Sensors, Vision

Courtesy: CFE Media
Sensors, Vision June 26, 2021

Machine vision groups create group for exploring API standards

The call for exploratory group participation to all sensor and camera manufacturers, silicon vendors, and software developers working on vision and sensor processing

By European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) and Khronos Group
Courtesy: Rebecca McElhoe, Purdue University
Sensors, Vision June 25, 2021

Smart clothes powered by Wi-Fi monitors wearer’s health

Purdue University engineers have developed smart clothes that are powered wirelessly through a flexible, silk-based coil sewn on the textile.

By Steve Martin
Courtesy: Autotech Controls
Sensors, Vision June 22, 2021

Industry standard size 25 encoder reference website, push-button programmable encoders

An encoder part number reference website,, deciphers more than 200,000 size-25 encoder combinations, gives descriptions and replacement options with next-day delivery for orders placed by 6 p.m. CST; 10 two-button-programmable encoders are said to cover all combinations.

By Mark T. Hoske
Courtesy: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University
Sensors, Vision April 26, 2021

Touchless temperature sensor developed

A touchless temperature sensor using infrared light to take a person's body temperature to detect COVID-19 and more has been developed by Rice University engineers. See video.

By Mike Williams
Sensors, Vision April 21, 2021

Graphene-based biosensors used to develop mass COVID-19 tests

Graphene-based biosensors are being used to develop better, cheaper, quicker, more accessible testing for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

By Mike Krapfl
Courtesy: Jad Salman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sensors, Vision April 14, 2021

Imaging system allows users to see UV and visible light simultaneously

A passive down-conversion imaging system created allows engineers to peer into the UV range while still viewing the visible spectrum for better machine vision results.

By Jason Daley
Courtesy: Clark Nexsen
Sensors, Vision April 4, 2021

How 3D LIDAR scanning adds value for industrial, manufacturing clients

Light detection and ranging (LIDAR) scanning offers critical benefits to clients and engineers and makes projects more efficient and minimizes conflicts.

By James Meadows
4D vision has a shorter capture and processing time, which reduces the overall robot cycle time while still giving the robot clear images according to Apera AI CEO Armin Khatoonabadi. Courtesy: Apera AI
Sensors, Vision March 23, 2021

4D vision’s benefits for robotic automation

4D vision takes some aspects from 2D machine vision and gives it more human elements and a boost with artificial intelligence (AI), which can help robots perform better in automation applications.

By Chris Vavra
Courtesy: Nathan R. Finney and Sanghoon Chae, Columbia Engineering
Sensors, Vision March 20, 2021

Nonlinear optical process developed

Columbia researchers engineered a technique to exploit the tunable symmetry of 2D materials for nonlinear optical applications, including laser, optical spectroscopy, imaging, and metrology systems, as well as next-generation optical quantum information processing and computing.

By Holly Evarts
Courtesy: CFE Media
Sensors, Vision March 12, 2021

Four machine vision and imaging events announced

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) announced four events to promote the use of machine vision and imaging technologies – three virtual conferences and an in-person trade show in 2022.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)