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2014 System Integrator Giants

Contribute to the Global System Integrator Supplement

The Global System Integrator Supplement (published December 2014) will include in-depth looks at key vertical markets served by the system integrators and key technologies being deployed. Based on research performed by CFE Media, these studies of markets and technologies will provide further knowledge for plant management as they evaluate future projects.

As a 2014 System Integrator Giant, we’d like to ask you to provide insights based on your experiences in these areas within the past year, as well as your future outlook. Please feel free to be as expansive as you’d like when responding, and please include any images of your field work, if appropriate. The materials will be used for our December print supplement, and expanded information available online.

In this submission area, you will be asked for your permission to use the submitted materials. Please prepare details of your project before beginning the submission process.

Submission deadline: Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014 at 5 p.m. CDT

Questions? Contact Bob Vavra at or 630-571-4070 ext. 2212.