Sensors, Vision

A3 statistics showed robotics, machine vision, and motion control markets all contracted in the first half of 2020, compared to the same period in 2019. Courtesy: A3
Robotics August 31, 2020

Robotics, machine and motion control market outlook positive for 2021

While the market is down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market outlook for 2021 is positive according to a report by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) and ITR Economics.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Courtesy: Bohan Zhang and Nathan Dostart, University of Colorado Boulder
Sensors, Vision August 2, 2020

Lidar advances could improve safety, security for vehicles, smartphones

CU Boulder researchers are working on a silicon chip – with no moving parts or electronics – that improves the resolution and scanning speed needed for a lidar system while making them less expensive and more efficient.

By Kelsey Simpkins
A graphic demonstrating how a material can go from stiff to soft when it is made as a thicker versus a thinner film. The effect occurs when the atomic bonds within a material are disrupted. Courtesy: Joshua Knobloch/JILA, University of Colorado Boulder
Discrete Manufacturing July 31, 2020

Ultraviolet lasers used to examine tiny nanomaterials

CU Boulder researchers have used ultra-fast extreme ultraviolet lasers to measure the properties of materials just 5 nm thick, which they hope can help scientists design tinier and more efficient computer circuits, semiconductors and other technologies. 

By Daniel Strain
Courtesy: Posital Inc.
Discrete Manufacturing July 31, 2020

Cost-effective position control boosts stepper motor performance

Kit-based absolute encoders (position sensors) can make stepper motors a lower-cost option to servo motors for many industrial machinery motion control applications.

By Jim Stevens
Iterate Labs’ location and contact tracing device, top right, which can be attached to a worker’s wrist or arm or worn around the neck, for workplace social distancing. The device gives off audio and haptic alerts when workers are too close to one another. Courtesy: Iterate Labs/Cornell University
Safety July 29, 2020

Wearable devices developed to ensure workplace social distancing

Iterate Labs' wearable devices help ensure social distancing in the workplace so people work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Sara Baier
Laser beam transmitting upwards through glass. Courtesy: John Whitehead, Columbia University
Discrete Manufacturing July 28, 2020

Laser inversion enables multi-materials 3D printing

Columbia university researchers develop technique that could transform additive manufacturing processes, enabling the printing of circuit boards, electromechanical components and robots.

By Holly Evarts
Courtesy: ATI Industrial Automation
Automation July 23, 2020

Space-rate force/torque sensor developed for Mars 2020 Rover

ATI Industrial Automation worked with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) to develop a custom force/torque sensor for Perseverance, the Mars 2020 Rover project. See video of the project.

By ATI Industrial Automation
Courtesy: Hao Tian, Purdue University
Sensors, Vision July 20, 2020

Enhanced lidar developed for autonomous vehicles

Researchers have built a way to make lidar achieve higher-resolution detection of nearby fast-moving objects through mechanical control and modulation of light on a silicon chip, which could maker autonomous vehicles smarter and more self-aware.

By Kayla Wiles
Stephan Warnat, left, and doctoral student Michael Neubauer, work on 3D-printed microfluidics chips with embedded sensors in their lab. Courtesy: Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez, Montana State University
Sensors, Actuators July 16, 2020

Researchers harness 3D printing to open new doors for microfluidics

Montana State University researchers have developed a new method of using 3D printing to make devices for microfluidics, which reduces manufacturing time and could allow researchers to produce affordable, customized prototypes of the devices.

By Marshall Swearingen
Courtesy of: SEMI
Business of Engineering July 11, 2020

Three university projects launched to advance flexible hybrid electronics

SEMI FlexTech announced the launch of three projects to accelerate sensor and sensor system innovations for new applications in industries including healthcare, automotive, industrial and defense.