Control Engineering 2017 Engineers' Choice Awards Finalist

EC: AWK-4131A-US-T Weatherproof Wireless Access Point

Network Integration — Wireless products: The AWK-4131A-US-T is the industry's first weatherproof wireless access point featuring dual isolation for protection against electromagnetic disturbances and AeroLink Protection for high-performance wireless redundancy. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.


The Moxa AWK-4131A-US-T is an outdoor industrial AP/bridge/client that delivers extremely reliable wireless networking in the harshest, most demanding environments so that users can benefit from Wi-Fi's cost savings, flexibility, and scalability. It features an IP68-rated weatherproof housing coupled with support for ultra-fast 802.11n and 2X2 MIMO (multiple-input/multiple-output) to improve throughput up to 300 Mbps, even under conditions of interference and multipath propagation.

Not only does the AWK-4131A-US-T provide weatherproof protection against vibration, moisture, and extreme temperatures from -40 to 75 C (-40 to 167 F), it also features industry-leading dual isolation on power and RF signals for superior protection against electromagnetic disturbances. High-performance wireless redundancy is also available to help keep mission-critical systems online, through Moxa's built-in AeroLink Protection.

A number of additional features further help the AWK-4131A-US-T deliver the best wireless performance for various industrial conditions and use cases. Moxa's Turbo Roaming allows the unit to achieve extremely fast high re-connection speeds (within 150 ms) when roaming between access points, without requiring a separate controller. With Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) enabled, the AWK automatically identifies additional free 5 GHz channels that can be leveraged to maximize bandwidth and minimize interference.

For Wi-Fi connectivity in extremely challenging outdoor environments and applications, the AWK-4131A-US-T offers a very compelling set of features, is backed by Moxa renowned quality manufacturing process including 24-hour burn-in for every unit shipped. The AWK-4131A-US-T is certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance for maximum interoperability and is compliant with all major standards and approvals.

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