Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics October 4, 2018

Automation interfaces advance

Human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and other operator interface devices are being pushed to the edge of rugged applications to combine the best features of classic interfaces with modern commercial technologies.

By Benson Hougland, Opto 22
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics September 30, 2018

Ethernet moves closer to process controls

International: The latest developments to the Advanced Physical Layer (APL) project to enable Ethernet for process applications were reported at the 2018 ACHEMA exhibition by three standards-based organizations for process automation suppliers. The goal is a ruggedized, two-wire, loop-powered Ethernet physical layer.

By Suzanne Gill, Control Engineering Europe
Figure 3. Optimization cycle. Courtesy: Stress Engineering Services
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics September 28, 2018

Digital twins support FPS asset integrity management

Strength comes from global performance model integrated with measured data.

By Scot McNeill, David Renzi, and Dilip Maniar
Figure 1. The framework addresses challenges associated with geological and geophysical data, without undue geo-referencing or geo-spatial processing. Courtesy: L&T Technology Services
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics September 27, 2018

A defined methodology better manages subsurface data

Technologies facilitate deep data diving for exploration in oil & gas industry.

By Prabhakar Shetty
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics September 22, 2018

Cloud computing should be considered by companies of all sizes

A cloud-based smart manufacturing strategy is going to be driven by business needs, but it can offer major benefits regardless of the company's size.

By Srivats Ramaswami, MESA International
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics September 20, 2018

A new-age approach to traditional manufacturing issues

The Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit (GAMS) event at IMTS 2018 highlighted the opportunities and pitfalls of the digital age with a focus on maintenance, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), robotics, and cybersecurity in an information-rich age.

By Chris Vavra
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics September 14, 2018

Digital advantages for design, automation

Digitalization benefits include speed to market, flexibility, efficiency, consistent quality, cybersecurity, and lower lifecycle costs.

By Mark T. Hoske
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics September 8, 2018

Camera developed to recognize objects faster and more efficiently

Researchers at Stanford University have devised a new type of camera system that can classify images faster while being energy efficient by combining two types of computers that is designed specifically for image analysis.

By Andrew Myers, Stanford University
Figure 1: Automation and control systems must be more flexible and agile. Honeywell Process Solutions Experion Elevate is an on-process production system for remote SCADA applications where the user wants to monitor and/or control geographically dispersed assets. Courtesy: Honeywell Process Solutions
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics September 3, 2018

Cloud-based software solutions for industrial applications

Cover Story: Choosing cloud-based software or a combined approach with an on-site strategy may result in cost savings, improved operational efficiencies, and enhanced security.

By Chad McGraw
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics August 31, 2018

Efficient security for cloud-based machine learning

MIT researchers have developed an encryption method that secures data used in online neural networks without dramatically slowing their runtimes, which could be useful for cloud-based neural networks and other applications that use sensitive data.

By Rob Matheson, MIT News Office