Lean Automation: IEC 61131 Standard Programming

Traditionally, the value of control programming varied with a programmer’s skill. IEC 61131-3 standard control programming languages provide structure and reduce waste. Rules for each allow greater usability and reuse later. Benefits include structured software based on Program Organization Units (POUs), strong and consistent data types, and task-based execution. The original five IEC 61131-3 languages are relay ladder logic (RLL or LL), function block diagram (FBL), sequential function chart (SFC), instruction list (IL), and structured text (ST).

Automation trainer Doug Bell, Interconnecting Automation, continues the video series with Richard Harwell, Advanced Solutions Manager, Eaton Corp. Sponsored by Eaton Corporation; produced by Control Engineering and Plant Engineering, CFE Media publications, to be non-commercial and educational. Runtime is approximately 7:15.

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