Control Engineering Leaders Under 40: FAQs

What is the Control Engineering Leaders Under 40 program?

Control Engineering Leaders Under 40 is a recognition program designed to identify and praise young engineers who have made significant contributions toward the control engineering profession. We’re seeking successful and well-rounded control-engineering-minded individuals 18 or older and under 40 years of age (as of Nov. 1, 2013). See other award information at

What are the rules?

See the Official Rules, which apply to all nominations and entries.

Why should I enter the Control Engineering Leaders Under 40 contest?

What changed from last year?

Deadlines differ and we noted that prior winners are not eligible, but prior entrants who didn't win, if they meet criteria in rules, may apply again.

I don’t work for an end-user company but do meet all other criteria.

Entrants can be from end-users, automation and control vendors, system integrators, automation consultants (and other areas) as long they meet the revised rules.

What are criteria for selecting a Leaders Under 40 winner and how does the selection process work?

Nominations will be judged by the editors (or designees), who will be looking for successful and well-rounded control-engineering-minded individuals 40 years old and at least 18 years of age (as of Nov. 1, 2013). Some of the qualities and characteristics the editors will be looking for (in no particular order):

Can some of the information I offer remain confidential?

All submissions may be published by CFE Media (disclose nothing you wouldn’t want published).

Can I change my entry after hitting submit?

Upon submission, all entries are final and subject to publishing. We can withdraw entries upon request up until a certain point in production, so please ensure what you submit is correct. Thanks. (See all form questions at the bottom of this page.)

Who decides the winners?

Control Engineering editors (or designees) will decide, and judges’ decisions are final.

Can I just email my entry?

No. Entries must be submitted via web form provided; No email submissions will be accepted.

When will I know if I’ve won?

We’ll notify entrants that we’ve received the entry; we expect to notify winners by end of August (asking for a publishable image) and expect winners to be named in the October issue.

Why are the questions printed below, if I’m supposed to use the web form for the answers?

The web form cannot be saved in progress or recall a submitted entry, so we highly recommend that you write your entry separately, review for accuracy, then cut and paste answers into the form.

Do I need to fill in every field?

The questions with an asterisk are required; filling in all optional fields may give you an advantage over other nominees.

Why are there age requirements?

Because 18 is the minimum for most contests and “under age 40” (as of Nov. 1, 2013) is the “...Under 40” part of the contest name.

Why are there professional requirements?

We wanted a contest recognizing those involved with control engineering. We’ve aligned contest professional requirements for products you buy or specify as part of the subscription form for Control Engineering.

Why all the legal language in the rules?

Agreeing to the legal language saves time. For instance, we don’t have to fill out, send, and have each entrant review, sign, and return an author agreement, in case we choose to publish your submitted article. (All 500-word voluntary article submissions will be considered for publishing, not just the winners!)

Although the form for submitting an article was removed, you can still submit an article via email to controleng(at)

What will the write-ups look like?

We’re not exactly sure - it depends on space available in the issue, but here's what we did last year: Leaders Under 40, Control Engineering Class of 2012.

The entry form didn’t submit; now what?

We’ve tried to break it and didn’t, but nothing is guaranteed. If you fill in all required fields ( * ), it should go. If not, see next answer, please.

I’ve read everything and have a Leaders Under 40 question that I cannot figure it out. Now what?

Please put: “Help with Leaders Under 40” in the subject line, and email your question to controleng(at) We’ll get back to you very soon; thanks.

Do you have the questions separate from the form, so I can prepare, proofread, and check my answers prior to submission in the web form?

Yes. See below. (Note that your answers must be submitted in the form.)

See Official Rules.

PLEASE USE THE OFFICIAL WEB FORM for your entry, but prepare your answers first using the information below from the web form.

