solution robot integration
Robotics August 22, 2022

Robot integration ease of use a priority

The market for robots is growing rapidly. However, integrating them into the automation world can be very laborious and correspondingly slow. A new robot integration profile now provides a remedy.

By Xaver Schmidt
Robotics August 18, 2022

Autonomous mobile robots’ role growing in industrial operations

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are increasingly finding applications in the mobile robotics ecosystem as automation becomes the new normal.

By GlobalData
In order to maximize cobots’ potential, though, companies need to strategically integrate them into manufacturing workflows in ways that optimize productivity while reducing worker strain. Courtesy: UW-Madison
Robotics August 13, 2022

Robot workers can help humans in manufacturing jobs

Researchers are developing methods to show how collaborative robots (cobots) can help and even improve human workers' roles in manufacturing.

By Tom Ziemer
Robotics August 4, 2022

Helping assembly-line robots pick up objects

University of Washington researchers created a tool that can design a 3D-printable passive gripper and calculate the best path to pick up an object, which could help improve robots in their day-to-day tasks. See video.

By Sarah McQuate
Robotics July 31, 2022

Spiders used as mechanical grippers for soft robotics

Researchers are showing how to repurpose deceased spiders as mechanical grippers that can pick up objects, which can be used for soft robotics.

By Mike Williams
Robotics July 29, 2022

Improving usability is growing trend in industrial robotics

As collaborative and industrial robots grow in manufacturing, enhancing their usability so anyone can use them is a growing trend and priority for companies.

By Emmet Cole
Robotics July 20, 2022

Method developed for improving autonomous robotic systems

MIT researchers have developed a general-purpose optimizer that can speed up the design of walking robots, self-driving vehicles, and other autonomous systems.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Robotics July 16, 2022

Unleashing the magic of robotic automation

While the many benefits that robots can bring in manufacturing applications are widely understood, misconceptions around complexity have deterred many manufacturers from investing in robotic automation.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics July 15, 2022

Robots-as-a-service creates opportunities, lowers automation adoption barriers

Robots-as-a-service (RaaS) is a lets companies deploy automation and related services such as engineering, maintenance and remote monitoring.

By Emmet Cole
The industrial robot market was worth over $11.8 billion in 2021 with over three quarters of this value represented by articulated robots. Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Robotics June 29, 2022

Industrial robot market worth over $11 billion in 2021

After a 2-year period of contraction, industrial robot shipments saw a year-on-year (YoY) increase of over 30% in 2021, according to new research published by Interact Analysis.

By Interact Analysis