Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Robotics October 14, 2021

More than 50,000 factories to have mobile robots by end of 2025

By 2025, mobile robot deployments will have increased to over 53,000 sites according to an Interact Analysis report.

By Ash Sharma
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robotics October 8, 2021

Using blockchain technology to protect robots

Blockchain technology as a communication tool for a team of robots could provide security and safeguard against deception.

By Adam Zewe
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robotics October 5, 2021

Robot digs, finds objects under piles

An integrated robotic arm fuses visual data from a camera and radio frequency (RF) information from an antenna to find and retrieve objects, even when they are buried under a pile and fully out of view. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Courtesy: Cornell University
Robotics October 3, 2021

Micro-robots propelled by air bubbles, ultrasound

A Cornell University team has created cell-size robots that can be powered and steered by ultrasound waves, which could be used for targeted drug delivery and other sensitive applications.

By David Nutt
Courtesy: TM Robotics
Robotics September 30, 2021

Three reasons to robotize soldering operations

The soldering process has remained the same since 1896 when the patent was granted for an “electric heating apparatus” automation could change all that.

By Nigel Smith
Courtesy: Robert Coelius, Michigan Engineering
Robotics September 21, 2021

Robotic assistants helping in wilderness areas and disaster zones

A University of Michigan research project aims to equip walking robots to adapt on the fly to treacherous ground, which could enable them to go into areas that are too dangerous for humans such as collapsed buildings, disaster areas and other hazardous situations.

By Gabe Cherry
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Robotics September 14, 2021

Five ways to improve operational excellence in robotic welding automation

Robotic welding automation, more common for many manufacturers, but it is fraught with potential issues that takes time and effort to resolve. See five methods for operational excellence in robotic welding in the short- and long-term.

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: Robert Coelius/Michigan Engineering
Robotics September 7, 2021

Teaching robots to learn in the construction industry

A grant from the National Science Foundation will help robots learn like human apprentices to make construction work less dangerous and strenuous for humans.

By Gabe Cherry
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robotics August 23, 2021

Inflatable robotic hand provides real-time tactile control for amputees

Engineers at MIT and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have designed a soft, lightweight, and potentially low-cost neuroprosthetic hand that has better dexterity and could be useful for amputees and other robotic applications. See video.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Vecna Robotics
Robotics August 15, 2021

Choosing the right robot for warehousing, manufacturing operations

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and static robots have different needs and abilities. Knowing the difference is critical to understand which choice will be the best fit.

By Jeff Huerta