43 mm and is designed to be insensitive to magnetic fields.

By Kübler
Discrete Manufacturing July 2, 2016

Platform for barcode reading to advanced machine vision

Microscan's MicroHawk family includes an integrated imaging engine and three industrial-rated miniature imagers with unrivaled flexibility, ease of use, and universal application potential.

By Microscan
Discrete Manufacturing July 1, 2016

Supply chain and warehouse automation company acquired

Honeywell has signed an agreement to acquire Intelligrated, a privately held supply chain and warehouse automation company, for $1.5 billion, subject to customary closing conditions.

By Honeywell
Discrete Manufacturing June 28, 2016

Planetary gears in plastic for service robotics applications

GPLK planetary gears in plastic are suited for applications such as service robotics where the mobile motor is needed.

By Nanotec
Discrete Manufacturing June 27, 2016

Encoder for high horsepower electric motor applications

MRI 2850 is bearing-less encoder for high horsepower electric motor applications using vector control. The encoder may be used as a motion feedback solution in applications such as large rotating machinery.

By Leine & Linde
Discrete Manufacturing June 25, 2016

Nanometer precision linear stages for high-end applications

Physik Instrumente's (PI) N-565 compact nanometer-precision linear stages are designed for high-end applications in bio-nanotechnology, fiber-optics, microscopy, semiconductor testing, and metrology and scientific research in beamlines and laser labs.

By Physik Instrumente
Discrete Manufacturing June 25, 2016

Scanning laser micrometer for measuring diameter

LaserLinc's TLAser1240 scanning laser micrometer is a single-axis diameter gauge that is designed for use in industries such as metal, glass, wire and cable, and plastics and rubber extrusion.

By LaserLinc, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing June 24, 2016

Brush dc mini motors with coreless design

Athlonix DCP high power density brush dx mini motors are available in 16 mm diameter and in two variations and feature a self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit.

By Portescap
Discrete Manufacturing June 22, 2016

Helical gearbox series for conveyor, packaging applications

AutomationDirect’s IronHorse helical gearboxes are designed to provide smooth operation in applications such as conveyors, packaging machines, rotary tables, and other related applications.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing June 18, 2016

Servo adaptor for gearbox series

Lenze Americas' servo adaptor for its g500 gearbox series is available as an inline, right angle, or shaft mount and is designed to reduce the requirement for coupling components.

By Lenze Americas
Discrete Manufacturing June 12, 2016

Camera-to-light series of cables for OEMs

Smart Vision Lights' camera-to-light (CTL) Grey Series of cables are now available for cameras designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and provides a directly wired connection between a single light and is available for either steady/constant or flash/strobe connections.

By Smart Vision Lights
Discrete Manufacturing June 9, 2016

Measuring meter for field and laboratory applications

B&K Precision's 880 handheld LCR meter is designed to measure inductance, capacitance, and resistance with 0.1% basic impedance accuracy and is suitable for characterizing components in the field or laboratory environments.

By B&K Precision
Discrete Manufacturing June 7, 2016

Sealed limit switches with M12 connector

Microprecision Electronics' MP700 series of sealed limit switches are available with an M12 connector that is integrated directly into the housing for easy and flexible interfacing to a bus interconnect box.

By Microprecision Electronics SA
Discrete Manufacturing June 6, 2016

Precision ring drive system for mechanical, machine applications

Nexen Group's Compact Ring Drive (CRD) system is designed for cutting systems, gantry systems, medical products, robotics, aerospace, machine tool, semiconductor, and material handling applications.

By Nexen Group
Discrete Manufacturing June 2, 2016

3-D additive manufacturing advancements

Advancements in 3-D printing have made the technology more sophisticated and affordable. The automotive, aerospace, and medical industries have made some major strides recently, and 3-D printing is expanding as a means of engineering education.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing May 30, 2016

Rotary encoder series for motion control systems

Posital's safety-rated Ixarc rotary encoders are designed for critical applications such as industrial robots or material handling equipment, where loss of control could result in hazardous situations.

By Posital
Discrete Manufacturing May 24, 2016

PLC for demanding, hazardous applications

Idec's FC6A MicroSmart is a programmable logic controller (PLC) with up to 520 I/O that comes in three models and is designed for demanding industries such as oil and gas, chemical, material handling, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) machinery, and process skids.

Discrete Manufacturing May 24, 2016

Angle encoder series with bearing sets

Heidenhain's MRP 2000, 5000 and 8000 are angle encoder modules are designed for metrology, calibration devices, automation technology, micro machining, and semiconductor applications.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing May 23, 2016

Miniature inductive proximity sensors

AutomationDirect’s miniature inductive proximity sensors are available in sizes ranging from 4 to 8mm and are equipped with a 360-deg-visible yellow output LED and come with built-in overload protection.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing May 21, 2016

Miniature linear positioner and ultrasonic piezomotor

The U-521 miniature linear positioner from Physik Instrumente (PI) is driven by patented ultrasonic ceramic motors.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing May 20, 2016

Jaw pallet system for robotic, CNC mill/turning cells

Kitagawa North-Tech's Automated Jaw Pallet System (AJPS) is designed for robot-tended CNC mill/turning cells utilized in flexible automated production environments.

By Kitagawa North-Tech, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing May 10, 2016

Precision linear stage for research and industrial applications

Physik Instrumente's (PI) L-406 compact linear stage is designed for research and industrial applications and can handle payloads up to 22 lbs.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing May 10, 2016

Hydraulic gantry for lifting and rigging applications

Enerpac's SBL900 hydraulic gantry lifts up to 37 ft and can handle up to 667 tons at the top of the second stage and the control system is designed to allow users to operate the lift locally at each leg or use the Intellilift remote control.

By Enerpac
Discrete Manufacturing May 8, 2016

Ultrasonic sensor for detecting layers and splices

Sick's UD18-2 ultrasonic sensor is designed to check for double layers and splices and is designed for applications in the packaging, print and paper, electronics and solar, automotive, and metal and steel industries.

Discrete Manufacturing May 7, 2016

Photonics alignment platform for automated production environments

Aerotech's FiberMaxHP is a second-generation 3 to 6 axis photonics alignment platform designed for automated production environments and features direct-drive technology is designed to enable high-precision alignment without sacrificing production throughput.

By Aerotech
Discrete Manufacturing May 1, 2016

Rotary encoder series for extreme temperature and harsh environments

Leine and Linde's 600 and 900 series of absolute rotary encoders are designed for environments where temperature, strong magnetic fields, shock or vibration are extreme.

By Leine & Linde
Discrete Manufacturing April 29, 2016

Three-phase pump soft starter for water treatment applications

Carlo Gavazzi's RSWT Series is a self-optimizing 3-phase pump soft starter, in which all three phases are controlled to achieve current balancing on all phases and is designed for agriculture, water treatment, and HVAC applications.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing April 27, 2016

Three-phase ac motor for variable motion duty

Lenze Americas' m550-P three-phase ac motor is designed to achieve IE3 efficiency class and provides a power range of 1 to 60 Hp (0.75kW to 45kW) with a variety of voltages for simple mains operation with fixed speeds.

By Lenze Americas
Discrete Manufacturing April 26, 2016

Rotary motion stages for research, automation applications

Griffin Motion's 360-deg continuous travel RTS-DD Series rotary motion stages are designed for use in a variety of laboratory, factory automation, and semiconductor processing applications

By Griffin Motion
Discrete Manufacturing April 24, 2016

Acquisition of conveyor systems manufacturer completed

Rockwell Automation has completed the acquisition of MagneMotion, a manufacturer of conveyor systems with servo-controlled independent cart technology designed to help manufacturers transport products and heavy loads between machines and throughout a plant.

By Rockwell Automation
Discrete Manufacturing April 24, 2016

Safety laser scanner for area and access guarding

Sick's microScan3 Core safety laser scanner features a 5.5-m range and a 275-deg scanning angle ideal for area and access guarding and is designed to improve scan accuracy when faced with dirty environments, weld sparks, or cross talk for less downtime.

Discrete Manufacturing April 24, 2016

Motion controller integrated with multiple drive technologies

Physik Instrumente's (PI) C-885 PIMotionMaster motion controller is designed for applications such as precision motion control in automation, nanopositioning, photonics, semiconductor testing and laser machining.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing April 21, 2016

Sensors driving next-generation wearable devices

Inertial measurement units (IMUs) are dominating the wearable sensing market, according to a report by IDTechEx, and researchers are working on inserting sensors on a more permanent level.

By James Hayward, technology analyst, IDTechEx
Discrete Manufacturing April 20, 2016

Motor and drive company names CEO

Yaskawa America Inc. named Mike Knapek as their next CEO. Knapek will continue to serve as president and chief operations officer (COO) of the company's drives and motion division.

By Yaskawa America Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing April 20, 2016

Brushless dc motors for smooth running applications

Nanotec's DB41 and DB43 brushless DC (BLDC) motors are designed for applications that require smooth running characteristics and a long service life.

By Nanotec
Discrete Manufacturing April 19, 2016

Automation company elects president, CEO

Rockwell Automation has elected Blake D. Moret, a 30-year veteran of the company and a senior vice president, to be the new president and chief executive officer (CEO) effective July 1, 2016.

By Rockwell Automation
Discrete Manufacturing April 19, 2016

Vibration and shock absorption mounts

J.W. Winco's GN 253 Vibration/Shock Absorption Mounts comes in inch and metric sizes. These RoHS-compliant mounts absorb most of the accumulated kinetic energy on impact and act as dampers and prevent damaging shock and rebound.

By J.W. Winco
Discrete Manufacturing April 18, 2016

Configurable electronic valve driver

HydraForce's ECDR-0506A electronic valve driver is designed to enhance the control of hydraulic proportional valves used for transmission control, vehicle traction control, joystick control, and mobile equipment work functions.

By HydraForce
Discrete Manufacturing April 17, 2016

Programmable motion controller for compact applications

Schneider Electric Motion USA's Lexium Motion Module (LMM) is a compact, programmable motion controller and is designed for applications where size constraints are an issue.

By Schneider Electric Motion USA
Discrete Manufacturing April 16, 2016

Encoders for ultra-slow motion control

Inside Machines: Encoders and speed sensors play a critical role for many motion control applications, such as industrial test and measurement, automation, security and surveillance systems as well as many other applications.

By Mark Howard
Discrete Manufacturing April 14, 2016

Subsea MUX pod control system

The SeaPrime I Subsea MUX BOP Control System is fault-tolerant with the ability to re-configure hydraulic functions while remaining subsea, preventing costly stack pulls.

By GE Oil & Gas
Discrete Manufacturing April 12, 2016

Machine drive for advanced connectivity

Schneider Electric's Altivar 320 Machine Drive is designed to allow machines to perform better with less down time and lower total machine costs.

By Schneider Electric
Discrete Manufacturing April 11, 2016

Barcode reader with diffuser and polarizer optical filters

Microscan's MicroHawk ID-30 and ID-40 Barcode Reader platform is designed for tough industrial environments and feature diffuser and polarizer optical filter accessories for specific applications where barcodes are placed on highly-reflective surfaces.

By Microscan
Discrete Manufacturing April 10, 2016

Direct drive linear motor with built-in encoder

The SDLM-025-070-01-01 direct drive linear motor from Moticont is designed for applications such as manufacturing, semiconductor handling, inspection, medical procedure tables, antenna positioning, and agricultural equipment.

By Moticont
Discrete Manufacturing April 6, 2016

Extruded body cylinders for limited-space applications

AutomationDirect's Nitra Pneumatics H-Series of compact extruded body cylinders are offered in bore sizes from 12 to 100mm and stroke lengths from 5 to 100mm to meet a broad range of limited-space applications.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing April 6, 2016

Vented connector for reducing internal motor pressure

Kollmorgen's vented connector for their AKMH motor series is designed to reduce internal motor pressure and operate in washdown conditions.

By Kollmorgen
Discrete Manufacturing April 5, 2016

Hydraulic cylinders for industrial workplaces with rugged operations

Milwaukee Cylinder's Vulcan Series of hydraulic cylinders are designed to operate at high temperatures and provide complete customization.

By Milwaukee Cylinder
Discrete Manufacturing April 4, 2016

Linear motion platform for scanning, machining applications

Griffin Motion's high-speed LM3 Series 300mm-travel precision linear motion platform is designed for inspection, scanning, optical positioning, and laser marking and machining applications as well as factory automation and semiconductor processing equipment.

By Griffin Motion
Discrete Manufacturing April 1, 2016

Hexapod for diffraction, sensor testing applications

Aerotech's HEX500-350HL high-load, precision hexapod is designed for applications such as x-ray diffraction, sensor testing, and high-force device manipulation and is actuated with six high-accuracy struts that are built with precision preloaded bearings, ball screws, and drive components.

By Aerotech
Discrete Manufacturing March 31, 2016

Motor-ready actuator assemblies

AutomationDirect's SureMotion and LAVL motor-ready actuator assemblies and sliding components and accessories are designed to provide motion control solutions for X-Y and X-Y-Z positioning systems.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing March 28, 2016

Magnetometer series designed for mobile device designers, manufacturers

Memsic's MMC3630KJ series of magnetometers is designed for mobile device designers and manufacturers, along with other industry verticals requiring high performance motion sensing.

By Memsic, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing March 25, 2016

Rotary encoder series for machine design applications

Heidenhain's ERO 2000 series encoder is designed for applications such as piezo and galvanometer motors, micro positioning for goniometers, spindles, and other metrology applications.

By Heidenhain Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing March 25, 2016

Image-based code reader for food and beverage, manufacturing applications

Sick's Lector63x is an image-based code reader is designed for applications such as identification in manual parcel sorting in a presentation camera function, automated sorting systems and serialization and end-of-line aggregation for the food packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Discrete Manufacturing March 24, 2016

Camera series for high-speed imaging applications

Teledyne Dalsa's 16k models of the Piranha XL CMOS TDI line scan series are designed for integration into flat panel, electronics, and semiconductor inspection applications.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing March 23, 2016

Safety light curtain for harsh environments

Sick's deTec4 Prime safety light curtain is designed for tough environments and features a built-in laser alignment aid that is designed to provide a visible laser that saves time when setting up or readjusting the light curtain.

Discrete Manufacturing March 22, 2016

Redesigned linear encoder series

Heidenhain's redesigned LIDA 400 series linear encoder is designed for several applications including coordinating measuring machines, linear motion stages, wafer inspection, waterjet cutting, and other related applications.

By Heidenhain
Discrete Manufacturing March 22, 2016

LED fixed-pattern projector for machine vision applications

The Pattern Blazer from Innovations in Optics is an LED fixed-pattern projector designed for structured lighting in 3D machine vision for applications such as logistics automation, warehouses, gaging and inspection of production pieces such as car or airplane body panels.

By Innovations in Optics
Discrete Manufacturing March 21, 2016

Single-axis motion controller with Ethernet connectivity

Galil's DMC-30012 is a single-axis motion controller that and features an internal 800-Watt brushless sine drive and can operate stand-alone or can be networked to a PC via Ethernet.

By Galil Motion Control
Discrete Manufacturing March 20, 2016

Capacitive sensor series for harsh environments

Balluff's Advanced Smartlevel is a capacitive sensor designed for level detection applications involving liquids, powders, granulates, paste such as medias, such as grease, cleaning fluids, and acids and bases.

By Balluff
Discrete Manufacturing March 13, 2016

Trilinear camera for machine vision applications

Chromasens' 10k and 15k allPIXA wave cameras are designed for machine vision systems used to inspect flat panel displays, narrow and wide web, textiles, and PCB boards, among many other applications.

By Chromasens
Discrete Manufacturing March 10, 2016

Linear positioning stage for industrial, manufacturing applications

Physik Instrumente's (PI) L-509 is a stage positioner designed to provide high precision linear motion and is designed for research and industrial applications such as beamline systems, microscopy, semiconductor manufacturing, and photonics instrumentation.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing March 9, 2016

Servo motor break for intermittent dynamic stopping

Nexen Group's Eclipse Servo Motor brakes are designed to mount to the shaft end of servo motors up to 20 HP.

By Nexen Group
Discrete Manufacturing March 8, 2016

Digital piezo controller for nanopositioning systems, actuators

Physik Instrumente's (PI) E-727 3- and 4-channel digital piezo controller that integrates existing piezo-based nanopositioning systems and piezo actuators.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing March 6, 2016

Capacitive barrel sensors with teaching functions

Turck's 18 and 30mm capacitive barrel sensors come in two variants — teach by wire or teach by button and each variant is available in PNP or NPN.

By Turck
Discrete Manufacturing March 5, 2016

Fieldservers and protocol converters

A FieldServer is a type of communications bridge or gateway that is designed to either convert one protocol to another as the messages are sent or map tags from different devices and handle communications.

By Frank Lamb, Automation Primer
Discrete Manufacturing March 4, 2016

Encoder series for harsh environments

Zettlex's 58mm encoder has been added to the IncOder series and is designed to provide precision measurements of angle or angular speed in harsh environments.

