Asset Management

Asset Management May 1, 1999

Streamline calibration

Austin, Tex.—Asset Management solutions software now includes Calibration Manager Snap-On. This application module gives access to calibration, configuration, and status information for all instruments in a single database. Users can streamline calibration activities with AMS systems with self-documenting calibrators.

By Staff
Asset Management January 1, 1999

Analog Transmitters Lead the Pack

When working on a PC, you've probably come to appreciate that antivirus protection icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. As that software works to protect your work and your investment, so do process variable transmitters (PVTs) work to protect your in-plant work and investment. In fact, they may be the savior of every engineer who uses them.

By Staff
Asset Management January 1, 1999

Countdown to Year 2000

Depending on your point of view, year 2000 brings images of computer-based chaos, futuristic societies, benevolent advancement of humanity, or the apocalypse.More than likely, despite a few computer-related glitches, year 2000 provides a launching pad for the potential of human imagination. Much of Control Engineering coverage in the past few years has focused on issues critical to auto...

Asset Management November 1, 1998

Control engineers are back in charge

Who makes the automation decisions in your company? Is it the plant manager, the control engineer, the process engineer, or the manufacturing engineer? Or is it the MIS department, the IT department, or even the ceo?A growing number of automation suppliers are telling us that more automation decisions are being made in the board room, at the highest levels of the company.

By Jane S. Gerold, Editorial Director
Asset Management July 1, 1998

Emerson acquires Westinghouse PCD for Fisher-Rosemount group

To serve more of the power-hungry power market and round out its solutions from field devices to automation systems, Emerson Electric Co. recently acquired the Westinghouse Process Control Division (PCD, Pittsburgh, Pa.) of CBS Corp.A worldwide supplier of automation to the commercial power and wastewater industries, especially in China and Eastern Europe, Westingho...

By Staff
Asset Management March 1, 1998

May We Have the Envelopes Please

"Control products just keep getting more advanced, yet simpler to use,"was the consensus among editors at Control Engineering when it was time for them to choose the best control products of 1997. For the 11th consecutive year, the editors chose the 50 best products based on three criteria: technological advancement, impact on the market, and service to the industry.

By Michael Drakulich and Henry Morris, Control Engineering
Asset Management February 1, 1998

It’s Showtime!

Well, you asked for it. The 1998 edition of one of the world's largest manufacturing and technology shows is tanned, rested, and ready to go seamless.Evolving as a result of recent feedback from visitors and exhibitors requesting an even more streamlined and workable event, this year's National Industrial Automation Show (NIAS), and the three other shows that make up National Manufacturin...

Asset Management January 1, 1970

ABB, IFS partner, blend solutions

Tucson, Ariz.— IFS and ABB Automation announced Feb. 5 plans to integrate and market solutions blending ABB's Industrial IT platform with IFS' business applications. IFS software components for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) will be integrated with process control solutions from ABB Automation.

By Staff