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The System Integrator Giants program (SI Giants) lists the top 100 system integrators among companies listed in the CFE Media Global System Integrator Database, ranked solely on total system integration revenue.

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The annual list of SI Giants is released at the end of December with CFE Media’s Global System Integrator Report. Intended as a 12-month reference guide, the Report celebrates recent achievements by highlighting integrators who will make a difference in the years to come. With this purpose in mind, CFE Media has revised the programs for consistency, and is now labeling all programs for the latest Report: 2018 SI Giants, 2018 System Integrator of the Year, 2018 Global System Integrator Report, etc.

In order to be considered for the 2018 SI Giants program, companies must have had a complete, valid listing within the Global System Integrator Database and updated revenue figures for the most recently completed fiscal year needed to be provided truthfully and accurately.

The 2019 System Integrator Giants program will open for submissions on June 1, 2018.

2018 System Integrator Giants

CFE Media has revised the system integrator programs for consistency, and has changed labeling for these programs. There is no 2017 SI Giants listing.

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If you have any questions about the System Integrator Giants program, please contact Bailey Rice at or 630-310-2598.
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