By Zettlex
Discrete Manufacturing March 4, 2016

Inclinometer with tilt sensor for worker safety

The 0729-1761-99 Dual Axis CAN Bus SAE J1939 Inclinometer by The Fredericks Company is designed to prevent unsafe operation of industrial machinery and uses a wide-range electrolytic tilt sensor and signal conditioner to provide reliable tilt measurement.

By The Fredericks Company
Discrete Manufacturing March 3, 2016

Fiber-optic cables and sensors for industrial applications

Carlo Gavazzi's FA1 Fiber-Optic Amplifier and the FUT and FUR fiber-optic cables are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications and are designed for flexibility.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing February 28, 2016

Measuring wheels for rotary encoders

Posital Fraba's series of measuring wheel accessories for its Ixarc family of rotary encoders are designed for motion control and other sensing applications.

By Posital Fraba
Discrete Manufacturing February 27, 2016

Gear motor drive for material handling applications

Siemens' Sinamics G110M is a motor-integrated drive designed for material handling applications such as conveyors, warehousing, logistics, baggage and cargo handling, post and parcel shipping.

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing February 26, 2016

Linear variable inductive transducer position sensors

Omega's LDI-127 Series linear variable inductive transducer (LVIT) position sensors are contactless devices designed for industrial and commercial applications such as solar cell positioners, wind turbine prop pitch and brakes and packing equipment.

By Omega Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing February 26, 2016

Inline flange planetary gearbox

GAM's SPH Flange (SPH-F) planetary gearbox is based around high precision helical gear technology and is designed for use when space is limited.

Discrete Manufacturing February 23, 2016

Camera series with high-resolution vision

Teledyne Dalsa's Genie Nano series series of GigE Vision cameras feature image sensors for fast, high-resolution vision for applications such as food and beverage inspection and medical.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing February 13, 2016

Angle sensor for extreme environments

Novotechnik's P2500-M series of angle sensors are designed for a range of applications and extreme environments such as ship controls, off-highway and construction vehicles.

By Novotechnik
Discrete Manufacturing February 12, 2016

Preventing VFD faults and failures

Following these best practices can help prevent voltage drops, overload trips, and other common VFD faults and serious failures before they occur.

By Thomas Robbins, Lenze Americas
Discrete Manufacturing February 12, 2016

Tilt sensor for alignment, control applications

The 0729-1760-04 10-deg dual axis RS-485 inclinometer from The Fredericks Company is designed to measure and signal tilt from a level position.

By The Fredericks Company
Discrete Manufacturing February 6, 2016

Stainless steel faced sensors

Turck's 2-wire, dc stainless steel faced sensor are designed to be used as substitutes for traditional plastic faced sensors to resist corrosion and is rated IP67 against moisture ingress.

By Turck
Discrete Manufacturing February 5, 2016

Laser material processing system for manufacturing

Universal Laser Systems' XLS Platform is designed for precision 2D cutting and surface modification for applications such as organic material modification including plastic films, industrial fabrics, engineering plastics, laminating adhesives, composite materials.

By Universal Laser Systems
Discrete Manufacturing February 4, 2016

‘A perfect fit’ for small businesses

Hannover Messe offers manufacturers an entry into global markets.

By Bob Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing February 1, 2016

Integrated control platform for OEMs

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's iQ-R Series control platform incorporates sequence, motion, safety, process, and C language control into one platform and is designed for the automotive, food and beverage, material handling, and electronics manufacturing industries.

By Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing January 31, 2016

Multi-functional synchronous lifting system

Enerpac's EVO Mini (EVOM) is a multi-functional synchronous lifting system that monitors and manages lifting, lowering, weighing, alignment and load transfer procedures of non-uniformly distributed heavy loads.

By Enerpac
Discrete Manufacturing January 26, 2016

Piezo nanopositioning stage for scanning and optical applications

Aerotech’s QFocus QF1 piezo nanopositioning stage features microscope objective and optics positioning and is designed for demanding scanning applications, microscopy, or other optical applications requiring high precision and throughput.

By Aerotech
Discrete Manufacturing January 25, 2016

Photoelectric sensors for hazardous and corrosive environments

Banner Engineering's M18-4 self-contained photoelectric sensors are designed for harsh industrial environments and features IP69K-rated 316 stainless steel housing and is built with advanced application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing January 24, 2016

Smart camera series for production line applications

Cognex Corporation's In-Sight Micro 8000 series smart cameras are designed to be deployed on the production line for guidance, inspection, gauging and industrial identification applications.

By Cognex
Discrete Manufacturing January 23, 2016

Scaleless linear motor with built-in linear encoder

Nippon Pulse's SL083 is a scaleless linear motor with a built-in linear encoder and is composed of two parts—a tubular stainless steel shaft and a non-contact forcer—for simple installation and configuration.

By Nippon Pulse America, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing January 23, 2016

Motor drive series for packaging and machinery applications

Delta Electronics' AC Motor Drive C2000 Series is a general-purpose inverter designed for power control applications such as construction and overhead cranes, printing and packaging equipment, textile machinery, compressors, and other applications.

By Delta Electronics
Discrete Manufacturing January 22, 2016

DC slotted mini motors for power hand tools

Portescap’s brushless dc slotted mini motors that provide high speed and torque for surgical power hand tools.

By Portescap
Discrete Manufacturing January 20, 2016

Electronic company acquires potentiometer business

Bourns, Inc., announced it has acquired specified assets of the trimming potentiometer business of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

By Bourns, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing January 20, 2016

Ring drive indexer for indexing, rotary positioning applications

Nexen Group's Precision Ring Drive Indexer (PRD) is designed as an alternative to direct drive motors and provides flexible indexing and rotary positioning for welding, positioning system, medical product, automotive, aerospace and semiconductor applications.

By Nexen Group
Discrete Manufacturing January 18, 2016

Laser distance sensor with dual discrete outputs and IO link

Banner Engineering's Q4X laser distance sensor features dual discrete outputs and IO-Link configuration to solve high/low monitoring fill level as well as monitor remote configuration, sensor backup and preventative maintenance.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing January 17, 2016

Photoelectric sensor series for detecting fast-moving objects

Sick's PowerProx photoelectric sensor series uses time-of-flight laser scanning technology and features four variants that can be used in automotive and packaging applications.

Discrete Manufacturing January 15, 2016

Rotary position sensor designed for medium volume applications, OEMs

Curtiss-Wright's NRH300DP non-contact, rotary position sensor is designed for medium volume applications and is designed to perform in harsh conditions including water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature.

By Curtiss-Wright
Discrete Manufacturing January 13, 2016

Angle sensor series with IP69K protection for extreme environments

Novotechnik's RSX-7900 Series of angle sensors provide up to IP69K ingress protection and can be used in extreme conditions such as highway vehicle and construction equipment applications.

By Novotechnik
Discrete Manufacturing January 10, 2016

Brush DC motors for industrial, medical pump applications

Portescap's Athlonix 22DCP high power density brush DC motors are designed for applications such as medical and industrial pumps and features a coreless design with a self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit for increased power density.

By Portescap
Discrete Manufacturing January 10, 2016

Servomotor series with mechanical, thermal decoupling

Siemens' Simotics 1FK7 Generation II servomotors are designed for operation without external cooling and the heat is dissipated through the motor surface and have encoders that are mechanically and thermally decoupled from the motor.

By Siemens
Discrete Manufacturing January 3, 2016

Miniature hexapod for dynamic error correction

Physik Instrumente's (PI) P-915KWEF is a miniature hexapod designed for dynamic error correction for six degrees of freedom in all three linear and rotation axes at sub-micron precision.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing January 3, 2016

Frequency modulated continuous wave radar sensor for outdoor applications

Banner Engineering's R-Gage Q240 sensor is a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar sensor for detecting moving or stationary objects and is designed to operate in harsh outdoor applications that require constant monitoring.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2016

Miniature photoelectric sensors for harsh, washdown environments

Balluff's R01E stainless steel flatpack photoelectric sensor has an IP69K rating and is designed for harsh duty and washdown applications such as packaging machinery, material handling, small part detection, and general automation.

By Balluff
Discrete Manufacturing December 28, 2015

Nanosensor designed for vibration measurement, precision manufacturing applications

Queensgate's NX NanoSensor employs capacitance micrometry and is designed to measure changes in position to an atomic scale for applications such as vibration measurement, metrology, precision manufacturing, and precision beam steering.

By Queensgate
Discrete Manufacturing December 25, 2015

Displacement and position sensors for confined spaces

Hoffmann-Krippner's inductive displacement Inelta IZAL sensor series utilizes differential sensing technology and are designed for confined spaces in medical, industrial, agricultural, and military applications.

By Hoffmann-Krippner
Discrete Manufacturing December 22, 2015

Digital, panel-mount piezo drives for coordinated motion

Aerotech's Ndrive QLe is a family of digital, panel-mount, nanopositioning piezo drives designed to enable coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes.

By Aerotech
Discrete Manufacturing December 17, 2015

Discrete fiber amplifier with dual digital displays

Banner Engineering's DF-G3 discrete long-range fiber amplifier has dual digital displays for use with plastic and glass fiber optic assemblies and is available with a single discrete output or two dual discrete outputs.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing December 16, 2015

Distributed control motor soft starters for drive components

Nord Gear's SK135E and SK175E soft start drives are designed for a distributed control system (DCS) and can be mounted directly on the motor or near the motor and regulates the motor's major functions.

By Nord Gear Corporation
Discrete Manufacturing December 14, 2015

Camera series designed for medical, food and beverage applications

Teledyne Dalsa’s series of Genie nano area cameras that deliver fast frame rates in a small, robust body, and are ideal for machine vision applications.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing November 27, 2015

Linear variable differential transformers for space-constrained applications

TE Connectivity's MHR-T Series of high-temperature, miniature linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs) are designed to measure displacement in space-constrained applications such as chemical plants and power turbines.

By TE Connectivity
Discrete Manufacturing November 25, 2015

Digital controller for closed loop piezo actuators and stages

Queensgate’s NPC-D-5200 is a digital controller designed for advanced closed loop piezo actuators and stages and has the capacity to address a broad spectrum of alignment and metrology applications.

By Queensgate
Discrete Manufacturing November 18, 2015

Piezo beam steering mirrors for precision optic applications

Physik Instrumente's (PI) S-331 fast tip/tip platform is a piezo steering mirror that is designed for precision optics applications in ambient and vacuum environments.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing November 3, 2015

Variable frequency drives for general purpose applications

Parker Hannifin's AC10 variable frequency drives feature ac motor speed control with 250 hp and is designed for general purpose applications and runs either ac induction or permanent magnet ac motors.

By Parker Hannifin
Discrete Manufacturing November 3, 2015

Networked panel-mount piezo drive

Aerotech’s Ensemble QLe panel-mount nanopostioning piezo drive for coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes is designed for applications ranging from demanding scientific research to advanced OEM machine systems.

By Aerotech
Discrete Manufacturing October 24, 2015

Photoelectric sensor series with fixed-field background suppression

Banner Engineering's S18-2 compact photoelectric sensor series features fixed-field background suppression mode configurations and provides up to six detection ranges from 30 to 200 mm for cost-sensitive and high-volume applications.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing October 21, 2015

Linear drives that reduce maintenance

Amacoil-Uhing linear drives are designed to clean and lubricate the drive shaft and are ideal in applications where metal clips, dust, and particulate contaminants are falling on the shaft.

By Amacoil
Discrete Manufacturing October 19, 2015

Stepper motor driver series for OEM applications

Oriental Motor's CVD driver series is designed for for OEM or single axis machines and features include low vibration and microstepping control, selectable step angle, two mounting types and connector configurations.

By Oriental Motor
Discrete Manufacturing October 16, 2015

Electromechanical cylinder for food, hygienic applications

Bosch Rexroth's second generation EMC electromechanical cylinder has IP65 protection and is suitable for applications with frequent cleaning cycles in the food industry and has no recesses or slots in which dirt can be trapped.

By Bosch Rexroth
Discrete Manufacturing October 11, 2015

CNC advances: Libraries, communications

Inside Machines: Just as the machine tool world continues to evolve at light speed, so do computer numerical control (CNC) software and hardware for the machines. Multifunction machine tools, including additive manufacturing and robotic integration, continue to advance with better communications, libraries, hybrids, and robotic integration.

By Randy Pearson
Discrete Manufacturing October 11, 2015

Electromechanical linear actuator series for packaging, material handling applications

Parker's High Moment Rodless (HMR) electromechanical linear actuator series are designed for applications such as packaging equipment, material handling, and it can be integrated into any machine layout.

By Parker Hannifin
Discrete Manufacturing October 10, 2015

Apps for Engineers: Vision applications

CFE Media's Apps for Engineers is an interactive directory of engineering-related applications for Apple iOS and Android operating systems from various companies. Apps are organized by category, company, and type. These vision enhancement applications are listed in the app as of October 2015.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing October 6, 2015

Laser distance sensor for detecting small objects

Banner Engineering's Q4X laser distance sensor features is designed for precise measurement of small objects and can detect objects regardless of target surface reflectivity.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing October 1, 2015

Swivel elbow for food processing and hygienic applications

Camozzi Pneumatics' nickel-plated brass male swivel elbow features a Pro-Fit thread design and also eliminates exposed threads and fits into tight spaces and is designed for food processing and hygienic applications.

By Camozzi Pneumatics
Discrete Manufacturing September 29, 2015

Palletizer series with enhanced safety, increased capacity

Intelligrated's Alvey 890i and 891i palletizers feature enhancements designed to make the machines easier to operate and maintain as well as improve safety and while increasing capacity.

By Intelligrated
Discrete Manufacturing September 28, 2015

Waterproof ac induction motors

Empire Magnetics' stainless steel ac induction motors are designed for frequent wetting and washdown environments in applications such as food processing, chemical and drug manufacturing, machine tools, paper making and film processing.

By Empire Magnetics
Discrete Manufacturing September 25, 2015

Scan cameras for machine vision with GigE

Teledyne Dalsa’s Genie Nano series of GigE Vision scan cameras are designed for industrial imaging applications and come in four models.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing September 24, 2015

Tempered growth expectations expected in developed markets for LV motors

IHS predicts that the growth in LV motors will decelerate, particularly in Western Europe, Japan, and North America, as the market matures and reaches its apex.

By IHS Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing September 24, 2015

Monochrome camera with line scan and frame grabbers

Teledyne Dalsa's Piranha XL 16k monochrome camera and Xtium-CHLS frame grabbers are ideal for machine vision applications.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing September 16, 2015

Rotary encoder for offshore motion applications

Leine and Linde's IXA 648 is an inductive absolute encoder that avoids magnets and glass to provide a measurement technology that can withstand high temperatures, shock, and vibrations for offshore motion applications in harsh environments.

By Leine & Linde
Discrete Manufacturing September 8, 2015

Sound and measurement vibration system for large structures

Data Translation's VIBbox-64 combines four rugged enclosures and is designed for expanded sound and vibration measurement testing on large structures, such as airplane wings, turbines, trucks, and water vessels, such as Navy ships.

By Data Translation Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing September 7, 2015

Rotary position sensors for challenging environments

The NRH271 and NRH272 rotary position sensors are ideal for use by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for on- and off-highway vehicles that are designed for challenging environments.

By Curtiss-Wright Corp.
Discrete Manufacturing September 7, 2015

Precision encoder with optical technology

The MicroE Optira Series Encoders from Celera Motion feature automatic gain control (AGC), interpolation, and signal processing as well as alignment tolerances and is designed for motion control applications.

By Celera Motion
Discrete Manufacturing September 2, 2015

New developments in pneumatic valve technology for packaging applications

How to choose pneumatic valves: Packaging machine builders and end users should select manifold valves engineered with a compact, lightweight design and digital electronics for easy integration into automation controls platforms and maximum value. See four factors that make pneumatics broadly appealing to packaging machine builders. Learn more about pneumatic controls, distributed designs, pneumatic efficiency, and safety.

By Erl Campbell
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 2015

Inductive proximity sensors designed for harsh environments

Carlo Gavazzi's ICS Series of inductive proximity sensors and cordsets are designed for harsh environments and comply with or are certified to IP69K, Ecolab, and FDA standards, and accommodate hot and cold temperature extremes.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 2015

Hybrid machines, standard CNC

As the era of additive and subtractive machine tools emerges, today’s controls are well suited to handle the challenges, according to a provider of computer numerical controls (CNCs) and training.

By Randy Pearson
Discrete Manufacturing August 29, 2015

Future of USB 3 for machine vision depends on industry demand

Research from IHS indicates that USB 3 cameras will continue to account for a small fraction of machine vision revenues because, while faster, many users lack an urgent need for USB 3 and it isn't as convenient and widely accessible as USB 2.

By John Morse, IHS Technology
Discrete Manufacturing August 28, 2015

Inductive proximity sensors with microprocessor-based design

Carlo Gavazzi's ICB Series of inductive proximity sensors with up to three times sensing range and have a microprocessor-based design allows calibration after the assembly.

