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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics June 1, 2007

SaaS, Google, and

Reports out of ComputerWire in late May suggest Google and may be ready to form an anti-Microsoft alliance that could result in an on-demand service that integrates Google's online services—e.g., email and instant messaging—with that of For Google, such a partnership could be part of a long-range plan to counter Microsoft's emerging software-as-a-serv...

By Staff
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics February 1, 2007

Cold standby a hot problem

It seems that as soon as we solve one problem, changes in information technologies cause new ones. The latest change is due to the new Microsoft Window Vista and Longhorn Server operating systems and their anti-piracy protection. The problem will be maintaining cold standby systems. The usual method for maintaining cold standby systems is to keep one or more “empty” servers that can...

By Dennis Brandl
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics January 1, 2007

How software application pricing models are likely to change

With every technology platform innovation there comes a change in the pricing model. The software market today is at the height of such change, which last occurred in the early 1990s with the advent of client/server technology. At that time, software pricing went from being tier (hardware)-based to user-based.

By Erik Keller, principal, Wapiti LLC
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics September 11, 2006

Dissolved sulfide monitor

Non-contact dissolved sulfide monitor from Analytical Technology provides a cost-effective method for measuring sulfides in water.

By Control Engineering Staff
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics June 1, 2006

Power Management Balances Performance and Consumption

An ever-increasing number of transistors and more performance being squeezed into chip-level products (and embedded microprocessors) of shrinking physical size are unmasking a critical power consumption issue. Power usage rather than operating speed is becoming the performance bottleneck, as silicon device production continues to shrink to 90 nanometer (nm), 65 nm, and even smaller process nodes.

By Frank J. Bartos, P.E.
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics June 1, 2006

Virtualization: Playing well with others

One thing that we all learn in kindergarten is to play well with others. Unfortunately that is often a lesson that vendors of many manufacturing IT applications failed to learn. Manufacturing applications are usually certified to run only on servers with no other applications. If other applications are running, then the vendor may not provide support.

By Dennis Brandl, BR&L Consulting
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics May 30, 2006

Real-time operating system to run safety-critical aircraft display

San Jose, CA —A real-time operating system (RTOS) from LynuxWorks Inc . will power the panoramic cockpit display system for Lockheed Martin ‘s F-35 joint-strike fighter aircraft. L-3 Communications Display Systems has chosen the LynxOS-178 for the subsystem, which delivers information for all the major functions of the F-35, including flight and sensor displays, communication, radio and navigation systems, and an identification system that gives the pilot total situational awareness. L-3 Display Systems said it chose the DO-178B-certifiable RTOS because of its adherence to open standards, Linux compatibility, the interoperability of a POSIX (portable operating system for UNIX) API, and support for the ARINC-653 specification.

By Control Engineering Staff
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics May 1, 2006

Kamen: Innovation follows a different path

At the Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley, attendees heard what it takes to innovate. Companies and developers need to follow a different path than the conventional product development schedule, which inherently is non-innovative, said Dean Kamen, entrepreneur, technology advocate, and inventor of the Segway Human Transporter.

By Staff
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics February 1, 2006

Virtual Instruments

A number of years ago, a professor was researching the impact of drugs on human tissue. A presentation he gave one day included a slide of a computer-generated strip-chart recorder illustrating data from a biological monitoring system. "I can't even program my name in BASIC [programming language]," he told his audience, then showed them the virtual instrument he'd created and data he'd obtained...

By Jeanine Katzel
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics November 8, 2005

‘Virtual machine’ features 3-D simulation

Machine simulation software from Index Corp. simulates on a PC all machine motions and functions related to any machine program. Noblesville, IN —All Index Corp.

By Control Engineering Staff