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Asset Management

Asset Management November 1, 1999

Open systems need new strategies

Development of open systems not only changes products and systems used in automation and process control, but also the way they're designed, delivered, maintained, and paid for, according to an Oct. 11 report from Datamonitor. "Opportunities and Threats in an Open Automation Market" says open system vendors will require new strategies, rather than just new products, to succee...

By Staff
Asset Management November 1, 1999

Asset management saves money

Austin, Tex. -AMS Calculator is a tool used within Asset Management Solutions (AMS) software to build process operations models from real company data. Users can input a few variables into the Calculator to see estimated time and cost savings.

By Control Engineering Staff
Asset Management September 1, 1999

Open Systems in Process Control Are They the Answer?

Free mixing of hardware and software to solve control problems has advantages, but only when it works.Finding a single definition for the term "open system" is a thorny problem. In an open system, control engineers should be able to take appropriate control hardware (sensors, controllers, PCs, cabling, etc.

Asset Management July 1, 1999

Asset Management: Predictive Maintenance

Not that long ago, maintenance was the corporate black hole-the cost center one couldn't ignore, escape, or seemingly control. Capturing, analyzing, and sharing meaningful maintenance costs is key to lowering operational costs, improving efficiency, and effectively managing assets.A look at the balance sheet of most manufacturing companies reveals the biggest dollar assets are plant, prop...

Asset Management July 1, 1999

Predictive Maintenance Widens Its Acceptance

Predictive maintenance is the most sophisticated of industrial maintenance and asset management techniques. It’s an evolving, forward-looking method that combines hardware elements–for sensing and collecting information about equipment operation–with software elements for analyzing and managing the data. Actually, predictive maintenance employs a collection of nondestructive methods to do its work; for example, vibration analysis, oil wear particle analysis, infrared thermography, various electric motor circuit analyses, motor parameter monitoring, etc. Predictive, more than preventive Sophisticated numeric analyses then go on to estimate machine health and predict remaining life of equipment, using historical as well as operational data.

Asset Management July 1, 1999

Predictive Maintenance Maximizes Machinery Health

As the name implies, predictive maintenance anticipates equipment outages rather than reacting to them. Benefits include fuller useful life for equipment and lower backup inventory. It goes beyond preventive maintenance, which at least strives to shift plant downtime to noncritical periods. Initial cost of predictive monitoring systems tends to be high, but much less than forced reactive ...

Asset Management July 1, 1999

Invensys buys Marcam Solutions

London– Invensys plc agreed May 27 to purchase Marcam Solutions Inc. (Newton, Mass.) for about $60 million in cash or $7.50 per share. A software firm specializing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and asset management applications, Marcam's 715 employees serve 1,400 customers in more than 40 countries.

By Staff
Asset Management June 1, 1999

Internet helps cut software costs

California Senior Deputy Attorney General Thomas Greene recently likened the emergence of the Internet to the early development of railroads in the 19th century. Both have had a remarkable impact on many facets of life, from communication to business and the economy, and make the world seem smaller and more accessible.

By Laura Zurawski
Asset Management May 1, 1999

Streamline calibration

Austin, Tex.—Asset Management solutions software now includes Calibration Manager Snap-On. This application module gives access to calibration, configuration, and status information for all instruments in a single database. Users can streamline calibration activities with AMS systems with self-documenting calibrators.

By Staff
Asset Management January 1, 1999

Analog Transmitters Lead the Pack

When working on a PC, you've probably come to appreciate that antivirus protection icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. As that software works to protect your work and your investment, so do process variable transmitters (PVTs) work to protect your in-plant work and investment. In fact, they may be the savior of every engineer who uses them.

By Staff