By Carlo Gavazzi
Discrete Manufacturing August 27, 2015

Programming drives without using a PLC

Bosch Rexroth's pre-configured drive systems are designed to measure and test machines and shorten the initial commissioning to just three minutes for National Instruments' CompactRIO control hardware and the LabVIEW programming environments without one line of PLC code.

By Bosch Rexroth
Discrete Manufacturing August 25, 2015

Rugged fiber optics line to complement fiber amplifiers

Banner Engineering's Vantage Line or fiber optics feature polyethylene jacketed plastic for demanding industrial environments and are available in eight models for different sensing applications to complement fiber amplifiers.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing August 25, 2015

Programmable incremental rotary encoders

Posital Fraba's incremental rotary encoders are designed for motion control and industrial automation markets and has an output drive that can be set to push-pull or RS422.

By Posital
Discrete Manufacturing August 25, 2015

Motorized linear translation stage and encoder

Physik Instrumente's (PI) V-551 motorized linear translation stage is designed for applications where constant velocity is required such as optics inspection, metrology, photonics, interferometry, and semiconductor test equipment.

By Physik Instrumente (PI)
Discrete Manufacturing August 20, 2015

Variable frequency drives can be used in timber, textile industries

Mitsubishi's Electric A860 Series inverter delivers speed, torque, and positioning control for controlling shock loads, lifting, and hoisting applications and can be used in the timber and textile industries.

By Mitsubishi Electric
Discrete Manufacturing August 19, 2015

Variable frequency drive for HVAC and industrial applications

Mitsubishi Electric's F800 Series of variable frequency drives (VFDs) are designed for HVAC applications as well as pumps and fans within industrial applications.

By Mitsubishi Electric
Discrete Manufacturing August 19, 2015

Industries use metal for 3D printing

Metal use in 3D printing is growing rapidly, and metals are being used for both customized and mass production by a variety of industries, according to a report by IDTech. Additive manufacturing metals in use or under investigation include titanium, nickel, aluminum, and cobalt as well as alloys of those materials.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing August 9, 2015

Magnetic levitation for PCB production

A combination of linear drives and magnetic levitation can be used to alleviate particulate contamination on printed circuit boards’ (PCB) production lines, explained Paul Streatfield of Bosch Rexroth, for Control Engineering Europe.

By Suzanne Gill
Discrete Manufacturing July 30, 2015

Line scan camera for inspection, grading applications

Teledyne Dalsa's Linea 16k line scan camera are designed for general machine vision applications and features a 3.5 µm pixel size and acquires images at line rates of up to 48 kHz.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing July 23, 2015

Precision servo gearboxes for OEM applications

AutomationDirect's SureGear precision servo gearboxes include hub-style inline models and is designed for equipment that requires fast and precise indexing movement and features helical-cut planetary gears for quiet operation and reduced vibration.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing July 21, 2015

Image processing board for inspection, machine-vision applications

Teledyne Dalsa's Xtium-CL MX4 frame grabber is an image processing board and are engineered to support applications such as color print inspection, flat-panel inspection, and machine vision inspections.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing July 16, 2015

Laser distance sensor for object detection, error-proofing applications

Banner Engineering's Q4X laser distance sensor features a dual teach mode model and is able to detect clear objects without requiring a retro-reflector and its dual mode can be used to error-proof applications by ensuring the correct color part is located at the correct position.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing July 15, 2015

CMOS X-Ray detector for non-destructive testing applications

Teledyne Dalsa's Rad-icon 2022 CMOS X-Ray detector features 2,064 x 2,236 pixel resolution, an active area of 20.4 x 22.1 cm and 99 micron pixel size and are designed for industrial x-ray inspection and scientific imaging as well as non-destructive testing applications.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing July 14, 2015

Laser sensors with communication protocols

Laser Technology’s TruSense S-210 and S-230 laser sensors are equipped with an alignment laser, making precise targeting quick and easy during setup and have a variety of communications outputs including event triggering, SDI-12, 4-20, and 4-20 HART as well as a 200-Hz mode that commands the sensors to send pulses at a much higher frequency rate.

By Laser Technology Inc. (LTI)
Discrete Manufacturing July 9, 2015

Miniature rotary encoder kit for tight spaces

Numerik Jena's Kit R rotary optical encoder is designed for motion feedback applications such as semiconductors as well as the metrology, medical, and automation industries where installation space is limited.

By Numerik Jena
Discrete Manufacturing July 1, 2015

Encoder, motor companies merge

MicroE and Applimotion have merged together to become Celera Motion and will develop component products and OEM solutions designed for medical, advanced industrial, scientific, and microelectronics equipment manufacturers.

By Celera Motion
Discrete Manufacturing July 1, 2015

Surface motor series for food, wastewater, and pharmaceutical applications

Nord Drivesystems' HM and HMT Smooth Surface Motor series are designed for applications such as food processing, bottling and pharmaceutical applications, and wastewater treatment plants.

By Nord Drivesystems
Discrete Manufacturing June 30, 2015

Motion control associations complete merger

The Motion Control Association (MCA) and SMMA – the Motor & Motion Association have completed a merger that combines the two trade groups and will be called the Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA) going forward.

By Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA)
Discrete Manufacturing June 24, 2015

Linear position sensor for OEM motion control applications

Micronor's MR303 linear position sensor system is designed for OEM motion control applications such as medical, MRI, robotic, and industrial applications and works in conjunction with the MR302-2 OEM Controller, which enables the sensor to integrate with PLC controllers and servo drives.

By Micronor
Discrete Manufacturing June 23, 2015

Soft starter designed to control AC induction motors

AutomationDirect’s Stellar SR55 series of solid-state soft starters are designed to control three-phase AC induction motors and use thyristors in all three motor phases for controlled, reduced voltage motor starting and stopping.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing June 23, 2015

End-to-end integration solution for motor design engineers

CD-adapco has integrated the Speed electric machine design suite of programs with Star-CCM+, a tool that models heat transfer, fluid dynamics, structural stresses, electric and magnetic fields, and aero-acoustics that are used in many electric machine applications.

By CD-adapco
Discrete Manufacturing June 23, 2015

Wireless vibration and temperature sensor for machine monitoring

Banner Engineering's wireless vibration and temperature sensor is designed to monitor applications such as motors, pumps, blowers and many other types of machines for increases in vibration and temperature.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing June 18, 2015

Machine vision group from China joins standardization initiative

The China Machine Vision Union (CMVU) has joined the G3 Standardization Initiative, which promotes machine vision standards globally, as the group's fifth member.

Discrete Manufacturing June 18, 2015

Hexapod motion controller and simulation software

Physik Instrumente's C-887.52 is a hexapod controller for parallel kinematics precision positioners that features a real-time operating system and software programs for test, configuration, and simulation.

By Physik Instrumente
Discrete Manufacturing June 16, 2015

Proximity sensors with solid state relays for speed monitoring

4B Components' P8003V10C and the P8004V10C proximity sensors have solid state relays that are designed for speed monitoring applications and can be used to detect shaft, gate, or slide position as well as object presence.

By 4B Components
Discrete Manufacturing June 11, 2015

DC drives for actuator, pumping applications

AutomationDirect's IronHorse GSD1 series dc drives are high-performance PWM controllers for 12 V to 48 V equipment and are available in 10 A and 20 A versions and are designed for applications such as auger feeders, automated door actuators and industrial pumping systems.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing June 9, 2015

Linear position measurement sensor for power generation, processing

MTS Sensors' RT4 is a linear position measurement sensor that features 2 independent sensor elements and is designed for use in steel processing plants, lumber mills, and power generation sites.

By MTS Sensors
Discrete Manufacturing June 9, 2015

Understanding automation selection criteria

Understanding how the programmable logic controller (PLC) has evolved and how it relates to more modern incarnations like the PAC as well as understanding servo system criteria will help a great deal on the plant floor.

By Jack Smith
Discrete Manufacturing June 5, 2015

Dual function position sensor for dirty, contaminated environments

Gill Sensors & Controls' Blade25 Inductive Position Sensor has a non-contacting position sensing technology that provides both linear and rotary position feedback and is designed for dirty and contaminated environments.

By Gill Sensors and Controls
Discrete Manufacturing May 27, 2015

Foot mount resolvers for pulp and paper and steel mill environments

Dynapar's Northstar brand R56 foot/C-Face mount and RF25 flange mount resolvers designed for pulp & paper and steel mill environments as well as other harsh industrial manufacturing settings.

By Dynapar
Discrete Manufacturing May 22, 2015

Laser contrast sensor with fixed background suppression

Banner Engineering's Q3X LD50 laser contrast sensor has fixed background suppression as well as contrast detection and is designed to detect targets within the desired sensing range while ignoring objects in the background.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing May 22, 2015

Evaluating servo system performance

Servo system selection criteria involves more than just wattage and price. Other important servo criteria to consider include rated torque, rated speed, overload time, torque-to-inertia ratio, resolution, frequency response, network-based solutions, physical size, quality, and reliability.

By Jerry Tyson and Michael Miller, Yaskawa America Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing May 18, 2015

Small scale linear encoder for limited space applications

Numerik Jena's LIK 41 optical linear encoder is designed for motion feedback applications where space is limited and is designed to work in the semiconductor, medical, metrology, and automation industries.

By Numerik Jena
Discrete Manufacturing May 15, 2015

Pneumatic cylinder series for heavy duty applications

Festo's DSBG line of ISO 15552 large diameter tie rod pneumatic cylinders are available in 160 and 200 mm sizes and are designed for heavy duty applications such as the automotive, mining, and water treatment industries.

By Festo
Discrete Manufacturing May 15, 2015

New design for magnetic absolute rotary encoders

Servotronix sensAR is the new magnetic absolute rotary encoder developed by Servotronix. It achieves the high resolution and accuracy of optical absolute encoders in a more compact, robust, and durable product. The encoder’s strength stems from a nonperiodic pattern and a patented method of signal evaluation to generate Gray code and high-resolution absolute positions from one circular track.

By Dr. Markus Erlich
Discrete Manufacturing May 15, 2015

Reinventing absolute rotary encoders

Technology Update: New design and signal evaluation improve capabilities of absolute rotary encoders, offering high resolution and accuracy of optical absolute encoders with the ruggedness and compact size of magnetic encoders. Improvements include nonperiodic pattern and a patented method of signal evaluation to generate Gray code and high-resolution absolute positions from one circular track. See related figures and link online to product details.

By Dr. Markus Erlich
Discrete Manufacturing May 12, 2015

Stainless steel linear actuators for caustic and corrosive environments

EDrive Actuators' Eliminator ST series of stainless steel linear actuators are designed for use in caustic, corrosive environments, such as food processing applications where daily wash down is required.

By EDrive Actuators
Discrete Manufacturing May 9, 2015

Absolute rotary encoder series expanded with synchronous serial interface feature

Heidenhain is expanding the range of its 1000 series of absolute rotary encoders with devices that feature a synchronous serial interface (SSI) and are designed to measure absolute position in different machines and devices with limited installation space.

By Heidenhain
Discrete Manufacturing May 8, 2015

Two-axis linear modules for machining applications

Güdel ZP-6 and ZP-7 two-axis linear modules are designed to deliver 25% more payload capacity and meet the needs of heavy payload materials handling applications.

By Güdel Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing May 7, 2015

Absolute position rotary encoder for instrumentation, automotive applications

The Netzer DS-58 absolute position rotary encoder from Electromate is designed for many applications such as from space and avionics, military and defense, instrumentation, and automotive and features absolute or incremental position feedback.

By Electromate
Discrete Manufacturing April 29, 2015

Panel mount adapter plate for OEMs for direct pneumatic valve manifold connection

Asco Numatics' 501 Series panel mount adapter plate is designed to allow OEMs and end users to directly connect the 501 Series pneumatic valve manifold to a panel in the wall or floor of a cabinet.

By Asco Numatics
Discrete Manufacturing April 28, 2015

Sound and vibration measurement system

Data Translation's VIBbox is a sound and vibration portable measurement system with 64 IEPE input channels, 8 stimulus D/A channels, and 4 tachometer channels.

By Data Translation Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing April 28, 2015

Motion controller chip series for high-precision applications

Nippon Pulse's PCL61x4 series of high-performance servo/stepper controller chips consists of the PCL6114 single-axis chip and the four-axis PCL6144 chip and are designed for high-precision applications like semiconductor processing.

By Nippon Pulse
Discrete Manufacturing April 22, 2015

Synchronous drive components provide power transmission for motion control

AutomationDirect's SureMotion series of power transmission products includes timing pulleys, bushings, and timing belts that allow the user to change speed and torque while connecting mechanically rotating components.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing April 20, 2015

Miniature photoelectric sensor series has five sensing modes

Balluff's 6K miniature photoelectric sensors are designed to work in harsh conditions and are available in five sensing modes including background suppression, diffuse, retroreflective, through-beam and contrast. Connections are made by cable, M8 three-pin or M8 four-pin quick disconnect and all versions are now IP67, IP69, and Ecolab approved.

By Balluff
Discrete Manufacturing April 17, 2015

Line scan camera series aims to lower cost of inspection

Teledyne Dalsa's Linea family of line scan cameras feature 2k and 4k GigE Vision models and are designed to lower the cost of inspection for a wide array of applications.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing April 17, 2015

Gaging probes for harsh environments

Macro Sensors' GHS Series of hermetically sealed gaging probes are designed for dimensional gaging in harsh environments and can survive heavy shocks as well as the effects of dirt, water, steam and other corrosive elements.

By Macro Sensors
Discrete Manufacturing April 17, 2015

Position monitoring system with electronic analog sensor

Advanced Machine & Engineering's OTT-Jakob position monitoring system with the electronic analog sensor, which allows the user to monitor the drawbar for performance and wear by detecting the position and transmitting the data.

By Advanced Machine & Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing April 9, 2015

Variable speed starter for motor protection

Eaton's PowerXL DE1 Variable Speed Starter (VSS) is designed for users who need variable frequency and advanced motor protection and is useful for situations where a variable motor speed is required but would be too complex.

By Eaton
Discrete Manufacturing April 3, 2015

Discrete laser sensors for measurement applications

Banner Engineering's LE250 and LE550 dual discrete laser sensors are designed for challenging detection applications and feature two independently configurable discrete outputs that can be setup as switch points or sensing windows.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing March 25, 2015

Cylinder series available in metric design

PHD Inc.'s Optimax series of OCG round body pneumatic cylinders are now available in a metric design and is designed for use in the machine builders' market.

By PHD, Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing March 25, 2015

Warehouse execution system designed to improve efficiency

Intelligrated's warehouse execution systems (WES) are designed to act as the operational brain and adjust workflow by combining warehouse management, warehouse control and order fulfillment software functionalities to streamline order planning and fulfillment execution.

By Intelligrated
Discrete Manufacturing March 20, 2015

Hydraulic motor series with advanced torque

Dayton Lamina's hydraulic motors feature a design that allows four times more torque to be produced without gear reducers and are designed for a wide range of applications including conveyor drives, hose reel extraction, fan drives and pipe valve openers.

By Dayton Lamina
Discrete Manufacturing March 13, 2015

Inductive proximity sensor series can decrease downtime

Eaton's E57 series of inductive proximity sensors are designed to provide detection, measurement, and analysis of mechanical processes to reduce unplanned downtime and maintain precise manufacturing operations.

By Eaton
Discrete Manufacturing March 4, 2015

Motion module for embedded and industrial applications

Microchip Technology's MM7150 Motion Module combines the SSC7150 motion co-processor combined with 9-axis sensors for a wide range of embedded, industrial, consumer electronics, and other applications.

By Microchip Technology Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing February 24, 2015

Laser contrast sensor for part-detection applications

Banner Engineering's Q3X laser contrast sensor has the ability to detect up to 2,000 events per second and is designed for high-speed packaging and detecting small target applications.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing February 21, 2015

Sealed linear encoder for motion applications

RSF Elektronik's MSA 170 is a sealed linear encoder designed for motion applications in various industries like manually-operated machine tools, metrology, semiconductor, medical, automation, and as CNC applications.

By RSF Elektronik
Discrete Manufacturing February 18, 2015

Smart upgrading of China’s process industries

While the double-digit annual economic growth might never come back, many believe that a more environmentally friendly and rational development mode will lead China to sustainable growth. Saving energy with production optimization and the recycling of waste heat for power generation are crucial to address China's environmental problems.

By Control Engineering China
Discrete Manufacturing February 18, 2015

Magnetic reed sensor for instrumentation, industrial applications

Coto Technology's RedRock RR100 MEMS-based magnetic reed sensor is designed for automotive, instrumentation, industrial, and medical applications and also offers directional magnetic sensitivity and electrostatic discharge (ESD) resistance.

By Coto Technology Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing February 13, 2015

Medium-voltage motor market in China expected to face challenges

IHS reports that the medium-voltage motor market in China is expected to have minor growth due to headwinds with end-market performance and falling prices.

