Marketing to Engineers®

In March 2014, CFE Media hosted the Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During this afternoon session, industry experts presented tips for marketing communications, new product introductions, marketing campaigns, industrial branding, and other marketing to engineers tools.


  1. Integrating the Marketing & Engineering Points of View in Marketing Communications: Brit Buchanon & Leonard Salamida
    • Eliminating bias and jargon from marketing communications
    • Understanding how engineers create and understand communications
    • Communicating with the B2B buyer
  2. Marketing New Product Introductions in Mobility & SaaS: Ideation to Marketing Execution: Rob McGreevy
    • Market dynamics and changes
    • Results oriented marketing for new products
    • Barriers and opportunities
  3. Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign for Impact and Results: Maryanne Steidinger
    • What is an integrated marketing campaign?
    • What are the foundational elements that must be addressed?
    • How do you know you've succeeded?
  4. Industrial Branding: The Lost Art in the Industrial Marketplace: Rich Thompson
    • The importance of leading with a true brand strategy vs. feature/benefit product strategy
    • How brands are either built or destroyed by a company's actions or inaction
    • Why people buy brands and understanding how the attachment to a brand works
  5. Create Marketing Engineers Love: Rebecca Geier
    • Be Intentional: Why is this the RIGHT message to share RIGHT now?
    • Be Generous: What expertise will help AND and build trust?
    • Be Ready: How will we get found AND listen?
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Session 2 - Slides
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Session 5 - Slides
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