Control Engineering 2017 Engineers' Choice Awards Finalist

EC: Field Logic Controllers Powered by ARGEE programming environment

Network Integration — I/O systems: With Turck's field logic controllers powered by ARGEE, engineers can program logic directly to compatible I/O devices without a PLC, reducing cost per I/O point and increasing flexibility in control. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalist.


PLCs have long been the controller of choice for automated processes. But there has been a struggle to balance the capabilities of these machines with the cost to add I/O, especially for small to mid-size OEMs and manufacturers.

Turck's field logic controllers powered by ARGEE solve this challenge by creating cost-effective, device-level control for industrial applications. With this new solution, engineers can program logic directly to compatible I/O devices without a PLC. This delivers two key user benefits—reducing the cost per I/O point and increasing flexibility in control.

The ARGEE programming environment allows users to program condition and action statements to be carried out by the I/O device. ARGEE uses a flow-chart structure to make programming easy for users of all experience levels. And it's accessible via an HTML5-compatible web browser, to eliminate the need for complex third-party software or licensing common to PLCs.

With ARGEE, compatible I/O devices become field logic controllers (FLCs).

Turck's multiprotocol Ethernet I/O devices are compatible with ARGEE, and include TBEN-L/TBEN-S on-machine block I/O; BL compact on-machine flexible block I/O; and FEN20 in-cabinet block I/O. These devices carry advanced ingress ratings, and can be moved outside the panel for localized control.

There are three primary uses for FLCs in industrial environments, which highlight the versatility of this solution:

  1. The FLC stands alone: The FLC performs all logic as a standalone application without a PLC.
  2. The FLC backs up the PLC: If the FLC loses communication with the PLC, the FLC can take over and either shut down or maintain the process.
  3. The FLC and the PLC work together: The FLC can monitor an application and send defined variables and updates back to the PLC.

Thanks to Turck's FLCs powered by ARGEE, companies now have a more cost-effective way to improve control in automation.


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