By Shirly Zhu, IHS Technology
Discrete Manufacturing February 12, 2015

Lifetime achievement award given to well-known electric motor and generator designer

Dan Jones, electric motor and generator designer, was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Electric Motor Education and Research Foundation and the SMMA-Motors and Motion Association during the annual fall conference awards and dinner for the organizations on Nov. 5, 2014.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing February 12, 2015

Customized frameless direct drive motor kits solve complex motion issues

Applimotion’s frameless direct drive motor kits have been used in custom direct-drive motors for more than 15 years in automation systems, robotics, semiconductor equipment, medical devices and communication systems.

By Applimotion
Discrete Manufacturing February 6, 2015

Web-based visualization software for operating and monitoring

Pilz's PASvisu is a web-based visualization software is a software package for operating and monitoring and can use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Access to all the data in an automation project, including all process variables and OPC namespaces, means there is no need to enter and assign variables manually.

By Pilz
Discrete Manufacturing February 5, 2015

Inductive proximity sensors, IP67 rating, 2 or 3 wire, with indicators

AutomationDirect’s APS inductive proximity sensor series are IP67-rated rectangular compact DC sensors available are available in two- or three-wire configurations and are fitted with polycarbonate unshielded housings and LED status indicators.

By AutomationDirect
Discrete Manufacturing February 4, 2015

Motor and drive systems: Advanced motors, encoders, applications

Advanced motor and motion systems were discussed at the 12th annual Motor & Drive Systems 2015 conference and exhibition, Jan. 21, in Orlando, Fla., including an axial variable flux permanent magnet motor, dual axial gap wheel motors, electric 2-wheelers, intelligent encoders, magnetic encoders, and inductive encoders.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing February 3, 2015

Camera for inspection and imaging applications

Teledyne Dalsa's Rad-icon 3030 CMOS X-Ray detector offer a combination of higher resolution and fast imaging and features 3096 x 3100 pixel resolution, an active area of 30.6 x 30.7 cm, and 99 micron pixel size.

By Teledyne Dalsa
Discrete Manufacturing January 30, 2015

Linear encoder for motion applications

RSF Elektronik's MS 15 optical kit style linear encoder is designed for motion applications and provides a 40 micron grating pitch on an 8mm wide steel tape carrier that has a double-stick backing for mounting directly to the machine axis.

By RSF Elektronik
Discrete Manufacturing January 28, 2015

Lathe control with enhanced functions, hardware

Heidenhain's CNC Pilot 640 lathe control combines turning-milling machines, vertical lathes, vertical boring, and turning mills functions. The software comes with high-resolution 3D graphic simulation.

By Heidenhain
Discrete Manufacturing January 27, 2015

Low-voltage variable frequency drive supports multiple motor types

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's F800 Series variable frequency drive is designed and optimized for HVAC and motor control applications. The F800 controls and supports multiple motor types, including AC induction and permanent magnet motors.

By Mitsubishi Electric
Discrete Manufacturing January 26, 2015

Laser distance sensor can detect 1 mm changes, works with high reflectivity

Banner Engineering's Q4X laser distance sensor is able to detect distance changes as small as 1 mm and is designed to sense applications regardless of target surface reflectivity.

By Banner Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing January 19, 2015

Handheld barcode terminals

Denso's BHT-1300-CE wireless and batch 1D and 2D handheld barcode terminals feature the Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system and Advanced Scan Plus CCD and area-imaging technology designed to enable faster scanning than lasers.

By Denso
Discrete Manufacturing January 19, 2015

Nanopositioners for precision applications

Aerotech's QNP-XY piezo nanopositioner series is designed for precision applications and features travel ranges from 100 μm to 600 μm as well as a capacitive sensor.

By Aerotech
Discrete Manufacturing January 15, 2015

Brushless linear motors work in high-speed closed-loop applications

H2W Technologies' brushless linear motors are designed for long stroke, high speed, closed-loop applications and can be provided with precision linear encoders or with hall effect sensors for trapezoidal commutation.

By H2W Technologies
Discrete Manufacturing January 15, 2015

Infrared temperature sensor can see into a vacuum chamber

The PyroMini 0.9 infrared pyrometer from Calex Electronics can view into a vacuum chamber through a quartz or glass window and measure the temperature of the surface of the silicon wafer and it can take repeatable measurements continuously for long periods.

By Calex Electronics
Discrete Manufacturing January 13, 2015

Line scan camera for machine vision applications

The Chromasens allPixa pro is a color line scan CCD camera designed for high-speed machine vision applications and has tri-linear CCD sensors and color accuracy for challenging inspection problems.

By Chromasens GmbH
Discrete Manufacturing January 12, 2015

Six predictions for manufacturing in 2015

Manufacturing is predicted to grow in 2015 thanks to an improved economy and the lower costs of reshoring; an increase in big data and predictive maintenance technologies are also expected. See 6 key manufacturing trends for 2015.

By John Zegers
Discrete Manufacturing December 31, 2014

Linear transducers for mobile hydraulics

The ICT800 and ICT820 in-cylinder linear transducers from Penny + Giles are designed for intelligent mobile hydraulics and are designed to survive in environments prone to extreme vibration and shock.

By Penny + Giles
Discrete Manufacturing December 31, 2014

CNC controller for vertical knee mills

The Acu-Rite Millpwrg2 control is a computer numerical control (CNC) designed for vertical knee mills and has functions that include a geometry calculator, tool plunge, and G-code editing capabilities and features like USB and a high-resolution display.

By Acu-Rite
Discrete Manufacturing December 31, 2014

Machine vision sales up in 2014 through third quarter

Total sales of machine vision components and systems increased 12% to $1.65 billion in the first nine months of 2014, according to the AIA.

Discrete Manufacturing December 29, 2014

Top 5 Control Engineering articles, December 22-28: PLC and DCS programming, MES or batch manufacturing, industrial automation video, more

Articles about PLC and DCS programming, MES and batch manufacturing, an industrial automation video, system integration insights, and modulation and coding schemes were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from last week, December 22-28. Were you out last week? Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing December 24, 2014

Vision sensors with 3D color detection

Baumer's VeriSens XC series vision sensor portfolio now includes models capable of color identification and inspection with the Color FEX feature for 3D color identification and definition. The products are designed for automation tasks like product encoding and quality assurance. They also can help with packaging, pick and pack, and assembly monitoring.

By The Baumer Group
Discrete Manufacturing December 24, 2014

Servomotors with low inertia save space in motion systems

The AM801x and AM811x servomotors from Beckhoff Automation feature F1 flange size with 40 mm edge length, which is designed to save space for motion systems. The servos are said to offer a low rotor moment of inertia as well as quadruple overload capacity, adhering to the highest requirements for motion dynamics.

By Beckhoff Automation
Discrete Manufacturing December 22, 2014

Variable frequency drive for energy efficient process control

Bosch Rexroth's EFC 3600 variable frequency drive series is designed to improve the process controls through integrated PID controllers as well as a sequence control system with eight steps.

By Bosch Rexroth
Discrete Manufacturing December 19, 2014

Automation 101 video explains industrial automation

Opto 22 explains automation simply with a basic cartoon video, “Automation 101 - What is Industrial Automation?” Adding intelligence, quality, and safety to a process is easier with automation, especially for doing things that humans cannot, explains Opto 22, a supplier of automation hardware and software.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing December 18, 2014

Modular rotary position feedback system

RSF Elektronik's MSR 40 modular rotary position feedback system allows machine designers to quickly measure angles on larger rotary axes and is suited for machines that require motion feedback.

By RSF Elektronik
Discrete Manufacturing December 17, 2014

Integrated motor and resolver gets a slimmer profile

A smaller profile for the Mosolver from QuickSilver Controls means more applications for the device in tighter spaces. QuickSilver Controls extended its patented Mosolver (Motor + Resolver) technology into the compact 17 frame format. The integrated motor and encoder provides 32,000 counts of position information. The sensor is protected by the motor structure, does not need a separate housing, and is unaffected by dust or grease.

By QuickSilver Controls
Discrete Manufacturing December 11, 2014

Barcode reader for 2D matrix and direct part mark codes

Cognex's PowerGrid technology is a texture-based location algorithm for reading 2D matrix and direct part mark (DPM) codes that is designed to look for a pattern of alternating light and dark modules within the code.

By Cognex
Discrete Manufacturing December 10, 2014

Automation company promotes new president for North American operations

Beckhoff Automation announced that Aurelio Banda will become the company's president of North American operations effective Jan. 1, 2015, and will oversee all operations from the company's Savage, Minn., office.

By Beckhoff Automation
Discrete Manufacturing November 9, 2014

New automation controllers allow for real-time monitoring and increased system efficiency

Parker Hannifin displayed more than 15 product lines appropriate to the packaging markets, at the Pack Expo in Chicago. Among the offerings were a servo motor, a programmable automation controller (PAC) and a wireless sensing system for monitoring pressure, temperature and humidity levels in systems and machines.

By Parker Hannifin
Discrete Manufacturing November 3, 2014

Packaging machine shipments up 6%, secondary packaging takes on dual role

U.S. packaging machinery shipments increased by 6 percent, to $7.9 billion, in 2013; and a rise in retail-ready packaging (RRP) is changing the role of secondary packaging, particularly in its role as a retail-ready packaging medium.

By CFE Media
Discrete Manufacturing October 23, 2014

Exploring motor measurement, controller design, and the maturity model

The October issue of AppliedAutomation focuses on motor measurement, designing real-time process controllers, and the maturity model.

By Jack Smith
Discrete Manufacturing October 8, 2014

Create the IoT with graphical system design software, flexible testing equipment

At 2014 NIDays in Chicago, Dave Wilson, director of academic programs at National Instruments, gave his insights on the Internet of things (IoT) and demonstrated the latest design and testing tools to create the IoT.

By Joy Chang
Discrete Manufacturing September 17, 2014

AC motor line expanded, integrates encoder

AutomationDirect's 0.5 to 5 hp Marathon Max+ series AC motors have an integrated encoder and can be used in machine tool, conveyor, packaging, and batch applications.

Discrete Manufacturing August 27, 2014

Photoelectric sensor series, in visible red and infrared versions, are IP67 rated

The QM photoelectric sensor series by AutomationDirect are IP67-rated sensors available in three-wire NPN or PNP styles and with visible red and infrared versions.

Discrete Manufacturing August 26, 2014

Future of the PLC

PLCs are evolving and continue to be the best option for a variety of industrial automation applications. Greater programming flexibility and ease, scalability, more memory, smaller sizes, very high-speed (Gigabit) Ethernet, and built-in wireless are among evolving programmable logic controller features.

By Jeff Payne
Discrete Manufacturing August 19, 2014

Adjustable frequency drives save energy, lower risk, add reliability

Eaton helps commercial, industrial, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers achieve new levels of energy efficiency, safety, and reliability with the new Eaton PowerXL Series adjustable frequency drives, reducing energy costs.

Discrete Manufacturing August 16, 2014

Nano sensors, everywhere

Think Again: Micromachining techniques are shrinking sensors, making devices less expensive with more capabilities. Microelectrical mechanical systems (MEMS) will evolve into nanoelectrical mechanical systems (NEMS).

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing August 8, 2014

Torque motors produce 30 percent more continuous torque, have liquid cooling

Etel's TMK series torque motors have accurate positioning with very high torque at low speeds.

Discrete Manufacturing July 29, 2014

3D vision cup inspection system

Industrial Control Inc. developed the IC ThermoChecker using a 3D smart camera to reliably detect and reject the defective parts, resulting in a substantial increase in defect detection before parts left the client’s facility.

By Larry Hildenbrand
Discrete Manufacturing July 4, 2014

Machine Safety: Which safety circuit design is required?

When considering safety circuit designs and compliance requirements, look at B level versus C level safety standards and their approval dates. See levels of machine safety standards graphic.

By JB Titus
Discrete Manufacturing July 2, 2014

Machine Safety: ANSI Z10-2005 is a concern and an opportunity

ANSI Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standard ANSI Z10-2005 was updated, and the update approved on Sept. 5, 2012. This remarkable accomplishment created a national consensus standard for all types of organizations and companies regardless of size. A standard is not a guideline, and it carries compliance requirements. OSHA says ignorance of a regulation or standard is not an acceptable excuse.

By JB Titus
Discrete Manufacturing March 18, 2014

Increase sampling time for motor control

Inside Machines: Pulse width modulation (PWM) using opposite voltage vector can extend time for analog dc (ADC) sampling in motor control applications.

By Jiri Ryba, PhD
Discrete Manufacturing February 14, 2014

2014 ARC Industry Forum: Applying programming standards to system integration

Certified integrators are important for the implementation of PackML, according to Jeff Shiepe, project engineer at Nestle. In his presentation at the 2014 ARC Industry Forum, he toplined some integration challenges and lessons learned in a recent Nestle factory expansion.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing February 6, 2014

When to use multi-function safety relays

In applications where single-function relays aren’t capable enough and a safety-rated PLC is overkill, multi-function safety relays can be the best technology choice. Tables provide examples.

By Lenny Filipkowski
Discrete Manufacturing January 27, 2014

4 ways OEM customers can benefit by consolidating suppliers

To reduce costs, improve reliability, and streamline the manufacturing process, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers may seek one vendor that can support parts manufacturers from the initial design process through final delivery.

By Valerie Rothermal-Nelson
Discrete Manufacturing January 20, 2014

Product Exclusive: Robust, reliable, and cost-effective draw wire encoders

Instead of costly and complicated mounting options, the new draw wire encoders from Kübler find the balance between price and performance.

Discrete Manufacturing January 17, 2014

Schneider Electric completes acquisition of Invensys

Schneider Electric announced today that it completed its acquisition of Invensys PLC, a global automation player with a large installed base and a strong software presence. The deal previously was reported to be a $5 billion transaction.

By Jordan M. Schultz
Discrete Manufacturing January 7, 2014

Why you need data-rich controllers

Extended storage memory for project files enables faster commissioning, less downtime.

By David Rapini
Discrete Manufacturing January 3, 2014

Machine builders, system integrators, end users get online educational tools

Bosch Rexroth offers educational resource kits that include case studies, technical papers, software tools, and web resources to improve knowledge of hydraulics, linear motion and mechatronics, factory automation, mobile technologies, and other topics.

By Bosch Rexroth
Discrete Manufacturing January 3, 2014

Machine vision for tire manufacturers

Cognex's Tire Solutions integrate proprietary machine vision knowledge and barcode reading technology that are specifically designed for the tire industry.

Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2014

Top Control Engineering articles, November 2013

The most-visited articles at during November 2013 included: Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award Finalists, PID math, artificial intelligence tools for sensor systems, SCADA technology, automated guided vehicles, plant-to-enterprise integration, technical training advice, cyber security, and more.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing December 31, 2013

Rotary electric encoder increases reliability

Netzer's DS-25 lightweight, miniature absolute rotary encoder provides high-resolution positions with a miniature-to-wide diameter hollow shaft. Fewer components increases reliability.

Discrete Manufacturing December 25, 2013

Balancing the bagging triangle

Applying the bagging triangle can ensure that packagers maintain efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

By Markus Lackmann, Haver Filling Systems Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing December 19, 2013

Pre-configured software templates – are they effective?

Manufacturing Operations Management systems look to specific industry needs

By Mark Davidson, LNS Research
Discrete Manufacturing November 26, 2013

Motor provides position control without encoder

QuickSilver Controls Mosolver is a servo motion actuator that infuses a position feedback sensor into the structure of a high pole count ac motor; no encoder is needed for closed loop motion control.

Discrete Manufacturing October 30, 2013

Artificial intelligence tools can aid sensor systems

At least seven artificial intelligence (AI) tools can be useful when applied to sensor systems: knowledge-based systems, fuzzy logic, automatic knowledge acquisition, neural networks, genetic algorithms, case-based reasoning, and ambient-intelligence. See diagrams.

By David Sanders
Discrete Manufacturing October 28, 2013

Grinding large bearings to micron precision

Case study: This application describes the vital role of encoders in the finishing process of giant bearings.

By Frank J. Bartos, PE
Discrete Manufacturing October 21, 2013

China’s PLC market will see moderate recovery

The PLC market in China is expected to recover from a recent downward spiral as more domestic suppliers begin to emerge, particularly in the micro PLC market, according to ARC Advisory Group.

By Control Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing October 14, 2013

An HMI is more than just icing on a cake

Since it’s the way that users interact with a control system, don’t underestimate the importance of an effective HMI. It makes a huge difference to users now and down the road.

By Miguel Gutierrez
Discrete Manufacturing October 11, 2013

Compact photoelectric sensor series has emitter beam for easy setup

Banner Engineering's S18-2 compact photoelectric sensor series are self-contained, dc-operated sensors built with advanced ASIC technology and a red emitter beam that reaches up to 25 m.

Discrete Manufacturing October 8, 2013

Pocket motion controller includes stepper drive

Galil Motion Control's DMC-30016 pocket motion controller combines a single-axis motion controller with a 1.4 A/phase stepper drive in a compact unit.

