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Asset Management November 14, 2018

Front of mind: AI in manufacturing

Control Engineering Poland: Expectations are high among manufacturers for the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve processes and profitability. New research shows that companies able to sort the systems and personnel issues surrounding implementation can get a leg up on the competition as use cases grow.

By Rick Butler
Asset Management June 18, 2018

Process controls: More with less

Process controls and instrumentation need to be more intuitive with more integrated intelligence, and they are, out of necessity, because of retiring talent with too few replacements. Three improvements and 10 benefits of next-generation technology are highlighted.

By Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
Asset Management June 18, 2018

Top 5 Control Engineering articles Jun. 11-17

Articles about IT and OT convergence, the 2018 Salary and Career Survey, IIoT's impact on tool and sensor functionality, autotuning PID control, and smart manufacturing were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from June 11-17, 2018. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Asset Management June 13, 2018

Data analytics and visualization company acquired

Software AG announced its acquisition of data analytics company TrendMiner NV, which specializes in visual data analytics for the manufacturing and process industry.

By TrendMiner NV
Asset Management June 10, 2018

Digital twin AIs designed to learn at the edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) startup SWIM is aiming to democratize both AI and digital twin technologies by placing them at the edge without the need for large-scale number-crunching as well as making it affordable.

By Chris Middleton, Vinelake
Asset Management May 10, 2018

Open Process Automation status update

The Open Process Automation group, part of the Open Group, continues to work on standards to help enable interoperable process controls. ExxonMobil Research & Engineering, BASF, Saudi Aramco, and ARC Advisory Group offered a progress update in February.

By Mark T. Hoske, CFE Media
Asset Management May 9, 2018

Understanding the convergence of IT and OT

Information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) are converging to improve manufacturing operations, that can offer benefits such as improved productivity and security.

By Ashish Khushu, L&T Technology Services
Asset Management May 4, 2018

How IIoT impacts tool and sensor functionality

On the front lines of the cloud’s maintenance disruption.

By Alex Desselle, Fluke
Asset Management April 29, 2018

Four tips for selecting an EAM solution

Companies looking to select an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution should be sure it can track all assets through the lifecycle and that it can integrate with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

By Martin Davis, Ultra Consultants
Asset Management April 15, 2018

Five smart warehousing predictions

Warehousing and logistics is evolving from being a static component in the supply chain to an area ripe for smart transformation. Five predictions including robotics and predictive maintenance are highlighted.

By Chris Middleton, Vinelake