Control Engineering Leaders Under 40 Program 2012

Nominee Information

1. *I have read the rules and ... *

2. *Nominee's salutation*

3. *Nominee’s first name *

4. *Nominee’s last name *

5. *Company, organization, or firm’s name *

6. *Company website*

7. *Title or position *

8. *Number of Years in this position *

9. *Company street address *

10. Company street address (2)

11. *City *

12. *State/Province *

13. *Postal code/ZIP *

14. Country (if not USA)

15.*Phone (direct line) *

16.*Cell phone *

17.*E-mail (direct) *

18.*Date of birth *
Must be Nov. 2, 1973, or more recent, up to Nov. 1, 1995 -- that is, at least 18, and not yet 40, as of Nov. 1, 2013.

19. *Best way to reach nominee *

Professional information

20. *In which of the following industries is your company involved? *

(Check all that apply.)
Food, Beverage or Tobacco
Textiles or Apparel
Wood, Paper or Printing
Petroleum or Refining
Plastics or Rubber
Primary or Fabricated Metals
Industrial Machinery
Alternative Energy Equipment, incl. Solar, Wind Power
Engine, Turbine, Mechanical or Electrical Power Transmission Equipment
Computer Systems or Peripherals
Communications Systems or Equipment
Consumer Electronics or Appliances
Semiconductors or Other Electronics Components
Industrial Controls, Test or Medical Equipment
Instrumentation, Measurement or Control Systems or Devices
Electrical Equipment
Aircraft, Aerospace or Defense
Automotive or Transportation
Other Manufacturing
Mining, Agriculture or Construction
Utilities or Telecommunications
Engineering or System Integration Services
Scientific or Research Services
Information, Data Processing or Software Services
Consulting, Business or Technical Services
Government or Military
Other Non-Manufacturing

21.*What is your primary job function? *

System Integration or Consulting
System or Product Design, Control or Instrument Engineering
Process, Production or Manufacturing Engineering
General or Corporate Management
Other Engineering, incl. Evaluation, QC, Standards, Reliability, Test, Project, Software, Plant, Electrical, Mechanical or Electronic
Operations or Maintenance

22. *Which of the following products or systems are you involved in the purchase or specification of? *

(Check all that apply and at least one must be checked to qualify.)
Data Acquisition Equipment, Recorders or Plotters
Controllers or Regulators
HMI Equipment
Control Systems (DCS, PC-based)
Embedded Systems
Software (HMI, SCADA, MES, Batch, Historian, Design, Other)
Analytical Instruments, Test or Calibration Equipment
Process Sensors or Transmitters (incl. Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level)
Valves, Actuators or Positioners
Discrete Sensors (incl. Proximity, Photoelectric)
Vision Systems
Motion Control Systems (incl. Robotics)
Motors or Drives (incl. Starters, Protection Devices)
Control Panels, Alarms or Annunciators
I/O Products or Systems
Networking, Connectors, Wire or Cable
Relays, Switches or Timers
Power Systems or Supplies
Safety for Process or Machine Systems
Wireless, RFID

23.*Do you provide system integration or engineering services to manufacturing organizations? *


24.*List academic degrees, areas of study, and names of institutions. *

Why you deserve to win - justification

25.*Achievements, advancements, control engineering-related industry contributions *
(200 words maximum)

26.Name at least one non-work-related activity or hobby (past year) and why you did that.
(100 words max)

27.Name at least one engineering-related (but not work required) activity in past year and why you did that.
(100 words max)

28.Name two interesting details about you personally or professionally, not yet mentioned.
(100 words max.)

Mentoring - Advice

29.*What began your interest in controls or automation? *
(100 words max)

Photo of nominee (optional): Submit a photo of the nominee to accompany his/her profile if selected as a 2013 Leader Under 40. This picture can be a professional headshot or an 'action shot' of the nominee either working in the field or participating in a hobby. (File type: png, gif, or jpg; Maximum file size: 50 MB; Required resolution: 300 dpi, 3 in. by 4 in.)

Article to consider for publishing (optional): Submit a previously unpublished article (not about you, but it can be about a project in which you were involved, 400 - 500 words, previously unpublished control engineering-related technology tutorial, application story, or case study.)

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