Discrete Manufacturing October 2, 2013

Dual contact blocks are IP67 rated

IDEC's dual contact blocks are IP67 rated and allow a user up to six contacts and extend 59.9 mm behind the panel.

Discrete Manufacturing September 20, 2013

Motor shaft grounding can enhance reliability in your inverter-fed motor

While variable frequency drives save energy, they sometimes lead to premature bearing and motor failure when not properly grounded and programmed. Beware of this “new” cause of bearing failure and know how to prevent it by eliminating common mode voltage.

By David E. Steen
Discrete Manufacturing August 30, 2013

PLC for extreme environments

The AC-500 XC PLC from ABB is designed to operate in extreme temperatures and has extended immunity against corrosive elements and electric shock.

Discrete Manufacturing August 28, 2013

Programmable controller series for scalable machines

The MELSEC-L programmable controller from Mitsubishi Electric Automation customizes hardware configurations for scalable machines and integrates sequence, motion, temperature, and vision control into one package.

Discrete Manufacturing August 26, 2013

Machine vision camera with autofocus

The uEye XS camera with autofocus by IDS is designed to deliver crisp images from close range and can be integrated into most imaging systems.

Discrete Manufacturing August 12, 2013

Gas valve manifold for semiconductor box applications

Festo's VTOC pilot gas valve manifold has configurations for up to 24 valve positions as well as configurable manifold rails and choices of pneumatic outlets.

Discrete Manufacturing August 12, 2013

Entry-level micro PLCs join controller platform

Product Exclusive: Mitsubishi Electric adds entry-level Micro PLC to the FX3 Series; FX3S Micro programmable logic controller provides lowest cost entry into the FX3 PLC platform.

Discrete Manufacturing August 9, 2013

Safety scale for safeguards

Danray Products' point-of-operation-opening safety scale is designed for safeguards and is made out of anodized aluminum and features a tapered design for tight, obstructive areas.

Discrete Manufacturing July 18, 2013

Capacitive sensor has teach button for easier setup

The CM12 capacitive sensor by Sick has teach button settings for normal and sensitive operations, allowing it to be used for a variety of critical applications.

Discrete Manufacturing July 8, 2013

Motion card integrates high-performance amplifiers, motion control package

Product Exclusive: PMD Prodigy/CME Machine Controller Card integrates up to four amplifiers and a positioning motion controller on one printed circuit card.

Discrete Manufacturing June 12, 2013

Machine Safety: Actuator controls versus machine actuators

Why is knowing the difference between a machine actuator versus an actuator control important? The hazard on a machine is what’s really important to reducing risk! Understanding two standards-based definitions can help.

By JB Titus
Discrete Manufacturing May 31, 2013

North America machine vision sales rising

The Automated Imaging Association (AIA) reported a 10 percent increase in machine vision sales for the first quarter of 2013, thanks in large part to an increase in machine vision system sales.

Discrete Manufacturing May 13, 2013

Book: ‘The Automation Legal Reference’ provides legal advice with wit, wisdom

A new book, a guide to legal risk in the automation, robotics, and process industries, by Mark Voigtmann, expands upon his legal wisdom, sound advice, and humor from the Control Engineering “Legalities” column.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing May 2, 2013

Advances: Machine vision products, standards

Recent new product and standards advances include FDA traceability, higher speed, and connectivity and integration standards.

Discrete Manufacturing April 22, 2013

3D vision system performs rope wear analysis

Three-dimensional (3D) imaging can be used to verify rope and cable quality to measure pitch length and diameter, and identify rope surface damage and type of wear, with accuracy surpassing current methods, to enhance safety. See photos.

By Andrzej Sioma
Discrete Manufacturing April 10, 2013

Quality control measurements for smooth surfaces

Laser camera combination technology is ideal for surface measurement in many industries. The camera detects a laser line projected onto an object at a specific angle. Height and width information is determined by triangulation.

By Todd Belt
Discrete Manufacturing March 26, 2013

Top Control Engineering articles, February 2013

Most-visited articles at during February 2013 included the following topics: Plant-floor virtualization, robots vs. jobs, PLC vs. PAC, servodrive control, dynamic process simulation, intelligent field device standard, and cyber security, among others.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing March 14, 2013

Machine vision sales expected to grow in 2013

The AIA reports that machine vision components and sales totaled $1.8 billion in 2012, a four percent decline from 2011. An optimistic outlook about manufacturing in North America is leading to a positive growth outlook for 2013, however.

By Automated Imaging Association
Discrete Manufacturing March 5, 2013

Selection and sophistication of panel computers continues to grow

AIS expands its range of industrial touch screen panel computers, extending combinations of processors and screen sizes.

Discrete Manufacturing February 28, 2013

Medium-voltage drives to see accelerated growth globally in 2013, despite European market contraction

The European market experienced serious economic woes in 2012 as both public and private investment withered due to the sovereign debt crisis, which has outlasted expectations.

By IHS Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing February 11, 2013

Servo motor line, synchronized motors systems can serve as robot muscles

Muscle Robotics offers full line of servo motor systems, Cool Muscle motors. High-speed demonstration of synchronized motor systems is planned for ATX West 2013, Feb. 12-14.

Discrete Manufacturing February 8, 2013

Inaugural STEP award winners announced

The first 122 recepients of the Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Production) Awards were announced as a part of the STEP ahead initiative, which is designed to promote women's role in the manufacturing landscape.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing February 1, 2013

Universal Robots collaborate outside enclosures

Since Universal Robots launched in North America in September 2012, the user-friendly, lightweight robot arms from Denmark have been met with overwhelming interest from distributors and customers, the company said. Return on investment is 3-8 months; 80% operate without enclosures. Link to videos.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing January 31, 2013

Robotics: Higher speeds, more power, programming advances

Yaskawa Motoman high-speed robots, gateway that allows PLC programming and open programming support, two-arm robots, multi-language support, career fair, and expansion among Automate 2013 announcements.

Discrete Manufacturing January 30, 2013

Two robots are better than one for nimble welding applications

ABB Robotics combined its IRB 660 and IRB 140 robots, creating an IRB 800 robot with 10 axes of movement for robotic welding and other highly nimble applications.

Discrete Manufacturing January 22, 2013

General manager appointed for vision group

Thomas Lübkemeier was named General Manager for the European Machine Vision Association.

By European Machine Vision Association (EMVA)
Discrete Manufacturing January 7, 2013

Machine vision software upgrade

Microscan's AutoVision 2.0 combines a simplified user interface with a powerful toolset for inspection, error proofing, and identification applications.

Discrete Manufacturing December 28, 2012

IP67 GigE cameras

The GigE uEye RE camera series by IDS Imaging meets protection classes IP65 and IP67 and features an M12 circular connector and optically decoupled digital I/Os.

Discrete Manufacturing December 21, 2012

Small-payload industrial robot market grows

IMS Research estimates the world market for industrial robots will grow at an annual average rate of more than 8% from 2011 to 2016 thanks to advances in machine vision and sensing and gripping.

By Source: IMS Research (acquired by IHS)
Discrete Manufacturing November 7, 2012

Technologies inside: Vision integration speeds production, cuts waste for plastics manufacturer

Teledyne Dalsa’s Geva vision system, Genie camera, and Sherlock machine vision software improve quality control.

By Ben Dawson
Discrete Manufacturing October 29, 2012

Overcoming network obfuscation

Some simple design guidelines and a little planning ahead can result in more straightforward communication system architecture.

By Karl Schrader
Discrete Manufacturing October 26, 2012

Vision system for multi-camera applications

The GEVA-300 by Teledyne Dalsa is a vision system for multi-camera applications that use an expandable platform for a multitude of industrial inspection tasks and it is compatible with the company's Genie cameras.

Discrete Manufacturing October 25, 2012

Huge market volume for intelligent industrial robots in China

Control Engineering International: With increasing labor costs and labor employment adjustments, China’s manufacturing industry is losing the advantage of low-cost labor to Southeast Asian countries. Increased use of industrial robots lowers production costs and frees workers from tedious labor so they can move into positions of higher technical and management skills, said Control Engineering China.

By Zhu Ku
Discrete Manufacturing October 16, 2012

Asia Pacific market for machine vision is changing

Projections indicate the Asia Pacific market (excluding Japan) will pass EMEA revenues in the machine vision market by 2015.

By Control Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing September 12, 2012

Servos versus induction motors: Look at performance, costs

Choosing between servos and induction motors depends on the level of performance required by the application and costs. Induction motors are simple, low-cost, and straightforward. Servos can offer higher performance, faster speeds, and smaller sizes.

By Bob Swalley
Discrete Manufacturing September 10, 2012

IMTS 2012: Integrated motion of robotics, CNC

Siemens demonstrates Kuka Robotics integration for workpiece handling at IMTS 2012. Motion is controlled by Kuka mxAutomation software through the Siemens Sinumerik CNC, easing integration and operations.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing August 31, 2012

Area scan camera series available in color

The Falcon2 camera series by Teledyne Dalsa enable color inspection as well fast frame rates up to 168 frames per second. They also come with embedded image processing and pixel responsivity adjustment.

Discrete Manufacturing August 27, 2012

What about software for managing your manufacturing operations?

An effective relationship with your software vendor can result in developments that put you ahead of your competition.

By Nick Schleich
Discrete Manufacturing August 24, 2012

Report on manufacturing competitiveness, positive impact

"U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness Initiative: Dialog on Next Generation Supply Networks and Logistics" has a positive overall outlook for manufacturing in the U.S. for today and the future. It is a 2012 report from Georgia Tech and the Council on Competitiveness.

By Chris Vavra
Discrete Manufacturing August 9, 2012

Selecting proximity sensors for diverse applications

Proximity sensors provide high-quality performance for an evolving range of applications.

By Tony Udelhoven
Discrete Manufacturing July 27, 2012

How legislation, politics affect automation, manufacturing

Siemens lobbyists explain how current politics and legislation influence manufacturing, automation, and controls, and how they’re trying to help make it easier for businesses to partner with clients. Collaboration to overcome uncertainties would be good for business. Discussions of taxes, trade, cyber security, Smart Grid, and other policies, follow.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing July 12, 2012

Machine Safety: Is OSHA okay with my ‘acceptable’ risk mitigation?

“We have reviewed all of our machine safety hazards and have applied mitigation solutions to every hazard. Will OSHA agree with the mitigated 'acceptable' risk levels we’ve achieved?”

By J.B. Titus
Discrete Manufacturing July 6, 2012

Camera series now in color

The Genie TS camera series by Teledyne Dalsa has three new color models in addition to CMOS imaging sensor technology and GigE Vision-compliance.

Discrete Manufacturing June 4, 2012

Machine vision: high-speed, long-distance communications

CoaXPress (CXP) is a high-speed point-to-point serial communication standard for the transmission of video data, scalable over single or multiple coaxial cables. It has a high-speed downlink of up to 6.25Gb/S per cable for video, images, and data, plus a lower speed, 20Mb/S uplink for communications and control.

By Donal Waide
Discrete Manufacturing May 4, 2012

USB 3.0 machine vision cameras, 10x data rate of USB 2.0, are at The Vision Show

IDS uEye 3.0 USB cameras to be shown in North American for first time at the Vision Show. Cameras are compact with 10x the data rate of USB 2.0.

By Source: Imaging Development Systems
Discrete Manufacturing April 2, 2012

Build better machines with machine vision

Cost-effective, high-performance machine vision tools help machine builders increase accuracy and throughput on a new machine design using four cameras, one controller, and high-speed communications.

By Maureen Clancy
Discrete Manufacturing March 29, 2012

Machine vision grows more quickly in Americas and EMEA

IMS Research revealed in its quarterly tracker that market growth in Asia Pacific from 2010 to 2011 was only 8.5%, which was far less than the EMEA or the Americas over that same time span.

By Source: IMS Research (IHS Inc.)
Discrete Manufacturing March 27, 2012

New sensors added to Giganetix GigE Vision cameras

Expanded portfolio now includes Truesense Imaging (Formerly Kodak) sensors using GigE communications.

By Smartek
Discrete Manufacturing March 20, 2012

Working toward an intelligent energy management solution

Control Engineering International: Suzanne Gill, Control Engineering Europe, spoke to Dr. Richard Bateman from the Advanced Manufacturing & Enterprise Engineering (AMEE) group at Brunel University to find out about the EuroEnergest project whose ultimate aim is reducing energy usage in the automotive industry.

By Suzanne Gill
Discrete Manufacturing March 8, 2012

Vision sensor for pick-and-place applications

The FQ-M vision sensor by Omron comes with Ethernet and EtherCAT embedded for easy integration and an incremental encoder for tracking and calibration.

Discrete Manufacturing February 14, 2012

Vision software update supports camera technology

The EyeVision software by EVT has been revised, allowing compatibility with CoaXPress cameras in addition to PC interfaces like USB, GigE and FireWire.

Discrete Manufacturing February 4, 2012

Industrial-grade magnetic inclinometer

The PTAS2 series by A.C.E. is a sensor designed for harsh conditions, making it suited for factory automation and robotic applications.

Discrete Manufacturing January 23, 2012

Industrial cameras: Rugged with USB 3.0

IDS GmbH's USB 3.0 uEye cameras have three sensors and are designed to withstand manufacturing settings because of its magnesium casing.

Discrete Manufacturing January 23, 2012

If your 2011 was good, 2012 will be better

Outlook for automation growth in the U.S. is healthy for 2012, suggests Alan Beaulieu, president, Institute for Trend Research (ITR), a Jan. 19 presenter at the Robotics Industry Forum, AIA Business Conference, and MCA Business Conference, Jan. 18-20, Orlando, Fla.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2012

19th Annual Robotics Industry Forum

19th Annual Robotics Industry Forum will be Jan. 18-20, 2012, Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, Fla. The Robotic Industries Association event is co-located with the AIA and MCA business conferences, attracting those interested in robotics, machine vision, and motion control.

Discrete Manufacturing December 13, 2011

2D optical micrometer

The TM-3000 2D Optical Micrometer from Keyence is designed to combine the functionality of a laser scan micrometer, machine vision system and optical comparator into one device.

Discrete Manufacturing December 4, 2011

Think Again: Encourage smarter manufacturing policies

Manufacturing is the innovative lifeblood of U.S. economic prosperity. Tell policymakers that. Send them this link today.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing November 29, 2011

Checker line gets tool, lighting upgrade

The Checker 4G7X offers a pattern-based position tool that supports 360-degree rotation and component placement for improved productivity.

Discrete Manufacturing November 18, 2011

EC: Genie TS GigE Vision camera

Machine and embedded control – Machine vision, barcode readers: The Genie TS series from Teledyne Dalsa combines advancements in our CMOS imaging sensor technology with a newly optimized camera series that delivers the widest, most powerful feature set ever in a GigE Vision camera. This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

Discrete Manufacturing November 18, 2011

EC: ST100 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Process control – Flowmeters: Fluid Components International's all-new ST100 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter is an advanced, high-performance and process adaptable gas flowmeter for use in all process and plant gas flow measurement applications in pipe diameters from 1 in. (25 mm) to 100 in. (2500 mm). This is a Control Engineering 2012 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

Discrete Manufacturing November 15, 2011

High resolution machine vision cameras

The Falcon 2 machine vision camera series from Teladyne Dalsa is designed to deliver quick pictures and high resolution for electronics, semiconductor and flat panel display inspection.

Discrete Manufacturing November 9, 2011

Real-time processing platform

The Xcelera-CL VX4 and Sapera APF use a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) based vision processor for real-time image processing applications

Discrete Manufacturing October 28, 2011

High-flex molded cables, cordsets

Phoenix Contact's M12 cordsets can flex up to 15 million bend-cycles and are designed for situations where cables need torosional and bending strength.

Discrete Manufacturing October 21, 2011

UV, scope cameras expand machine vision line

PPT Vision's JAI cameras, including an ultra-violet camera for inspections, have been added to its M-series embedded machine vision system line.

Discrete Manufacturing October 21, 2011

Leader Under 40: E.J. Daigle

Academic director - Robotics + Manufacturing, Dunwoody College of Technology – AAS Electronics Engineering Technology, Coastline Community College; BS Mathematics, Metropolitan State University

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 20, 2011

Compact industrial camera includes PoE

IDS GmbH released the UI-5480CP industrial camera, which is reportedly one of the smallest to have PoE as a feature.

Discrete Manufacturing October 7, 2011

Rugged machine vision cameras, improved functionality

The Spyder3 cameras by Teledyne Dalsa received recent updates, allowing them to work in harsher temperatures and improved graphical interfaces.

Discrete Manufacturing September 30, 2011

Three-phase brushless motor pre-driver

Texas Instruments DRV8301 brushless motor provides improved thermal performance and greater efficiency in BLDC and PMSM applications.

Discrete Manufacturing September 22, 2011

Fast machine vision cameras use GigE communications

Teledyne Dalsa's Genie TS cameras combine CMOS imaging sensor technology, monochrome or color, with a GigE Vision communications for speeds up to 300 frames per second (fps) at distances up to 100 m, meeting performance and operational requirements of a wide range of discrete applications.

