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Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics September 17, 2003

ESC Boston 2003: Aonix releases pacing agent with Perc 4.1

Boston, MA—Aonix released its Perc 4.1 platform on Sept. 15 at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) Boston 2003. Perc 4.1 is a Java virtual machine that provides a pacing agent and profiling tools that gives developers accurate, real-time control of their applications.

By Control Engineering Staff
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics April 4, 2003

ICS Triplex buys ISaGRAF technology from AlterSys

Maldon, U.K.—ICS Triplex recently bought the assets and technology of AlterSys, including ISaGRAF, as part of its strategy to broaden its offerings and become an even more essential automation technology supplier.

By Control Engineering Staff
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics February 1, 2003

Programming Controllers for Improved Profit

Pressure is mounting. The machine has to be commissioned soon, or else the company stands to lose a lot of money. The project has "hit the fan," and everyone is looking at the control engineer to get it running. The project manager used up half the allotted time negotiating requirements and specifications.

By Staff
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics December 2, 2002

NewMonics Asserts Leadership Over Mission-Critical Java

Tucson, AZ - NewMonics has released PERC 4.0, a development platform for complex embedded systems.

By Control Engineering Staff
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics November 1, 2002

Industrial Robots Fast, Nimble at 30

Mention robots and even engineers may have pictures of Sony's Aibo pet dog or the Jetson's household helpers. Robots have also made news recently with products from iRobot Corp. (Somerville, MA) helping troops scour caves in Afghanistan and helping archaeologists search tombs in the Egyptian desert. Perhaps some are even considering uses for the "Roomba" vacuum cleaning robot.

By Gary A. Mintchell
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics April 19, 2002

Remote monitoring software for wireless Java-enabled PDAs and cell phones

Monrovia, Calif. - Pacific Microinstruments Inc. announced April 16 a component-based solution for the transmission and graphical display of remote monitoring information on Java-enabled PDAs and cell phones.

By Control Engineering Staff
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics April 12, 2002

Verano introduces Java-enabled, web-based industrial process management platform

Sunnyvale, Calif. - Verano unveiled April 8 a reengineered version of its Real-Time Application Platform (RTAP). This new version, RTAP/i, uses Java technology to function on the web.

By Control Engineering Staff
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics December 6, 2001

NetSilicon projects three-phase future for device networking

Waltham, Mass. - Industrial connectivity via device networking is moving from standalone, centralized computing to distributed, interconnected autonomous operations.

By Jim Montague, news editor
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics November 19, 2001

NewMonics’ Java virtual machine to be used in Parker Hannifin’s products

Lisle, Ill.- NewMonics Inc. announced Nov. 16 that it will provide its Perc virtual machine technology to Parker Hannifin Corp. (Cleveland, O.) for use in an undisclosed product line.

By Jim Montague, news editor
Virtualization, Cloud, Analytics August 1, 2001

Motion Simulation Cuts through System Development Uncertainty

That new prototype actuator mechanism is complete. Weeks of design work, machining intricate parts, and assembling a complex motion system are happily at an end. The innovative design checks out on paper, and in CAD. Its physical package looks sleek and compact, as well. Yet, upon testing the actuator it doesn't accelerate fast enough or deliver the required force at the end of its motion.

By Frank J. Bartos, Control Engineering