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2018 HMI Software and Hardware Study: Upward trends for HMIs

The 2018 HMI Software and Hardware study revealed several upward trends on the usage of... » more

Apply technology advances to automation software

Automation software design inspiration comes from new technologies, partners, and involved... » more

Embedded software program for device manufacturers announced

Inductive Automation announced the creation of its Ignition Onboard program, which involves device... » more

Control Engineering hot topics, January 2018

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in January 2018 included stories about PID controllers,... » more

Setting internal automation standards

Industry regulations aren’t specific enough, so internal standards are required to ensure... » more

CAN networks make mobile machine upgrades easier

CAN J1939 is the communication network used by electronic diesel engines to transmit data about the... » more

Graphic HMI terminals for smaller applications

Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley PanelView 5310 family of graphic human-machine interface (HMI)...

Eight reasons to use a cloud-based platform for plant and process designs

A cloud-based platform used for plant and process designs provides many benefits such as better... » more

Hot topics in Control Engineering for 2017

Think Again: Control Engineering readers choose hot topics of 2017 based on online traffic at the... » more

The benefits of a modular control system design approach

Cover Story: A new automotive production facility used a modular controller design to reduce... » more

HMI/SCADA solution with contextual mobility

PcVue's Contextual Mobility HMI/SCADA solution uses a mobility infrastructure that takes advantage...

Consolidating software on a single platform

Company sees greater efficiency, can share data across divisions. » more

Answers to HMI questions from RCEP webcast

Additional answers on human-machine interface (HMI) questions are offered here by a system... » more

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