Discrete Manufacturing September 20, 2011

Standardized packages of motor and gear units

ABB Robotics standardized packages of motor and gear units help system integrators create external axis systems.

Discrete Manufacturing August 25, 2011

CCD camera for scientific, astronomical imaging

Teledyne Dalsa unveiled its new CCD camera, QuantaPro2K camera at the SPIE Optics + Photonics trade show in San Diego.

Discrete Manufacturing August 23, 2011

Inside Machines: Fly Me to the Moon

Tiny motion control technology helps with a prototype lunar mechanical tool changer for a robot that could unload moon landers from a spacecraft and then do various science experiments.

By Larry Hansen
Discrete Manufacturing August 21, 2011

Non-contact transfer picking device includes high-grade polymer version

Non-Contact Transfer (NCT) unit from Rexroth is a unique picking device that operates on the Bernoulli principle, which applies airflow under the device to create a vacuum and lift force between the center and circumference. The line is now expanded to include a high-grade polymer version.

Discrete Manufacturing August 19, 2011

Machine vision growth continues

IMS Research analyst John Morse believes machine vision is going to grow up to 10% in 2011, continuing a double-digit trend.

Discrete Manufacturing August 17, 2011

Machine vision software adds 3D vision

Cognex Corporation added 3D vision to VisionPro to work in real-world conditions, particularly in assembly, logistics, and robot applications.

Discrete Manufacturing August 10, 2011

I don’t have to upgrade my machine safety to the latest technology

I’ll bet nearly everyone reading this blog has heard someone say, “I don’t have to upgrade my machine safety to the latest technology.” Right? And, the next comment might be something like, “My shop is safe because we haven’t had an accident for umpteen years.” Are these folks wrong? Here are 5 questions to ask about machine safety.

By J.B. Titus
Discrete Manufacturing July 5, 2011

Software for three-phase motor drive design

STMicroelectronics released new controllers for the STM32 series to simplify design and save more energy.

Discrete Manufacturing April 26, 2011

NIWeek 2011

Tuesday, August 2–Thursday, August 4, Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, is the next NIWeek from National Instruments.

Discrete Manufacturing April 21, 2011

Palletization, depalletization with EyeScan 3D and Kinect sensor

EVT’s expanded EyeVision system opens up new application ranges of robot control by the combination of a depth sensor and a normal camera via the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect sensor.

Discrete Manufacturing March 16, 2011

Webcams as 3D vision systems software updated

Universal Robotics’ Spatial Vision features enhanced accuracy, ease-of-use for turning webcams into 3D vision hardware.

By SOURCE: Universal Robotics Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing March 11, 2011

Jazz robot puts mobile telepresence on display

CeBIT featured more than the normal fare of conference attendees – Gostai brought its mobile telepresence robot along.

By SOURCE: Gostai
Discrete Manufacturing March 3, 2011

Ivy Tech Community College robotic programming boost

Ivy Tech Community College is now a Motoman Endorsed Robotics Instructor Training (MERIT) center, bringing Motoman training to Indiana region.

Discrete Manufacturing February 22, 2011

Robotic Innovation in entertainment and retail sectors

Collaboration with Bon Jovi RoboScreen mastermind to accelerate the development of robotic systems for entertainment and in-store advertising.

By SOURCE: ABB Robotics
Discrete Manufacturing February 21, 2011

Integrated Dress pack model added to mid-size robot family

With cables and hoses protected in the upper arm the IRB 2600ID shortens cycle times 15%, with lower operational costs, simplified programming

By SOURCE: ABB Robotics/Zycon
Discrete Manufacturing February 21, 2011

Beer Distributor selects robotic case picking system

Large-scale robotic case picking solution designed to pick 300 SKUs at 250,000+ cases/day, on a footprint less than 40,000 sq ft.

By SOURCE: RMT Robotics
Discrete Manufacturing January 13, 2011

FIRST Robotics Team 3767: Reveal day didn’t reveal as much as expected

Continued: Forty-student comprise FIRST Robotics Team 3767; I'm one of the 8 team Mentors. Their first competition will be March 4 and 5, 2011 – just six weeks away. That will be followed by another in Troy, MI a few weeks later.

Discrete Manufacturing January 9, 2011

2011 FIRST Robotics Competition: A look inside the Traverse City West team

Look inside a FIRST Robotics team effort - how a team forms then designs, builds, tests, and modifies a robot all within six weeks for the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Discrete Manufacturing November 11, 2010

Robotics for 4-H youth; did you see the Google driverless car?

4-H club pushes robotics and Lego Mindstorms; Did you see the Google driverless car? Link to 4-H robotics site and driverless car video.

Discrete Manufacturing November 1, 2010

EC: Fluke 365 Detachable Jaw True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter

Hardware - Handheld testing, calibration: Fluke Corporation Fluke 365 Detachable Jaw True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter - Thin, detachable clamp aids access to PLC wiring and improves visibility when measuring AC or DC current, voltage, resistance and continuity. This is a Control Engineering 2011 Engineers' Choice (EC) Award winner.

Discrete Manufacturing October 11, 2010

OPC Foundation, MTConnect Institute develop MTConnectOpcUa

At IMTS 2010, the OPC Foundation and the MTConnect Institute announced they would develop standards called MTConnectOpcUa. The companion specifications aim to ensure interoperability and consistency between MTConnect specifications and OPC specifications, as well as the manufacturing technology equipment, devices, software, or other products that implement those standards.

Discrete Manufacturing September 4, 2010

Back to Basics: Data conversion details

Bit counts matter when converting analog data to digital.

By Control Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2010

Microchips doing more for motor, motion control

Advancing Technology: Sensorless vector control, power factor control, and higher temperature operation are among recent silicon developments.

By Frank J. Bartos, P.E.
Discrete Manufacturing April 1, 2010

It’s not just about the engineering

Editorial: After a solid year of declines in manufacturing and related employment here in North America, it’s becoming apparent that we have turned a corner in the industry. As of early March, the Institute of Supply Management (ISM) reports that its index of purchasing managers has remained at a level considered to reflect industry growth for seven straight months.

By David Greenfield, Editorial Director,
Discrete Manufacturing February 11, 2010

FMA: STEM initiatives prepare students for post-secondary opportunities

The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association Intl. (FMA) is helping a suburban Chicago high school implement a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum.

Discrete Manufacturing December 31, 2009

Increase warehouse productivity, wirelessly

Technology tips follow for higher warehouse productivity for manufacturers using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Discrete Manufacturing November 12, 2009

Manufacturing is the core of U.S. economic success

Productivity has more than doubled in manufacturing in last 20 years, which is a boon for competitiveness, wages, and the rest of the economy, says Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI.

By Mark T. Hoske
Discrete Manufacturing November 5, 2009

Supply chain merger: JDA Software to acquire i2 Technologies

Nearly a year after the global credit crunch caused the two companies to walk away from a merger, JDA Software has once again announced plans to acquire supply chain software specialist i2 Technologies.

By Sidney Hill
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 2009

Innovative engineering ingredients

Seven tips for spreading engineering innovation were relayed at NIWeek last month. Look for, learn, and apply game-changing technologies. What emerging technologies will seem, 30 years from now, as the Apple 2, Commodore 64, or TRS 80 do today? asked Dean Kamen, founder of Deka Research & Development Corp.

By Mark T. Hoske, Editor in Chief
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2009

Laser Scanners for Work Cell Safety

Designing a safeguarding solution for work cells requires striking a balance between floor space, ease of installation, productivity, safety, and initial and ongoing maintenance costs. When determining the proper method of machine safeguarding, however, it is important that other occasional operations like setup, cleaning, maintenance and adjustments are also taken into account.

By Brad Raven, Sick Safety Systems
Discrete Manufacturing April 21, 2009

Report from Hannover: Voice of youth at Hannover Fair

Getting youth excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) is among goals of Hannover Fair 2009, in the TecToYou program, with guided tours and a robotics competition where teams of students build soccer-playing robots that will compete for a soccer championship this week.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing February 5, 2009

Next-gen news: SAP bets modular approach to Business Suite 7 will appeal in times of economic crisis

Amid what SAP executives concede is a global economic crisis, top executives for the enterprise software vendor introduced a new-generation suite of its ERP and other applications at a press conference Feb. 4, 2009, at its offices in New York City. While acknowledging that corporate IT budgets are tight, SAP leaders say that its more modular software with one “enhancement pack” strategy for all applications will appeal to users looking to trim IT costs by eliminating upgrade pains, and quickly gaining crucial functionality. “We are living in challenging times,” says Co-CEO Leo Apotheker. “But there are very good reasons why people should invest in IT.

By Roberto Michel, senior contributing editor (
Discrete Manufacturing February 1, 2009

Product development in 3D

Design for manufacturability—the idea of taking the company’s manufacturing capabilities into account during new product design—is not a new concept. What is new is the growing movement among manufacturers to integrate product life-cycle management (PLM) and production management software as the means for delivering product design data to the plant floor.

By Jim Fulcher, Contributing Editor
Discrete Manufacturing January 15, 2009

Lean manufacturing: Tips for combining lean and automation

Automation technology can be used as a tool to help implement lean manufacturing solutions. When used correctly, it can help eliminate error and waste in a lean operation. Podcast puts to rest the myths about the roles of automation and lean and focuses on when it makes sense to consider automation solutions to lean manufacturing problems. Link to lean resources, including glossary of lean.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 9, 2009

2009 FIRST Robotics Competition: What some young robot designers are thinking

What goes through the heads of young robot designers participating in the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition? (FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.) See what one team is thinking. Link to safety video.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 9, 2009

Safe robotics: Mythbusters star in safety video for 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition

Grant Imahara, Mythbusters host and a robot builder, stars in the new FIRST Robotics instructional safety video from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Assn., Intl. (FMA) and UL Laboratories. Link to the video and to comments from FIRST Robotics participants.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2009

Engineers spend significant time on manual CAD repair

Through a recent survey of 538 discrete manufacturing professionals, Longview Advisors finds persistent inefficiencies in design data handling, even though effective solutions are available. The “2008 Collaboration & Interoperability Market Report” includes results and analysis from Longview’s fourth annual survey.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 18, 2008

Tips for sustainability in manufacturing

Controls engineers have quietly done sustainability related efforts for years; we call them "lean initiatives," says Pack Expo speaker.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 1, 2008

Slim safety light curtains provide heavy-duty protection

SL-V Safety Light Curtain incorporates highly-visible indicators to facilitate setup and to easily see the current operating status. The tough, slim body conforms to IP-65 and IP-67 rating standards. Edge-to-edge mounting and side-exit cabling allow precise fit into equipment. Operators can immediately determine whether the curtain is active, preventing situations where the beam is accidentally...

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 1, 2008

World’s largest robot?

The M-2000iA is the world's largest and strongest six-axis robot, claims Rich Meyer, product manager, Fanuc Robotics. “It has the longest reach and the strongest wrist – surpassing all other six-axis robots available today,” he says. The company introduced its M-2000iA line of super heavy-duty robots in a fabrication system demonstration during IMTS 2008, at McCormick Place in...

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 21, 2008

Robotics conference: Conference and Exposition adds Birds-of-a-Feather discussions

Discussions to provide a unique opportunity for conference attendees to break into smaller peer groups to discuss some of the most important issues in robotics and robotics technology

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 17, 2008

Discrete advisory: aPriori delivers “should cost” assessments to reduce product cost

aPriori v6 product cost management platform delivers real-time product cost assessments to enable discrete manufacturers to reduce direct material spend by identifying quantifiable savings in material, tooling, labor, and overhead while evaluating alternative designs, processes, and sources.aPriori v6 features support for additional 3D CAD file formats with integration to CATIA v5, and Siemens PLM NX . Combined with its existing integration to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and enhanced support for industry standards including STEP, aPriori v6 significantly extends its ability to cost parts and products automatically and instantly from solid model files. By extending CAD file support, aPriori v6 enables both CAD-users and non-CAD users to cost parts and assemblies in real-time.“When your employees know the cost impact of the product decisions they make—as they make them—they drive more costs out of the products you manufacture.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Discrete Manufacturing September 30, 2008

Controlling big machines: Large Collider, NASA Orion, strongest robot

Automation helps big machines: Adder extension technology is contributing to the Large Hadron Collider, a new generation of space exploration is afoot with the help of Green Hills Software, and there is the world's largest and strongest six-axis robot from Fanuc Robotics, the M-2000iA/1200. See photos.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing September 29, 2008

Discrete advisory: Infor ERP XA speeds inventory management

The latest release of Infor ERP XA, an IBM System i-based ERP solution for discrete manufacturers with mixed-mode processes, reportedly serves up more system speed, inventory management processes, and service and maintenance procedures for IT professionals.“Infor ERP XA is a comprehensive system that streamlines master production scheduling, inventory management, order processing, material requirements planning, detailed lot tracking, and production reporting,” says Kevin Piotrowski, director, discrete industry and product marketing, Infor. “With the latest version of XA, the system functions faster and is easier to service, lowering the total cost of ownership for companies in discrete manufacturing.”Infor ERP XA 7.8 uses an IBM query engine, SQE, which increases the system’s speed of data retrieval and improves performance across the board. The enhanced version also automatically updates financials by type: accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and cash—reducing time by eliminating the step required to look up the transaction category.In addition, the new version uses a companion field to update the currency decimal point for various foreign monies, previously done separately.Manufacturers also can receive inventory using abstract syntax notation (ASN) in addition to purchase order, thereby simplifying supplier relations.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Discrete Manufacturing September 5, 2008

User group meetings: Trade show, conference, motivational seminar, and party, all in one

What should you look for before you go, and what should you expect when you get there? Here are seven recommendations to keep in mind, and one more just for fun.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing September 2, 2008

IMTS: Robots will fight at the manufacturing technology show

Break it up is not going to mean quit fighting as robots slug it out at the International Manufacturing Technology Show. IMTS 2008 is in Chicago, Sept. 8-13, 2008. Learn more about robotic combat with three power demonstrations daily at....

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2008

Speedier production management application development

The application development capabilities of Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk ProductionCentre have been updated and expanded to help users save time and money when building and deploying manufacturing production applications across multiple sites. It leverages the FactoryTalk Services Platform, a service-oriented architecture (SOA) for improved plant-wide integration.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2008

The code in the machine

Don't be surprised if a friend who gives you a ride in his new Ford Fusion or Mercury Milan suddenly begins talking to his car. He might say something like, "Call Maria, cell," or "Playlist, dance mix." And the vehicle will respond by dialing Maria's number in his cell phone, or streaming the song tracks in his iPod through onboard speakers.

By Kenneth Wong, contributing editor
Discrete Manufacturing July 1, 2008

Skilled labor needed? Use an intern program for automation, controls, instrumentation

Welders, fabricators, laser operators, electricians, press brake operators, and machinists are skilled workers reported to be in short supply by manufacturers across the country. Apprenticeship and internship programs can help by….

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 26, 2008

MES makeover: SAP takes next step toward the “Perfect Plant” with Visiprise acquisition

Globalization is no longer a long-term goal in the manufacturing industry; it's here now, and the competition that results is fierce. Executives and plant managers must now coordinate planning across the global supply network to drive responsive local execution under considerably shorter lead times. With improved execution top-of-mind, SAP AG says it will acquire manufacturing execution system (MES) supplier Visiprise to further deliver on SAP's "Perfect Plant" vision, an initiative that brings together core SAP solutions with the software, hardware, and service offerings of "ecosystem partners" to drive innovation for discrete manufacturers. The Visiprise buy in particular will expand SAP's manufacturing shop-floor footprint in that customers will be able to access a plant-level manufacturing execution solution that complements the SAP Business Suite. Visiprise, a privately held company that employs approximately 300 people in multiple U.S. offices as well as Kiev, Ukraine, says its technology enhances production responsiveness, improves operational efficiencies, and enables comprehensive quality management and regulatory compliance.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 17, 2008

“Perfect Plant” Vision: SAP to acquire Visiprise, enhancing MES capability

SAP AG announces its intent to acquire Visiprise , a provider of manufacturing execution system (MES) software. The buy seeks to expand on SAP's “Perfect Plant” strategy to complement existing applications and solutions with smart purchases that offer innovative technologies and capabilities to discrete manufacturers.The integration of Visiprise plant-level MES solutions brings discrete manufacturing industry users a robust product offering to increase production responsiveness, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance quality and regulatory compliance.Visiprise already serves many SAP customers in high-tech, aerospace & defense, automotive, and medical device.According to Jim Hagemann Snabe, corporate office and member of the executive council, SAP AG, “[Combining] Visiprise’s manufacturing execution solutions with the power of the SAP Business Suite… will offer manufacturers better visibility by linking the operations of the plant floor to production planning and operations management, enabling manufacturers to respond profitably to the growing demands of their global customers.”Currently, Visiprise solutions are fully integrated into live end-to-end manufacturing process scenarios showcased by Tata Consulting Services (TCS) at SAP’s “Perfect Plant” center of excellence in Newtown Square, Pa. The collaboration between the vendors creates a smooth foundation for integration efforts.“Best-in-class manufacturers understand the value of the integration of MES with ERP to provide a comprehensive manufacturing control solution,” says Sean McCloskey, president and CEO, Visiprise.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 6, 2008

Light Curtain Installation

It is important that the user be familiar with the installation requirements, safe mounting distance, controls and features before using a safety light curtain. Omron STI has found that light curtain installation is most easily accomplished if it broken down into discrete steps. These steps include: 1. Understanding the usage requirements for a safety light curtain. 2. Calculating the minimum safe distance. 3. Physically mounting the light curtain. 4. Preparation of the control enclosure.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing May 1, 2008

Next-generation PLM: Avoid being a casualty in vendors’ fight for market supremacy

Product life-cycle management (PLM) software vendors are investing heavily in what they describe as next-generation solutions. That's good news and bad news for companies looking to deploy PLM technology. The good news is there are applications out there to address myriad product-development issues facing contemporary manufacturers—such as the need to share detailed product data throughou...

