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Motors, Drives January 1, 1998

SCADA Systems ‘Dampen’ Infrastructure Problems

The southern tip of California's Marin county is separated from the city of San Francisco by the most famous mile-long strip of steel and concrete in the world. Yet, within a 10-minute walk of the Golden Gate's Marin terminus begins a county-wide network of California Wildlife Service signs warning against mountain lion attacks.

By Jon Mandell and Bob Cook, Marin Muncipal Water District; Brenda Riconscente, Cal Tech Controls; Read Hayward, DST Controls
Motors, Drives January 1, 1998

Microstepping Motor

Hauppauge, N.Y.—Escap P850 high accuracy microstepper incorporates the company's patented disc magnet design, providing repeatable resolution for 100,000 steps per rev with inertial loads. Absolute accuracy is within 3 arc-minutes of true position. Holding torque is 100 oz in with 4.6 A and a 100 W rating.

By Staff
Motors, Drives December 1, 1997

Proper Motor Protection Safeguards Your Investments

With electric motors driving the majority of today's manufacturing processes, proper motor protection is critical. Not surprisingly, a significant amount of effort and resources have recently been invested in motor protection technology, resulting in cost-effective solutions to many of today's common motor problems. Motors fail for a number of reasons--moisture and contamination, short circuits, mechanical problems and old age--but the primary reason is excessive heat, caused by excess current (greater than normal motor full load current), high ambient temperatures, and poor ventilation of the motor. The diagram shows the reduced life of a motor at various levels of overheating.

By Steve Zimmerman
Motors, Drives October 1, 1997

Token Passing Protocol Helps Refinery Increase Production


By Control Engineering Staff
Motors, Drives September 1, 1997

LonWorks Helps Get Semiconductor System ‘Pumped’


By Control Engineering Staff
Motors, Drives April 1, 1997

Matching servo amplifiers to brushless DC motors

A servo system consists of a number of elements (see diagram). One aspect of the system integration process involves matching the servo amplifier to the brushless dc motor. This may seem as simple as selecting the amplifier and motor from the same manufacturer.

By Terry Auchstetter