Sensors, Vision

Sensors, Vision January 1, 1970

Control Engineering Highlights the 40 Best Products of 2000

Control Engineering editors— in the 14th annual process—highlighted the best products of the year, based on technological advancement, impact on the market, and service to industry.Editors selected from among thousands of products mentioned in Control Engineering and Control Engineering Online during year 2000, in nine product categories: Control components; Human-machine interface...

By Antonia E. McBride, and Control Engineering Staff
Sensors, Vision January 1, 1970

Sensorless AC Drives Fill Price/Performance Niche

KEY WORDSMotors, drives, & motion controlAC variable-speed drivesAC induction motorsAdaptive controlControversial right from their name, "sensorless" ac drives actually use current and voltage sensors to achieve motor control. Even beyond terminology, it's not obvious what sensorless ac drives can or can't do, and where they fit into the big picture.

Sensors, Vision January 1, 1970

Terminal Blocks

Trends in Terminal BlocksIncreased use of IDC technologyIncreased functionalityOne-stop shoppingReduced panel spaceTerminal blocks evolved from simple input/output devices to the contemporary products we see today. Used originally in the automotive and telecommunication industries, these wire termination devices have become the building blocks for a wide range of industries.

By Antonia E. McBride, assistant editor
Sensors, Vision January 1, 1970

Protect Plant Personnel

KEY WORDSMachine control and discrete sensorsSafetyRedundant controlControl architecturesManufacturing has been a dangerous place to work since the beginning. Even as engineers have tried to design safeguards and unions try to educate members about the importance of safety, as late as 10 years ago it was not unusual to walk around a factory and see guards taken off machines and safety switches ...

By Gary A. Mintchell, Control Engineering