By Sidney Hill, Jr. (
Discrete Manufacturing April 1, 2008

ISA advisory: May IT forum connects IT and automation

A growing shortage of skilled engineers underlies the need for better use of IT in plants, says Eric Cosman, an engineering consultant with Dow Chemical Co. But “line-of-business managers and IT need to work together,” Cosman adds. An ISA-hosted Manufacturing IT Forum May 20-21 in Cleveland, Connecting IT and Automation, will explore new dynamics for owner-operators, suppliers, and...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing February 11, 2008

ISA Wireless Interest Group seeks input: Have some?

ISA100 Interest Group on Discrete and Hybrid Manufacturing met on Jan. 25, 2008. Wireless is among topics. Feb. 15 is the third teleconference meeting, if you'd like to call in.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing February 1, 2008

Capacity and constraints

Most manufacturing companies have a deep hierarchy of planning and scheduling processes that start with market forecasts and business plans, and end with machine and unit schedules. The higher levels are the responsibility of logistics, marketing, sales, and executive management, while the lower levels of the hierarchy are typically the responsibility of manufacturing operations.

By Dennis Brandl
Discrete Manufacturing January 15, 2008

CE TV: National Instruments – Real-World Robotics using NI LabVIEW Software and Lego’s

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2008

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall equipment effectiveness, or OEE, takes the most common sources of manufacturing productivity loss and distills them into consistent metrics that can be used to monitor and improve manufacturing processes. OEE can be applied to machines, manufacturing cells and assembly lines, and is frequently used as a key performance indicator (KPI) in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean manu...

By Renee Robbins, Control Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing December 11, 2007

Rockwell Automation, Dassault Systemes partner to take digital manufacturing to the next level

Rockwell Automation and Dassault Systemes announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to make the virtual design and production environment a reality.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing December 1, 2007

Manufacturers hit hard by litigation; survey reveals 91% faced new lawsuits last year

For the past four years, the prominent Washington, D.C.-based law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski has been conducting its annual Litigations Trend Survey, and once again manufacturers topped the list of industries hardest hit by lawsuits and legal action. According to the survey, 91% of manufacturing companies faced at least one new lawsuit last year, with more than half (56%) facing more than...

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 19, 2007

Save your factory: Consortium has alternatives to moving offshore

Applied Manufacturing Technologies has joined the Save Your Factory Initiative, which seeks to maximize North American manufacturing competitiveness and halt the continued erosion of manufacturing jobs to low-wage countries.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 1, 2007

Dassault brings PLM to controls engineers with Delmia PLM Express

Dassault Systemes, one of the leading vendors of product life cycle management (PLM) technology, made the benefits of PLM more accessible to small and medium size businesses in October with the announcement of its V5R18 Delmia PLM Express Portfolio. Dassault introduced the product suite at the 2007 Delmia Worldwide Customer Conference, North America, held October 3 - 4 in Dearborn, MI.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 3, 2007

About David A. Chappell, blogger for Standard profits: Make2Pack and ISA88

David A. Chappell, blogger for Standard profits: Make2Pack and ISA88, is chair of the Make2Pack ISA88 Part 5 standards development effort, with Complete Manufacturing Automation Associates – LLC, and retired Proctor & Gamble section manager for batch technologies.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 2007

‘Soft computing’ in action

When designing a battery pack a few years ago, I found the “classical” programming approach based on exact relations among process variables to be a very painful process requiring countless “corrections” to deal with high uncertainty of the processed information. When process variables are not reliable, neural networks, fuzzy logic, and free agents can simplify the desig...

By Peter Galan, JDS Uniphase
Discrete Manufacturing August 22, 2007

ICwiki helps engineers with semiconductors

Chandler, AZ—Expanding the world of wiki, a new website, ICwiki, serves engineers, students and professors working with microelectronics to collaborate and share data related to semiconductor products, applications and best practices.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2007

New resources: Podcasts and a webcast for regulated manufacturers

If your operation falls under FDA regulation or you have regular contact with food or pharmaceutical companies, you might want to check out two podcasts and a webcast aimed right at those critical industries. Two podcasts recorded at the Interphex show and a webcast discussing good manufacturing processes under the FDA are available at the Control Engineering Website . Webcast: Good Manufacturing Practices —Successfully producing sellable products on a global market can be achieved by producing them according to the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice. This webcast will help you understand the meaning of GMP and how such practices can be implemented at your plant. Podcast: specialists talk to Peter Welander about pharmaceutical manufacturing under the PAT initiative. Podcast: talk to Peter Welander about strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturing. All these resources are just a click away. —Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor, , Control Engineering Weekly News.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2007

Robots rock!

Robotics continue to grow in packaging operations, according to the most recent Purchasing Plans Study from the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (see Market Forecast, p. 4). While robotics purchases overall actually decreased in 2006, due to the decline in the auto industry, usage increased in the consumer goods industries, such as food, beverage and pharmaceuticals, as well as paper...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2007

Robotics and electroindustry see solid growth

Both robotics and electroindustry are growing in 2007, according to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) in separate announcements. Robotics companies posted gains of 24% in the first quarter, while current business conditions for the electroindustry improved considerably in June compared to May.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2007

Product development worries trigger technology investments

Manufacturers worldwide will spend more than $4 billion on product life-cycle management (PLM) software over the next four years, according to an April study released by London-based Datamonitor. More than 150 manufacturers in North America and Europe cite increase priority on agility in product development over production-process improvements to address growing market demand for innovative pro...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing July 26, 2007

Picking pizza pickers

A good pizza maker is hard to find; robotics can help. Last year Italian system integrator, Panidea, a pizza producer in Italy, asked Vortex Systems to design an automated packaging system for frozen pizzas.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 5, 2007

Robotics: simulation service targets robotic palletizing

Applied Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. (AMT) announced the availability of fixed-fee simulation consulting services for robotic palletizing systems that can identify potential problems and process constraints.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing May 1, 2007

Teamwork for System Development

To get the most out of your relationship with your system integrator, whether a third-party integrator or a team within your organization, you first must prepare carefully, then communicate frequently—but not too frequently. Preparation starts with knowing your goals, and that’s not as easy as it sounds.

By C.G. Masi, Control Engineering
Discrete Manufacturing April 25, 2007

DARPA Challenge: New blog follows DARPA Urban Challenge automatic guided vehicle development

“We are very close to vehicles having horse sense. That is, vehicles that refuse to run into obstacles or each other, are smart enough to avoid dangerous situations, and know their own way home,” says Paul Grayson

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing March 1, 2007

Indian manufacturing grows based on value-add reputation and can-do attitude

In 2006, a global who’s who of manufacturing giants—including Nokia, Motorola, Cisco, Diebold, and Siemens—moved to expand their presence in India. Consider India and most people think first of IT outsourcing. In the coming years, however, manufacturing will be more important as manufacturers seek educated workers and a business-friendly environment at a reasonabl...

By Cole Ollinger, senior contributing editor
Discrete Manufacturing February 12, 2007

Engineering youth to get $900,000 from SME foundation

Dearborn, MI —The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Education Foundation is committing $900,000 in 2007 to youth programs that expose students to the exciting possibilities of manufacturing and engineering careers. The funding will support Science, Technology and Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS) Camps and Academies as well as Project Lead the Way's (PLTW) 'Gateway to Technology' middle school curriculum. The SME Education Foundation's 2007 funding will support STEPS Academies and PLTW's Gateway to Technology programs in 13 states, including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. In addition, the SME Education Foundation is partnering with the Silver Crescent Foundation to create two STEPS Academies and PLTW programs in South Carolina.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing February 12, 2007

Software improves manufacturing process simulation

Version 5 Release 17 of Dassault Systemes’ PLM software includes enhancements to the Delmia V5 robotics program that offer a capability for defining and simulating complex flexible manufacturing devices, such as multi-wrist robotic arms.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 2, 2006

Dual-channel safety monitoring relay

Omron STI's new SR103AM Dual Channel Safety Monitoring Relay is a fixed terminal relay. Omron Scientific Technologies Inc . introduces the SR103AM Dual Channel Safety Monitoring Relay.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 2006

By the Numbers – 2006-09-01

2 things about truth, according to Oscar Wilde: “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” The quote starts Chapter 12 “Learning from others” in the 367-page “Integrating Discrete-Event Simulation into the Manufacturing System Development Process” thesis at the Division of Robotics, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Lund University, Sweden.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 24, 2006

Read: Pencils, robotics, packaging, wireless, efficient motors

Control Engineering , part of Reed Business Information, has “sister” publications that cover related topics in manufacturing. Recently these include new-generation robotics, packaging innovations, wireless applications, and motor energy efficiency. Design News The persistence of the No. 2 Pencil A recent survey shows that engineers aren’t using the latest and greatest in software, but pencil and paper. A New Generation of Robotics Researchers are working on the creation of a four fingered, multi-sensory robotic hand, unlike any other. Packaging Digest Drink bottle goes panel-less, ribless Drinks made with cutting-edge technology have bottles to match that draw liquid upward as it cools. Laser-scored pouch stands up under testing U.S.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 8, 2006

NI introduces LabView 8.20, 20th anniversary edition, today at NIWeek

LabView 8.20 is National Instrument’s 20 th anniversary edition, released as NI celebrates 30 years at NIWeek 2006. Shown is a screen shot of LabView Development Systems, one of many packages available. Austin , TX — Celebrating the 20th anniversary of its flagship software, National Instruments introduced LabView 8.20 today, Aug.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2006

GM Sets Global Standard for Conveyor Control

When General Motors set out to establish a global conveyor platform in 2002, the objectives were clear: accommodate faster production changes, lower costs, and simplify installation and maintenance. The solution needed to work in new plants as well as retrofit installations. Technologies selected for the solution are said to be winning converts at GM plants around the world.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 2006

Robots feature user-friendly controls

Kuka KR5 Scara robot family from Kuka Robotics is designed for high-speed applications that entail long-reach tasks. New 4-axis robots, when combined with Kuka Robotics' PC-based control platform, provide an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use pick-and-place automation system. The new line features compact, space-saving devices, including 350- and 550-mm reach models that can handle payloads up to 5 kg.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 8, 2006

Robotics system integrator advances 3 military projects

Universal robot controllers, learning and passive sensing for ground robotics, and a small robotics toolkit are among recently announced U.S. military projects for which Ap-plied Perception Inc. (API) is prime contractor.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing May 1, 2006

Record year for North American robotics

Continuing growth cited by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) should be welcome in the manufacturing sector. North American robotics companies posted record new orders in 2005, surpassing the previous high of 1999, according to RIA's report "The Robotics Market: Year 2005 Results and Trends.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing April 1, 2006

Springfield Remanufacturing, Behlen, and SC Johnson deliver outstanding “return on individuals”

If you'd invested $10,000 in Springfield Remanufacturing (SRC) when it was founded in 1983, you'd be sitting on $12 million today. For CEO Jack Stack and a dozen other managers who took on a great deal of debt to buy a floundering remanufacturing plant owned by International Harvester, that initial investment was all about people.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing March 9, 2006

Autodesk and PARTsolutions launch online parts database

Autodesk Inc. has unveiled the Autodesk Manufacturing Supplier Content Center , an online portal resource that will provide catalogs of models and parts directly to user desktops of Autodesk Inventor software. The Manufacturing Supplier Content Center is linked to content through strategic relationships with PARTsolutions, a provider of systems for the management of standard, commercial, and proprietary parts.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing March 1, 2006

National Manufacturing Week Show and Conference

The March 20-23, 2006 event is expected to attract over 1,000 leading suppliers featuring the best and newest products and innovations from all manufacturing fields and disciplines. This year it will be at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, in Rosemont, IL near Chicago, just five minutes from O'Hare International Airport.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 19, 2006

Automation events: February-March 2006

Upcoming events in automation, controls, and instrumentation include the following in February and March. For more shows, conferences, learning/training opportunities, and links to details, go to / and scroll down to the “Events” heading. ARC’s Tenth Annual Forum - Next Generation Manufacturing: Driving Operational Performance through Innovation and Collaboration, Feb. 20-24, Orlando, FL. 2006 CIP Networks Conference & 11th Annual Meeting of Members, Feb.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2006

By the Numbers – 2006-01-01

17 careers (of 65 total listed) are under the Math, Science, and Computers categories on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Career Information Home Page. Except for Teacher, no engineering-type careers are listed under the Helping People category. Send suggestions to 2630 B.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing December 20, 2005

WBF conference adds tutorials on ISA-88, ISA-85, SP99

Orlando, FL —An expanded program at the upcoming WBF North American Conference will include updated tutorials on ISA-88 and ISA-95 and three new tutorials on SP99, application of B2MML schemas, and legal issues in the automation industry. The Forum for Automation and Manufacturing Professionals event is scheduled for Mar. 5-8 in Atlanta. According to WBF Chairman Maurice Wilkins, Director of Automation, Millennium Specialty Chemicals, a Lyondell Co., this year’s conference agenda will include user forums, case studies, standards tutorials, dual-track sessions, a sponsor showcase, and panel discussions.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing December 7, 2005

Manufacturing economy on a roll

Tempe, AZ —Economic activity in the manufacturing sector grew in November for the 30th consecutive month, while the overall economy grew for the 49th consecutive month, says the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) in the latest “Manufacturing ISM Report On Business.” It reported that the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) indicates that the manufacturing economy grew in November for the 30th consecutive month. PMI for November registered 58.1%, a decrease of 1% when compared to October's reading of 59.1%. A reading >50% indicates that the manufacturing economy is generally expanding; &50% indicates that it is generally contracting.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing December 1, 2005

Safety light curtains

C4000 Palletizer, C4000 Eco, and C4000 Basic Plus safety light curtains extend the existing C4000 line. C4000 Palletizer combines the absence of muting sensors, modules, and lamps with the ability to safely transport pallets or palletized goods into and out of a hazardous area. It is suited for robotic and non-robotic palletizers or de-palletizers, infeed and outfeed zones, and automated assemb...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 22, 2005

Adept Technology re-listed on NASDAQ

Livermore, CA —Common stock of Adept Technology Inc . (new trading symbol: ADEP) has been re-listed on the NASDAQ. The provider of intelligent vision-guided robotics and global robotics services has been approved by the NASDAQ Listing Qualifications Panel and trading of the stock on the national market system began Nov.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 14, 2005

Advanced safety controllers

UE 100 Series safety controllers include two models, UE 440 and UE 470, said to offer more advanced functions and flexibility than a safety relay without the complexity and cost of a safety PLC.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 13, 2005

Nanotechnology software consortium gains additional manufacturing support

Accelrys , a provider of scientific software for discovery and development of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and materials, has named several new members to its nanotechnology consortium. The goal of the consortium is to create new software tools to help companies bring nanoproducts to market more quickly and with less risk. The Motley Fool investment—advice Web site, , reports that Millennium Chemical, a subsidiary of Lyondell, and PPG Industries are two of the new manufacturing members. Motley Fool cites Millennium Chemicals’ work with titanium dioxide nanoparticles—which can soak up and neutralize nitrogen oxide gases produced by car exhaust and manufacturing operations—as evidence of the advanced support Acclerys’ nanotechnology consortium continues to receive from the manufacturing industries. Other manufacturers involved in the consortium include: Corning, Fujitsu, Johnson Matthey, Schenectady International, and Fraunhofer IFAM. —David Greenfield, editorial director, Control Engineering

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing July 14, 2005

New ISA standards committee seeks input on HMIs

Reducing operator errors and training requirements are among reasons ISA, the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society, has formed a new standards development committee on human-machine interface (HMI).

