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Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing March 8, 2022

Edge technologies enable Industry 4.0

Organizations using Industry 4.0 with edge technologies gain benefits such as lower costs, faster speeds, easier troubleshooting and others.

By Jim Meyers
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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics February 22, 2022

Digital transformation: An IIoT journey to analytics maturity

A fully-augmented factory allows process experts to manage by exception rather than by reaction. Once companies can manage processes by exception, they have created a smart factory, according to a company with a Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award product.

By Edwin van Dijk
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Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing February 21, 2022

Top 5 Control Engineering articles February 14-20, 2022

Articles about Engineers' Choice winners, edge controllers, IT/OT convergence and unified operational systems were Control Engineering’s five most-viewed articles from February 14-20, 2022. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
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Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing February 17, 2022

Product advice on how software evolves the industrial edge

Edge software with open connectivity and flexible scalability is crucial for quickly creating data and analytics solutions capable of bridging factory floor machines with the enterprise to deliver valuable information and results, according to a company with a Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award product.

By Michael Condon
Figure 1: End users should understand certain hardware, virtualization, and software implementation details to guarantee that an edge controller will provide the required robust and secure performance.
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing February 15, 2022

Will the real edge controller please stand up?

Understand and evaluate industrial edge controllers’ makeup to meet rugged, deterministic control demands

By Vibhoosh Gupta
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Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing February 2, 2022

Edge control evolution

The future of industrial automation lies with true edge controllers, which combine programmable logic controller/programmable automation controller (PLC/PAC) functionality with general-purpose computing to deliver responsive edge analytics and real-time reaction to insights. See edge controller vs. PLCs, PACs, IPCs: 3 advantages.

By Derek Thomas
Searching on “analytics” in the New Products for Engineers database returns 245 entries that may help when you need more than speadsheets. Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology New Products for Engineers Database.
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing January 7, 2022

Spreadsheets for analytics

Many companies offer software for data analytics to create information and insights from data collected from automation, controls and instrumentation. Most data-gathering software also downloads in a spreadsheet format: Many users have spreadsheets for special applications or quick insights.

By Mark T. Hoske
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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics December 15, 2021

Use cloud-based predictive analytics to optimize enterprise

Examples, recommendations and webcast help unlocking the power of existing data, key to enterprise-wide optimization by using cloud-based predictive analytics.

By Naren Gopalkrishna
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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics December 5, 2021

Connected automation components ease plant floor pain points

Standardization, cross-platform communication, security, effective simulation, and other automation tools are more critical than ever to maintain efficient operations in the age of Industry 4.0. See 5 ways to alleviate pain points for automation hardware, software.

By John DeTellem
UniCloud began connecting to Unitronics’ controllers; now any device with Modbus communication can use the cloud quickly, easily and securely, the company said. Courtesy: Unitronics, New Products for Engineers Database
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics, Edge Computing November 10, 2021

No-code cloud offers safe, secure IIoT

Machine builders and other automation users can make no-code, secure cloud connections and embed Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities into applications that support Modbus communication protocol, including sensors, smart meters, extended input/output (I/O) devices.

By Unitronics