Sensors, Vision
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Sensors, Vision April 21, 2019

Inspection robot benefits for critical infrastructure applications

Inspection robots feature advanced vision systems and are in high demand in critical infrastructure applications and industries such as oil & gas and the petrochemical industries.

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Sensors, Vision April 17, 2019

Optics and lighting design crucial for machine vision applications

Sensor selection is dependent on the application and so is the lighting, which makes optics just as important. However, optics suppliers do struggle to keep pace with the machine vision industry's rapid evolution.

By Winn Hardin
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Sensors, Vision April 14, 2019

Four embedded vision trends enabling adoption

Embedded vision systems are being leveraged in industrial manufacturing and trends such as ease of use, lower costs, and smaller chips are helping their widespread adoption.

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Sensors, Vision April 9, 2019

Machine vision standards help the industry grow

Four machine vision standards are helping the industry grow as a whole and help facilitate new business opportunities.

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Sensors, Vision April 8, 2019

Machine vision equipment market expected to double growth by 2022

Frost & Sullivan expects the global machine vision equipment market to almost double by 2022 as industries' demand for quality inspection grows.

By Frost & Sullivan
A view aboard the Coast Guard cutter Spencer, where the MIT-developed system spotted problems that could have led to an electrical fire. Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sensors, Vision March 26, 2019

Energy monitor can find electrical failures before they happen

MIT researchers have developed a sensor that can monitor wiring in a building or ship, and signal when repairs are needed.

By David L. Chandler
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Sensors, Vision March 17, 2019

Collaborative robots’ future in manufacturing

Technology developments and high demand for collaborative robots point to a promising future for the technology as manufacturers find new uses for them.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
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Sensors, Vision March 16, 2019

Machine vision users adopting cloud computing

Many companies are turning to cloud computing to handle the large data flows coming from their machine vision systems.

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Sensors, Vision March 9, 2019

Defense sector applications for embedded vision technology

The military is using advanced embedded vision technologies to provide soldiers with faster and more reliable information to keep them safe in the field.

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Sensors, Vision March 4, 2019

Medical industry leveraging embedded vision technologies

The medical industry is leveraging embedded vision technologies, but there are challenges surrounding the cost and the customization required for a new product.