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Virtualization, Cloud Analytics April 19, 2002

Remote monitoring software for wireless Java-enabled PDAs and cell phones

Monrovia, Calif. - Pacific Microinstruments Inc. announced April 16 a component-based solution for the transmission and graphical display of remote monitoring information on Java-enabled PDAs and cell phones.

By Control Engineering Staff
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics April 12, 2002

Verano introduces Java-enabled, web-based industrial process management platform

Sunnyvale, Calif. - Verano unveiled April 8 a reengineered version of its Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP). This new version, RTAP/i, uses Java technology to function on the web.

By Control Engineering Staff
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics December 6, 2001

NetSilicon projects three-phase future for device networking

Waltham, Mass. - Industrial connectivity via device networking is moving from standalone, centralized computing to distributed, interconnected autonomous operations.

By Jim Montague, news editor
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics November 19, 2001

NewMonics’ Java virtual machine to be used in Parker Hannifin’s products

Lisle, Ill.- NewMonics Inc. announced Nov. 16 that it will provide its Perc virtual machine technology to Parker Hannifin Corp. (Cleveland, O.) for use in an undisclosed product line.

By Jim Montague, news editor
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics February 1, 1999

PCs Are Gaining Control

Benefits of using PC technology for machine and process control have been extolled for some time. Vendors have responded with many new products—both hardware and software. Even though sales of PC-based control products for manufacturing have not grown rapidly, there are many success stories showing what the technology can deliver.

By Gary A. Mintchell, Control Engineering
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics January 1, 1999

Java, CE, dominate embedded conference

New Java applications and more support for Microsoft Windows CE as an embedded operating system were highlighted at the recent Embedded Systems Conference here. Support for embedded Web servers, networking support, development tools, more products for the CompactPCI platform and a new platform, PCMIP, were also unveiled.

By Staff
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics December 1, 1998

Objects ignite control software movement

If software is washing over the control and automation landscape, then object-oriented programming is riding the crest of that wave. Several object-oriented trailblazers exhibited at ISA Expo/98.

By Staff
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics October 1, 1998

Machine Control Strategies It’s Only Logical

Will that personal computer (PC) on your desk be controlling the next machine installed in your factory? Some say, "Yes, the PLC is dead as a control platform." To others, the PLC is not dead, it is morphing.At times this discussion sounds like a religious debate. But users need not be locked into an either/or decision about the future control platform for their factories.

Virtualization, Cloud Analytics January 1, 1970

Model, Simulate, Execute Simulation in Discrete Control

KEY WORDS PC-based control Machine control Software for control Flowchart programming Simulation Imagine a product design, completed in software, and rendered in 3-D graphics. This rendering allows designers to strip away layers to view and work on components underneath. Next, manufacturing engineers can design the machines, fixtures, and processes required to produce components and completed ...