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Miniature motor for medical, industrial applications

Portescap's Althonix 17DCT brush dc mini motor features an energy-efficient coreless design with an... » more

July fundings, acquisitions, and failures in the robotics industry in 2016

While mergers and acquisitions are down overall in the robotics industry, July had several major... » more

Signapore testing on-demand robot taxis

Delphi Automotive and NuTonomy will begin testing six phone-dispatched autonomous taxis in... » more

North American automation industry continues growth in 2016

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) reported that robot sales, motor and motion control,... » more

Extended deadline, last day: Engineers' Choice Awards

Get significant exposure for automation-related products while letting Control Engineering...

Robot for arc welding, machine tending applications

ABB Robotics' IRB 1660ID is a robot designed for arc welding and machine tending applications and... » more

Automotive company using the IoT to improve warehouse productivity

Automotive company BMW is using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to increase warehouse... » more

Summer camp provides hands-on STEM learning for students

Amatrol, a developer of technical learning systems, offers local students in Indiana a chance with... » more

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Low-voltage motor control for equipment, actuator control applications

American Control Electronics' (ACE) DCH403-10 is a low-voltage motor control with a single phase ac line source and is designed for applications such as solar-powered devices, mobile equipment and actuator control. » more

Position/displacement system for microscopy, precision grinding applications

Kaman Precision Products' SMT 9700 position/displacement system is designed to provide high resolution noncontact position/displacement feedback of electrically conductive targets.  » more

Safety gate system for protecting personnel, processes

Pilz's Psenmlock safety gate system is designed to protect personnel and processes and is suitable for machines with a hazardous overrun that makes guard locking essential for applications such as rotating knives, flywheels or... » more

Self-learning soft starter motor series

Carlo Gavazzi's RSGD series of self-learning soft starters is designed for 3-phase fixed speed ac induction motor applications such as control of pumps, fans, and compressors for water treatment, agriculture, building automation,... » more

Wireless emergency stop for machine safety applications

Humanistic Robotics' (HRI) Wireless Emergency Stop (E-stop) is a tool designed to help companies avoid unsafe and unproductive situations by enabling anyone to intervene in the operation of a machine wirelessly.  » more

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Machine Safety: Benefits of safety assessments, risk...

The need to evaluate hazards and apply corrective actions to reduce... » more

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Part 1 of the Motors and Drives Series describes...

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