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The convergence of manufacturing, technology, automation and information is driving a new way of analyzing and understanding what’s happening on the plant floor. Today, manufacturing takes place in real time, and the tools you need to improve productivity, safety and reliability have changed, and continue to change almost daily. The 2014 Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit, presented by Control Engineering and Plant Engineering, in partnership with Hannover Fairs USA, delivered a day of content and information focused on how manufacturers are using these tools and strategies today to affect change in their own plants. 

Keynote Presentations:

  1. Breakfast Keynote: Karen Kurek, McGladrey LLC: Manufacturing Monitor Report
    • Karen Kurek, principal at McGladrey, will discuss the firm’s exclusive Manufacturing Monitor Report, discuss the strengthening of the U.S. manufacturing economy, and highlight the trends and challenges for manufacturing in the next two years.
  2. Tim Jager, DMC: How to get the most out of your system integrator
    • With plant staffs stretched thin at a time of continuing manufacturing growth, system integrators have come into increasing prominence. Understanding what should you expect from your SI—and what he should expect from you—is critical to ensuring that your project is achieved on time, on budget and up and running on day one.
  3. Eric Scott, Molex: The role of industrial networks in energy usage
    • In today’s world energy cost big dollars for manufactures and the fact is most plants don’t know where there energy is being used. To help with this problem the Industrial Network communities are providing common interfaces to gather and control energy in the industrial space. This presentation will focus on aspects of Energy where it relates to Industrial Automation and some of the challenges we face.  We will also cover upcoming initiative for interfacing to the smart grid for demand response request.
  4. Luncheon Keynote: Mick Wilz, Sur-Seal: The building blocks of manufacturing excellence
    • Expanding your manufacturing facility isn’t usually something that becomes a team project with all of your employees engaged. One Cincinnati manufacturer shows that employee engagement with such a project is like building a new facility: it happens one brick at a time.
  5. Matt Puskala, DMC: Industrial automation and modern connectivity
    • In an age when manufacturing is overrun with information, getting the right information to the right person at the right time is crucial. A new era of mobile devices has helped deliver the promise of greater productivity. With it comes the challenge of network security, achieving both is possible, as we’ll demonstrate.
  6. Dr. Bill King, DMDII: Advanced manufacturing in Chicago
    • Announced earlier this year, the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) is a Chicago-based manufacturing hub that will bring together public, educational and private interests to accelerate innovation and reduce development time and costs. Learn how all manufacturing will benefit from the research and development based at this digital lab.
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