Mobility September 1, 1999

Dial up data acquisition

Cleveland, O.— LogBook/360 is a high-speed, portable, PC-based data acquisition system designed to be a self-contained measurement solution. It has three internal slots for signal conditioning cards. Optional modem support provides freedom to operate in remote and mobile applications. The 16-bit, 100-kHz system offers 16 single-ended or eight differential analog input channels, 24 genera...

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Mobility June 1, 1999

Rugged handheld PC

Clearwater, Fla.—Husky's fex21 is targeted at mobile users who need reliability, flexibility, and wireless communications. Military standard protection minimizes risks associated with weather (rain, snow, and extreme temperature variation), mobility (collision, vibration, electrostatic charge), and accident (drops and spillage).

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Mobility March 1, 1999

Single-chip disk combines flash memory, controller

M-Systems recently launched a tiny single-chip flash disk, MD2200, that combines a controller and high-density flash memory in a single-die, 32-pin DIP package. MD2200 is the first model in M-Systems' DiskOnChip Millennium series. With 8 MB (64 Mbit) performance, an EDC/ECC controller, a small footprint, and low-power consumption, MD2200 can be used in Internet acc...

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Mobility January 1, 1999

Countdown to Year 2000

Depending on your point of view, year 2000 brings images of computer-based chaos, futuristic societies, benevolent advancement of humanity, or the apocalypse.More than likely, despite a few computer-related glitches, year 2000 provides a launching pad for the potential of human imagination. Much of Control Engineering coverage in the past few years has focused on issues critical to auto...

Mobility November 1, 1998

The flowchart is the program

Right now in my top desk drawer along with pencils, staples, and a big bottle of antacid tablets is a large green plastic rectangle with outlines of various shapes cut from it. Protecting it is the original paper envelope which explains the meaning of those oddly shaped cutouts. Block letters proclaim: "IBM Flowchart Template.

By Jay R. Jeffreys, Contributing Editor
Mobility June 1, 1998

Secure autodialing monitor and alarm unit

Emeryville, Calif. —Designed for remote monitoring and autodialing alarm notification, security is maintained by requiring that all programming and changes are made through telephone dial-in. When an alarm condiion occurs, the station can call standard phones in the office, plant, or home, as well as pagers, cellular phones, computers, or voicemail systems.

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