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing July 1, 2005

SAP acquires Lighthammer to improve plant-floor/enterprise connectivity

To enhance connectivity between the plant floor and the enterprise, SAP AG reports that it's acquiring Lighthammer Software Development Corp., a privately held supplier of enterprise manufacturing intelligence and collaborative manufacturing software. The deal was announced at ARC Advisory Group's recent Performance-Driven Manufacturing Forum.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 27, 2005

Integrate production, enterprise data

Incuity Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solution is a second generation enterprise decision-support system for discrete manufacturing, batch, and continuous process production.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 9, 2005

Beyond batch: ISA-88 standards

A working group sponsored by the ISA SP-88 Committee and the World Batch Forum (WBF) is undertaking a new initiative to help users apply the principles explained in the ISA-88 standards in non-batch applications.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing May 3, 2005

WBF, OMAC, ISA harmonizing with S88 to develop new automation standard

Research Triangle Park, NC—To better integrate “making” and “packing,” a joint working group, Make2Pack, is using ISA’s S88 batch standard principles and OMAC’s PackML state model to help develop a new ANSI/ISA-88.00.05 automation standard.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing May 1, 2005

Industrial robotics growth to be fueled by medical, drug applications

Because of increasing demand from medical and pharmaceutical applications, the industrial robotics market in North America is expected to grow at a 7.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from revenues of $394 million in 2004 to $668 million in 2011, according to "North American Industrial Robotics Markets for Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications" by Frost & Sullivan.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing February 1, 2005

OMAC planning to merge with ISA

The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA) has confirmed that the Open Modular Architecture Controls (OMAC) Users' Group was expected to vote Feb. 3 to merge with ISA. The vote was expected at OMAC's annual membership meeting, which was held during the resent ARC Advisory Group Forum in Orlando, FL.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 18, 2005

Ford’s transmission plant to deploy Braintech’s vision-guided robotics

North Vancouver, B.C., Canada—Braintech Inc. reports that Ford Motor Co. has ordered a TrueView vision-guided robotics (VGR) system, powered by Braintech's eVisionFactory (eVF) software for deployment at its Van Dyke Transmission plant in Sterling Heights, MI.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 3, 2005

Real-time enterprise software

Real-time enterprise software initiative SenseDecideRespond gives discrete manufacturers the ability to sense critical activity at equipment, factory, and enterprise levels; decide how to optimize production resources throughout a plant; and respond by implementing informed, re-vised directives based on changing business conditions—all in real time.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing December 20, 2004

Custom stepper motors

Custom 0.9° NEMA 14 size steppers for OEMs ensure smooth operation even at low speed.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing December 1, 2004

ABB hosts technology day in Sweden

ABB suggests that Western companies will only remain competitive in the world through research and inventive use of automation. Some of its own examples include the world's most-powerful dc transmission line; selling ABB robotics to more than 80% of automotive manufacturers; and more than 20% ABB market share in distributed control systems, high-power ac drive...

By Frank J. Bartos
Discrete Manufacturing November 9, 2004

Fanuc Robotics America starts ‘Save Your Factory’ effort

Rochester Hills, MI—To maximize North America’s manufacturing competitiveness and halt erosion of manufacturing jobs to low-wage countries, such as China, Fanuc Robotics America Inc. has launched a collaborative initiative, “Save Your Factory,” which urges North American manufacturers to recognize automation and robotics as more cost-effective and profitable than moving facilities offshore.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 15, 2004

World Batch Forum seeks papers for 2005 conference

Longwood, FL—World Batch Forum is seeking papers to be presented at its 2005 North American Conference, May 15-18, in Atlantic City, NJ.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 14, 2004

IT spending in discrete manufacturing

China’s recent advances in the discrete manufacturing markets are causing North American manufacturers to increase investment in IT, according to AMR Research.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 1, 2004

Scanner IDs long bar code labels

CLV 405 family of bar code scanners features a small footprint (1.75 x 1.17 x 0.85 in.) to fit most any application. Device has a scan rate of 300-1,000 Hz and a reading range of 2-10 in. It is suitable for a variety of applications, including robotics, clinical analyzers, and electronics. Scanners are available in low- and high-density versions, line and raster versions, and with straight and ...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing September 13, 2004

Safety curtains, modules, mats

New families of light curtains, safety modules, and safety mats are designed to promote productivity and safety.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 26, 2004

Hot market for North American robotics

Good news for manufacturing comes from the Robotic Industries Association’s (RIA) recent market report, which includes among its findings a 12% jump in new orders in the first half of 2004 for robots produced and sold in North America.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing July 13, 2004

Hannover Fair to integrate Interkama annually

Hannover, Germany—Initially slated to run biennially with the Hannover Industrial Fair starting in 2004, Interkama apparently produced better-than-expected results this past spring, and will now run annually, according to Deutsche Messe AG (DEMAG).

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing July 1, 2004

High-performance pressure transducer

Model 528 strain gauge, high-performance industrial pressure transducer is designed for robust and submersible applications. Uses include hydraulic test, bore-hole level, and vehicle test applications that require high performance in extreme environments, such as HVAC compressors, semiconductor processing, robotics, natural gas equipment, power plants, and refrigeration.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 17, 2004

World Batch Forum 2004 focuses on people, markup languages, regulations, more

Regulations, security, batch programming languages, and the human element of batch processing were the focal points of last month’s World Batch Forum.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 10, 2004

Call for Speakers: National Manufacturing Week 2005

Do you have an idea, an innovative solution, a unique application, or a success story that would benefit your colleagues in the manufacturing industry? Share your special skills and unique insights with your peers by participating as a speaker in the National Manufacturing Week 2005 conference program.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 1, 2004

North American robotics orders jump 17% in 1Q04

North American-based robotics manufacturers saw orders for their robots jump 17% in the first quarter of 2004 (1Q04) compared to 1Q03, according to recent research by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA). This was best new order rate to start a year since the present record was set in 1999.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 1, 2004

National Manufacturing Week 2005 seeks speakers

Organizers of National Manufacturing Week (NMW) 2005 are seeking speakers for the event's conference program, which will be held in conjunction with NMW on March 7-10 at Chicago's McCormick Place. Ideal candidates are discrete and process manufacturers, as well as other end-user organizations, with recent, successful experiences implementing innovative business strategies and ...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing May 3, 2004

Light curtain for machine guarding

MiniProtect MP2100 protective light curtain provides Type 2 guarding on equipment where low risk factors have been assessed.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 15, 2004

Starthis and Information Builders partner for real-time plant floor visibility

Starthis, an industrial automation middleware company, and Information Builders, a vendor of enterprise business intelligence and real-time Web reporting software, have announced a strategic alliance focused on providing real-time connectivity, integration, and reporting from the plant floor throughout the manufacturing enterprise.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2004

Robotics orders shot up 28% in first three quarters of 2003

New orders for industrial robots received by North American manufacturers increased 28% to 10,382 orders in the first three quarters of 2003 (1-3Q03) from 8,101 orders during the same period in 2002, according to recent research by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA). Meanwhile, the value of these orders increased 15% to $727.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2004

ABB merging six automation businesses into three

To increase market and operational simplicity, ABB has announced that it has merged its six Automation Technologies businesses into three globally focused businesses. The company reports that its latest reorganization continues an evolution that began in late 2002, when ABB merged two automation-related divisions, and combined 11 businesses into six.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing December 1, 2003

CNC market’s bright spots smooth machine tool market’s dips

Following a sharp downturn in the machine tool market, the worldwide computer numerical control (CNC) market experienced a bruising 9% drop during the past two years, according to a new study, "CNC Worldwide Outlook," by ARC Advisory Group. The report adds that the decline in machinery purchases was a somewhat self-inflicted result of developing all-in-one machines that do ev...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 1, 2003

Light curtain features modular design

MCJ4700 Series Safety Light Curtain, recently awarded a patent for its modular design, is a multiple segment device connected via solid electromechanical joints. Design uses no cabling between segments, eliminating the risk of accidentally cutting or snagging cables. Curtain is configurable for precise protection and features a compact transmitter and receiver, response time as fast as 8 ms, an...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing March 19, 2003

Control Engineering appoints new Editorial Director

Oak Brook, IL—Control Engineering is pleased to announce its new Editorial Director David Greenfield.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 25, 2002

Light curtain survives washdowns

Tubular enclosures of FDA-approved materials plus stainless steel mirrors added to Banner's Mini-Screen light screen emitters and receivers make these safety products available for applications where glass is not appropriate.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 1, 2002

ABB melds four divisions into two

ABB announced Oct. 29 that it has again streamlined its divisions to strengthen its customer focus. The former Power Technology Products and Utilities divisions have been merged to form a new Power Technologies division, which is under the leadership of Peter Smits. Meanwhile, the Automation Technology Products and Industries divisions have been merged to form a new Automat...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 30, 2002

News analysis: GE Fanuc acquires Intellution

''It's all about technology and growth,'' stated Kevin Roach, GE Fanuc vp of Global Solutions Business to Control Engineering editors in an exclusive interview explaining what the company and its customers stand to gain by GE's acquisition of Intellution from Emerson.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing July 1, 2002

North American robot sales increase slightly in 1Q02

The North American robotics industry showed signs of stabilizing in the first quarter of 2002 (1Q02), according to recent research by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA). A total of 2,350 robots were ordered by customers through March 2002, which was an increase of 1% over the same period in 2001.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing March 19, 2002

NMW 2002: EMT allies with Siemens, Lighthammer, others

Chicago, Ill. - Executive Manufacturing Technologies (London, Ontario, Canada) formed the Manufacturing Intelligence Alliance to exchange technology and marketing expertise to find solutions for discrete manufacturers. The announcement was launched at National Manufacturing Week, which includes the Industrial Automation Show, here March 18-21.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing March 11, 2002

Thermo Electron buys CRS Robotics

Burlington, Ontario - CRS Robotics Corp. announced Mar. 11 that Thermo Electron Corp. (Waltham, Mass.) plans to buy all its issued and outstanding shares for $5.75 each for a total cash transaction of approximately $67 million, which will be funded from Thermo Electron's existing cash holdings.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 27, 2001

Robotics industry reports 30% drop in orders

Ann Arbor, Mich.-North American robotics companies experienced a 30% decline in new orders during the first nine months of 2001, according to statistics released Nov. 7 by the Robotic Industries Association (RIA).

By Jim Montague, news editor
Discrete Manufacturing November 16, 2001

Omron’s light curtain internalizes functions, uses handled programmer

Schaumburg, Ill. - Omron recently reported that its new F3SN-A Type 4 safety light curtain incorporates several innovations.

By Jim Montague, news editor
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 2001

Semi-autonomous welding robot will repair New York’s steam pipes

New York City's streets are well known—often unfairly—as dangerous places, but the city's legendary 103-mile, 110-year-old grid of underground steam pipes is far more hazardous. To fix frequent leaks in the 16-45-in. mains that move 300 °F steam at 100 mph to heat, power, and help cool about 2,000 buildings, crews must excavate and make repairs directly, compounding the c...

By Jim Montague
Discrete Manufacturing March 22, 2001

VisualPlant 3.0 manages plant data via the web

Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

By Laura Zurawski, web editor
Discrete Manufacturing March 6, 2001

Microsoft presents XML-based, Internet-enabled operating system

Microsoft Corp.

By Laura Zurawski, web editor, and Jim Montague, news editor
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2001

Modular safety system

Farmington Hills, Mich. -PnozPlus is a modular safety system designed for safety-related applications such as emergency stop safety gate monitoring, or connection to non-contact safety devices such as light curtains. PnozPlus is comprised of a master unit capable of attaching to as many as nine input expansion units.

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 2001

What have legislators done for manufacturing lately?

Keeping up-to-date with politics and issues that influence manufacturing and automation can help facilitate integration of plant automation with the enterprise and beyond. Now that a new Presidential term is underway, it is a perfect time to take a look at newly elected and incumbent legislators' efforts to help the manufacturing industries.

By Laura Zurawski
Discrete Manufacturing July 1, 2000

Discrete MES software improves interface

Minneapolis, Minn. -Factorynet version 3.8, MES software for discrete manufacturing, enables better tool design management with graphical process design, process management, and tracking, a flexible user interface, and color-based graphical status display for easier use. This software, from Intercim, a subsidiary of Industrial & Financial Systems, encompasses design, fabrication, and testing of hard and soft 'tools,' including numerical control programs and test scripts. Intercim

By Control Engineering Staff
Discrete Manufacturing March 1, 2000

Hardware, software access production data

Zoneworx Corp. was expected March 14 to launch its new family of Pathways products, which are designed to provide immediate enterprise-level accessibility into the discrete elements of a company's production process. Introduced under the umbrella of real-time event management, the products are designed to break through communications roadblocks.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 1, 1999

OPC Foundation backs XML, Microsoft BizTalk

The 220-member OPC Foundation announced Oct. 6 at ISA Tech/99 that it will publish XML (extensible markup language) schema compatible with Microsoft Corp.'s BizTalk framework. This schema, basically a set of software building blocks based on XML, will be founded on OPC specifications that define application interoperability and communications among disparate aut...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing September 1, 1999

AS-i safety approach networks failsafe systems

A networking solution frequently used for low-level automation, AS-Interface (AS-i) recently added the ability to connect safety-related components, such as stop switches, door contact switches, and light curtains. AS-i will eliminate the need for conventional safety wiring, reducing networks' engineering and cabling costs.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 1999

Cahners online bookstore debuts

Cahners Manufacturing Group recently introduced IndustryStore, an e-commerce bookstore with 25,000 titles on all aspects of manufacturing, engineering, and product development. Visitors to can search for titles using a keyword, title, author, or subject.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing March 1, 1999

Need for robots bounces back

Demand for industrial robots rebounded in third-quarter 1998 (3Q98), according to recent data from the Robotic Industries Association (RIA). A total of 3,002 robots valued at $257.9 million were ordered in 3Q98, which reflected a 9% increase in units and an 8% increase in dollars over 3Q97.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing November 1, 1998

Force-guided safety relay

Gurnee, Ill. —Standard force-guided contact designs ensure if a make contact is welded closed, the break contacts can not re-close. The H-470 adds a mechanical actuator to ensure if a break contact welds closed, all other break contacts are forced open, and make contacts cannot re-close. This design guarantees added safety for circuits where fail-safe deterministic behavior is required, ...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing October 1, 1998

Lego, National Instruments, Tufts join to inspire future engineers

These aren't your mom and dad's Legos. In an era when software starts acting like objects, it was probably inevitable that objects—such as those colorful plastic blocks and figures—would start to take on some software-type characteristics.To spark the imaginations of K-12 students and perhaps help them explore engineering and science careers, Pitsco L...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 1998

Database ‘toolbox’ cuts enterprise development time

Good old-fashioned cooperation is still more powerful than PC-based software and computers.Chrysler Corp. (Auburn Hills, Mich.), Rockwell Automation (Mayfield Heights, O.), Dassault Systemes S.A. (Suresnes, France) and its recent acquisition, Deneb Robotics Inc. (Troy, Mich.), as well as Progressive Tool & Industries (PICO, Midland, Mich.

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing August 1, 1998

Lulls are briefly slowing some controls markets

Like temporarily winded runners, some sectors of the U.S. economy and the controls and automation field seemed to spend late 1997 and early 1998 catching their breath. However, it's likely they'll soon regain their blistering long-term pace.While some research indicates cooling in several controls and automation areas, most also project the overall market will experience even more growth ...

By Jim Montague
Discrete Manufacturing June 1, 1998

Swiss Automation Week expands

Patrick Gürtler, spokesman for Swiss Automation Week (S.A.W. 98), says the industrial automation fair to be held here Sept. 1-4, 1998, is already larger than the previous edition two years ago. With more than 300 exhibitors, the show will be divided into seven sectors: industrial control systems, sensors, drives, fluid technology, industrial handling and rob...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing June 1, 1998

Genesis Sensors formed; Ethernet for sensors; new connectors

San Diego, Calif.— Lucas Control Systems (Hampton, Va.) announced at Sensors Expo West, May 18-20, that it has formed Lucas Genesis Sensors Division. Fueled by $3.5 million that it spent on product development over the past 18 months, the new company expects to generate $10-12 million in revenue in 12 months and $30 million in revenue in two years, says Tim Ristoff, product genera...

By Staff
Discrete Manufacturing May 1, 1998

Manufacturing Marketplace launches year 2000 service

Manufacturing industry professionals can access the latest data on handling year 2000 computer issues via a new service at Cahners Business Information's Manufacturing Marketplace web site. Located at, the site opened on Apr. 20. The service features "web exclusive" stories, worldwide news about the millennium bug, and Y2K articles from Cahn...

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Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 1998

Having a Hard Time Finding Good Information on the Web? Try Usenet

Usenet is a world-wide threaded messaging network, developed by graduate students at Duke University in 1979, where users interact on a variety of subjects. Initially developed using three small servers to share research information, Usenet is now the largest decentralized information resource in the world.

By Matt Bellm
Discrete Manufacturing January 1, 1998

BIAS ’98 Show Expected to Enter New Dimension

The BIAS '98 show is expected to be a high point for industrial automation in 1998, according to Walter Rampini, president of the Italian trade fair. Scheduled for Nov. 24-28 in Milan's new Portello Pavilions, BIAS '98 will be the organization's 28th international conference and exhibition of automation, robotics, instrumentation and microelectronics.

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A letter from the editor

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