Asset Management

Asset Management May 4, 2018

How IIoT impacts tool and sensor functionality

On the front lines of the cloud’s maintenance disruption.

By Alex Desselle, Fluke
Asset Management April 29, 2018

Four tips for selecting an EAM solution

Companies looking to select an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution should be sure it can track all assets through the lifecycle and that it can integrate with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

By Martin Davis, Ultra Consultants
Asset Management April 15, 2018

Five smart warehousing predictions

Warehousing and logistics is evolving from being a static component in the supply chain to an area ripe for smart transformation. Five predictions including robotics and predictive maintenance are highlighted.

By Chris Middleton, Vinelake
Asset Management March 27, 2018

Harnessing information to optimize asset utilization

Modern businesses can take command of the quantity and quality of information rather than process it robotically from databases with digitization and harness the data into useful streams of information to improve operations and efficiency.

By Divya Bhatt, L&T Technology Services
Asset Management March 20, 2018

Digitization’s impact on CAPEX optimization and asset utilization in engineering

Digitization's proliferation is not just a result of the impact it has created across industries and its impact on core engineering operations of manufacturers who depend on physical supply chains and asset-driven production models.

By Divya Bhatt, L&T Technology Services
Asset Management March 13, 2018

Using condition-based maintenance to optimize smart manufacturing operations

Implementing condition-based maintenance (CBM) can help reduce equipment downtime, improve data collection, and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

By Ashok Kumar, L&T Technology Services Ltd.
Asset Management February 18, 2018

Asset management’s role in ICS security

Most industrial control system (ICS) networks were designed and implemented before the advent of cyber crime, and the availability of automated asset management capabilities, which makes it difficult to assess risk and apply effective defenses. Three major pain points for users are highlighted.

By Dana Tamir, Indegy
Asset Management February 13, 2018

Cognitive intelligence framework launched

L&T Technology Services' Aikno is a cognitive intelligence framework AiKno uses technologies such as advanced image processing, optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), and self-learning AI algorithms.

By L&T Technology Services
Asset Management February 13, 2018

Companies agree to digital technology alliance

Emerson and AspenTech have agreed to a digital technology alliance to help customers tackle complex problems and optimize operations, which will focus on engineering software, manufacturing and supply chain software, and asset performance management.

By Emerson, AspenTech
Asset Management February 4, 2018

Adjustments for digital automation platform

Commentary: GE Predix business focus changes to meet market strength as other cloud-based industrial platforms gain footing.

By Stone Shi, Control Engineering China